Unboxing the Dover Impulse Car Station and Otis Hall lantern from CannyCart

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August 2018 Cajun Crate Unboxing | Best Of Box

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Cajun Crate celebrated turning 2 years old, August of 2018. We have curated our top products and brands from the past year! You may recognize some of these products from past boxes or some are new variations of old favorites! Use code BIRTHDAY during the month of August to save 20% ! 🎉


Queen Bee Seasoning
Queen Bee All Purpose Seasoning is the original recipe from Archange Lafleur’s Pig Stand Restaurant. Queen Bee has NO MSG, and contains less sodium than most brands. Queen Bee is one of our top selling seasonings on cajuncrate.com.
Made in Ville, Plat Louisiana.

TABASCO® Garlic Grilling & Marinating SauceWake up beef and other favorites with TABASCO® brand Garlic Grilling & Marinating Sauce. It has a bold flavor with just the right amount of garlic, spices and aged peppers. Use as a marinade or straight out of the bottle. In February we featured Tabasco Garlic Pepper Sauce and after receiving such great feedback we wanted to introduce the Garlic Marinating Sauce. Made on Avery Island, LA.

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Pepper Sauce Experience the sensation of explosive Cajun heat and flavor with Slap Ya Mama’s Hot Sauce. Use it as a topping for pizza, eggs, gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and more! Over the past year, we have featured Slap Ya Mama seasoning, boil, & étouffée, and has been one of our most popular brands. Now try their pepper sauce! Made in Ville Platte, LA.

The Cajun Spoon’s dry mixes are blended with the freshest ingredients with no MSG or artificial flavors, ensuring top quality easy-made meals. For every box sold, The Cajun Spoon donates a meal to a Food Bank or charity. Chicken & Dumplings were featured in our December Cajun Crate. Made in Baton Rouge, LA.

Dat Dip – Cajun Boy Flavor
Add a little zing to your food with Dat Dip. Dat Dip has a spicy Cajun kick that goes great with everything. In Acadiana, Cajuns use dipping sauces such as Dat Dip for their boiled crawfish. Dat Dip is not only for boiled seafood, but also goes great on po-boys, burgers, pizza, wings, and fried food. In April we featured the Garlic Dat Dip in our Crawfish box. Our subscribers loved it so much we wanted to introduce the Original. Made in Lafayette, LA.

Butter Pecan Praline Love, Cookie
Rich, buttery, handmade, cookies are chock-full of candy-coated pecan pieces and love! We introduced Love, Cookie in our December Box and now we want you to try their Butter Pecan Praline cookie! Made in New Orleans, LA.

Louisiana BBQ Shrimp Sauce Mix
BBQ Shrimp is a dish uniquely tied to the Crescent City. With this mix, it takes less than half an hour to prepare. Serve with French bread to mop up the sauce. This was featured in our Grilling box and was one of our top voted products of 2018! Made in Baton Rouge, LA.

Dr. Meaux’s Hamburger Seasoning
An amazing blend of flavorful spices. Experience how much it enhances the flavor of meats, seafood, poultry, vegetables, eggs, soups, stews, and salads – even barbecue and french fries! This was included in our Grilling Box and it was the most requested item of 2018! Made in Church Point, LA.

Parish Coffee Works
In January we featured Parish King Cake coffee in our Mardi Gras Box. It was very popular, and while King Cake coffee is only available one time a year, we wanted you
to try another blend, New Orleans French Vanilla. Sweet French vanilla is blended with their own special New Orleans-made pure Mexican vanilla extract. Roasted Fresh in New Orleans, LA.

Thomas Unboxing And Assembling The Forklift Ride On Forklift TEST DRIVE for Kids

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Thomas Unboxing And Assembling The Forklift Ride On Forklift TEST DRIVE for Kids

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Vapir Prima Vaporizer – Unboxing + Bubbler

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The Vapir Prima portable vaporizer for dry herb hones the essentials of vaporization down to a science. Boasting an ergonomic and sturdy design, preset temperatures optimized for the most common strains, and an exceptionally practical vapor path, the Vapir Prima puts power, beauty, and ease in your palm. Now this vaporizer comes as a bundle with the Vapir Prima bubbler attachment, delivering water-purified vapor that’s just as clean-tasting as it is comfortable to hit.

The solid aluminum body of this dry herb vaporizer feels cool and smooth to the touch, and the rounded design fits ergonomically in your grip, making it easy to vape on-the-go. The Vapir Prima makes cleaning and maintenance very easy with a removable stainless steel vapor path. The battery is removable, enabling you to easily make a replacement (many portable vaporizers have built-in batteries that are tougher to replace).

To accommodate vaping on-the-go, the Vapir Prima portable vaporizer packs a 3200mAh battery that supplies around an hour and a half of vaping time–exceptional for a portable dry herb vaporizer–and a rapid heat up time. Available for purchase is an additional battery pack so you can stay vaping without waiting for the vaporizer battery to charge. A dock station comes with the unit, which is compatible with USB.

The Vapir Prima bubbler is an all-glass water pipe attachment that moisture-conditions vapor. This tool is rare among portable vaporizers. Connecting easily to the mouthpiece, the bubbler purifies and moisturizes vapor as you take draws. You can buy the Vapir Prima bubbler bundle, or opt out of the bubbler to keep the price down.

With exceptional vapor production, a slick and comfortable body, practical design nuances, and an all-glass bubbler attachment that’s rare for portable vaporizers, the Vapir Prima is the ideal vaporizer for dry herb connoisseurs who vape on-the-fly.

[Hindi Audio]-Water Damaged Repair Video: What to do and How to Repair?

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क्या करना चाहिए आपको अगर आपका फोन पानी में गिर जाए यार उस पर पानी पड़ जाए|
1. पहले तो उसके पावर बटन को कभी भी हाथ ना लगाएं
2. दूसरा जितनी जल्दी हो सके बैटरी निकाल दे
3. तीसरा फोन को खूब सुखा लें, कम से कम दो-तीन दिन दिन तक धूप में अच्छी तरह सुखा ले|

जब तक आपको भरोसा ना हो जाए कि फोन पूरी तरह से सुख चुका होगा तब तक कभी बैटरी में डालें और फोन को पावर ऑन करने की कोशिश ना करें| अगर आपके फोन से बैटरी नहीं निकल सकती है, तो पावर बटन को ना छुए और फोन को ऐसे ही सुखा ले| तो इन तीन बातों का ध्यान रखे आप अपने फोन को बचा सकते है|
तो आप अपने फोन को बचा सकते हैं, बस मेरी हिदायत का पालन करें और आपका फोन बच जाएगा|

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