MeCam Classic Mini Wearable Video Camera Intro

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MeCam is the hands-free wearable video camera that pins to your shirt, can be worn as a necklace, or pinned on to anything to capture video from that point of view. Unique features include its small size (2 inches in diameter), light weight (1 ounce), and ability to shoot in low-light/dark conditions through Infrared (IR) LED lights built into the device.

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Akrithi Sachdev + Farhan | Wedding video | Zero gravity photography

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Just like in dreams, the perfect fairy tale couple Akriti & Farhan tied knots in one of the most fascinating and exciting fashion. Here’s a glimpse of the exuberant occasion.

Round2hell new video | r2h | rajput videography

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watch the new video of round2hell (r2h).

Fitness Tips:
Mobile Tips:

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How to use Wireless Remote Video Camera PIR Security Bell

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Wireless Doorbell Camera WiFi Remote Video Door Intercom Security Bell Phone. Wireless Doorbell Camera WiFi Remote Video Door Phone Intercom PIR Security Bell. Wireless Doorbell Camera WiFi Remote Video Door Intercom IR Security Bell Phone

Mobile App :-

Features :
RTOS operating system, ultralow consumption design, if everyday use 10 times,the machine can use more than 8 months.
Automatic take a picture when visitor press doorbell
Easy installation(no need any cable), just wifi connection, wired installation optional
App support iphone Android, support two-way speaker function
The newest design case-weatherproof
A doorbell can be connected to multiple mobile devices at the same time(unlimited), the maximum number of simultaneous calls is 4.
A week cloud storage: Photos taken by doorbells will automatically be uploaded to the cloud, which will automatically cover the old content over a week later
Specifications :
Product name: Wireless Intelligent visual doorbell
Product size: 12.5 X 6.5 X 2.3cm
Product net weight: 230g
Storage: Built-in storage(8GB)/mobile phone store
Operating system: RTOS real-time operating system
The outer ding-dong: Support
Reset: Hidden reset switch
Communication mode: Wifi 802.11 b/g
Switch: Doorbell
Battery: 3000mA built-in lithium battery
Camera: 1 million pixel/720P
Visual Angle: 120 degree
Night Vision: infrared lamp/4 lights
Alarm: PIR/Adjustable sensitivity
Walkie Talkie: Support phone remote intercom
Color: Silver, Rose Gold
Installation: Wall hanging
Max Power Dissipation: 350mA
Standby power dissipation: 10uA(PIR function closed)
Tamper device: Support
External dimension: 12.5 X 6.5 X 2.3cm
Mobile phone software: Support Android, Apple operating system(ding bell)
Using Steps for Android phone :
Download App “Ding Bell” by scan the QR code in the manual, or download from google play for android phone.
Install App “Ding Bell”, Give all permission and make it trusted app.
Open the App and Choose country and state.
Register new account use your mobile number or email or user name and login.
Keep the device near to the mobile and wifi router for the first time
Enter add device interface, Scan the QR code in the back of the device.
Long press the button till the color changes to orange,then will get a voice prompt stating device is in wifi configuration mode
Search for the wifi and enter password and connect.
Another voice prompt will announce that the wifi configuration is succeed.
Then wait 10 seconds,press the doorbell button, you will get the notification to your phone.(Must wait 10 seconds to let the system ready)
Using Steps for iphone :
Download App “Ding Bell” by scan the QR code in the manual, or download from APP store for iphone.
2-7 and 9-10 steps are same as Android phone
Connect with your mobile phone to the doorbells Wifi “iBELL”, and then turn back to the App,click “Next”.
Package Include :
1 X Doorbell
1 X Wall Hanging Board
1 X USB Charging Cable
4 X Screws
4 X Screws Sleeve
1 X Manual
1 X Receiver Bell

how to hd recorder video in android mobile camera in Urdu/Hindi

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Please watch: “Logosys Playout Giveaway | Good News | Get Free Logosys Update Version | Must Watch Urdu/Hindi”
how to hd recorder video in android mobile camera in Urdu/Hindi

Hamre Jo Be Video Hote Hn Wo HD me hote Hn
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EOS 5D Mark II On-Camera Tutorial: Setting up the Camera for Video (1 of 5)

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EOS 5D Mark II On-Camera Tutorial: Setting up the Camera for Video – Canon On-Camera Tutorial Videos explore a specific feature or technology of the EOS 5D Mark II

These instructional videos are designed to be viewed at your convenience: watch them online, on the go, or even on your camera’s rear LCD screen — so you can follow along, every step of the way!

In this tutorial, you will learn about the camera’s video recording options, and how to prepare the camera for HD movie recording (as there isn’t a dedicated Movie Mode button or switch on the camera).

Watch the full series of EOS 5D Mark II On-Camera Tutorials on the Canon Digital Learning Center:

MY FIRST VIDEO ON CAMERA! | Who is behind LifeGyan?

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In this video, I will get on camera for the very first time. Many of you have asked me to make a facecam video, so here it is!

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GAJA Puyal Caught on Camera! | Live Cyclone Video

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GAJA Puyal Caught on Camera! | Live Cyclone Video

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Facade: Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs SIGGRAPH 96 Papers Video

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SIGGRAPH 96 papers video for:
Debevec, Taylor, and Malik
Facade: Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs
ACM Digital Library:
Project Page:
Author version of paper:

New Model PIR Wireless Night Vision HD Video Camera 1920*1080P

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New Model PIR Wireless Night Vision HD Video Camera 1920*1080P,(2.0MP)120 Degrees Fisheye Lens ,Control By APP.
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