Church Turns Plastic Bags into Sleeping Mats for Homeless

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Every week dozens of women, and a few men, gather inside Faith Westwood United Methodist Church to do something that may seem strange to most. The group collects, sorts, de-wrinkles, and smooths out plastic grocery bags. The bags are a common item many people may consider trash, but this group puts them to good use.

Exclusive: Dispute over Peoria ‘Rainbow House’ turns violent

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A colorfully painted house in Peoria is at the center of a fiery drama between neighbors. A fight that turned violent between the homeowner and his next door neighbor is leading to a court hearing next week.

RE:Top Chicago Goon Turns Transgender (reloaded)

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Fri, Jan 25: AOC Says Most Billionaires Are Immoral? Stone Indicted; White German Turns Black

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Fri, Jan 25 Hour 1: AOC Says Having Billionaires is Immoral; Roger Stone Indicted | 1) It’s ‘Get It Off Your Chest’ Friday! Jesse opens the show with some …

Demolition of old church turns sacrilegious

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Oops. Demolition of the historic 1867 Methodist Church in downtown Platte City, Mo., on June 3, 2013. The church comes down on a vacant house next door. In the foreground at left in green shirt shown scurrying away is Jeff Bash, who owned the old church and whose company Bash Excavation, was performing the demolition. For any licensing requests, please contact [email protected]

As It Turns Out In IUIC Nashville

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This is a Non-profit educational video with the purpose of promoting social, political and economic awareness. Videos which contain copyrighted material which use in accordance with US Copyright Law 17 U.S.C. Section 107 “Fair Use” is allowed for the purposes of criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, and or research and is not an infringement of copyright.
Artist: Young Roddy
Title: Pack Monies


Former Kundalini Yoga Teacher Turns to Christianity – Part 8/8

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Mike Shreve was a follower of Yogi Bhajan and a teacher of Kundalini Yoga at four universities in the Tampa, Florida area (USA). He spent his days in solitude, seeking the truth through various meditation, yoga and new age practices. He had about 400 students and was also running a yoga ashram. Ever-increasing mystical experiences convinced him that he was evolving in a genuine experience of true spirituality and a revelation of Ultimate Reality. His all-consuming passion was to attain God-consciousness. Then an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ changed everything–dramatically–and the thirst of his soul was quenched. If you are searching for God and seeking truth, you need to listen to this presentation. God’s love is evident in the words that are spoken.

The Israelites: What If My Husband Turns Into The Devil???

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IUIC Tallahassee visits the streets to wake-up the Lost Sheep of Israel!

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Christians at Risk: Iraqi Priest, Tortured for His Faith, Turns Church into Home for Refugees

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On a Sunday in Baghdad, Fr. Douglas Bazi was abducted, tortured, and nearly killed — because he is a Christian. After Fr. Bazi escaped, he opened his church in Kurdistan to Christian refugees fleeing persecution. Visit to help make a difference. 100% of your donation goes directly to aid & awareness!

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