Turn Old Smartphones into Security Cameras with Motion Detection FREE Alfred

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Turn an old Android or Apple Smartphone into a web-based security camera. Gadget reviewer Daniel Berry shows you the Alfred Security Camera App and you can see if it does the job.
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How to Turn Your Android phone in to a CCTV Camera || Telugu

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Please watch: “Best Useful software For Windows Telugu”

hafiz telugu videos #telugutechtuts #hafiztime

Please watch: “ఆఫర్స్ లో ఈ మొబైల్స్ కొంటే మంచిది | డబ్బులు అదా అవుతాయి”


Patti Lupone stops ‘Gypsy’ mid-show to yell at a photographer

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It was January 10, 2009. Patti Lupone was heading into the climax song of ‘Gypsy,’ “Rose’s Turn,” when Lupone realized that “You either have it — Or you’ve had it.” And Patti had HAD it with that photographer! “Stop taking pictures, RIGHT NOW!”
Patti, I love you, but this is hysterical. And no I didn’t film this. And yes, go ahead and laugh at the irony that she’s yelling at someone using a camera while the person who took this video was also using a camera. Ya-da-ya.

No copyright infringement intended. I didn’t film this. For entertainment purposes, only.


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If you like to amaze people I’ve got tons of great ideas how to impress everybody around you! And it’s not that hard to do in the Instagram era. You just have to know some cool tricks!

One of my favorite tricks is when I stomp the floor severely and my friend pretends to be confused with these noises. Here’s what you need to do. Find beautiful spot with a photogenic floor, then stomp your feet energetically. While your photographer is turning his smartphone on 360 degrees clockwise, your other friend takes your place and pretends to listen.

Another one is simply hilarious! But you’ll have to find a car door. Once you find it, call your friends. One of them will help you to hold the door as if the car was slowly moving next to you. The other one is obviously gonna shoot a video. This insane hack is so worth trying!

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0:40 Your own Broadway
1:08 Gulliver
1:19 Giant Cola
2:07 No curves?

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Turn Your Analogue SLR Into a Digital Video Camera with “I’m Back”!

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from 3:05 – footage shot with “I’m Back”

‘I’m Back’ is a brilliant invention which allows you to “digitise” your old unused analogue SLR cameras and enable them to shoot digital video and photos. 

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Photographer Create Crazy Photo Manipulations With His Kids

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Photographer Create Crazy Photo Manipulations With His Three Daughters And Son, And Here’s What He Made So Far.

A little description from the artist himself:

“My name is John Wilhelm. I was born 1970 in Winterthur Switzerland where I still live together with my wife and my four kids (3 girls and 1 son).

Photography was always important in my life. My father was an experienced hobby-photographer and founded at least two local photography-associations. So I grew up in an environment of cameras, magazines, lenses, selfmade camera-baggages, darkrooms and funny weddings.

I wasn’t very excited back then about those films and development processes. It was such a fiddling in my eyes.

The importance of photography changed into joy when I was holding my first digital cam in my hands. The fire was sparked off and a long journey begun, a journey through lots of camera systems, techniques, experiences and finally software products. Feburary 2011, I decided to take a step across the border of plain photography. I entered the world of photoshop and 3D-tools. That was the best thing I every did… now photography is a complete passion!”

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