Old Photographs Muasdale Kintyre Peninsula Scotland

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Tour Scotland wee video of old photographs of Muasdale, Scottish Gaelic : Muasdal, a very small village on the west coast of the sparsely populated Kintyre Peninsula. The village is located directly on the A83 , which connects the peninsula Kintyre to the Central Belt . Although in particular the west coast of Kintyre was only sparsely populated in the past, already in 1750 a path through Muasdale existed, which proved to be significant enough to be listed in William Roy’s map work. The Killean and Kilchenzie Parish Church is a church building of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland near Muasdale. It is the main church of the Parish Killean and Kilchenzie. Muasdale takes its name from the Norse mungasdal, the valley of monks. In 1263 King Haakon of Norway was anchored with his long ships off the coast of Gigha when his priest died. The body was put ashore at Muasdale for the Saddell Abbey monks to carry over the hills for burial.

Old Photographs Tayinloan Kintyre Peninsula Scotland

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Tour Scotland wee video of old photographs of Tayinloan, Scottish Gaelic: Taigh an Lòin, a village situated on the west coast of the Kintyre peninsula. A ferry service runs between the village and Ardminish on the Isle of Gigha. Largie Castle is a former mansion house at Tayinloan. The house was designed by the architect Charles Wilson for the Hon. Augustus Moreton Macdonald and was built in 1857. The A83 road runs through the village, as does a long distance footpath, the Kintyre Way, a walk of some 106 miles, stretching between Tarbert, Loch Fyne and Southend at the Mull of Kintyre.

Waznie Neaz (W Photography) Portforlio

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Confident and dedicated photographer with experience in both professional and videography. Holds nearly 10 years of working experience with great variety in order to tackle any photography job quickly and effectively. Intimately familiar taking high quality digital photographs, including framing, selecting and setting up lighting, and determining advanced shutter and lens options. Prioritizes communication on the job to avoid errors. A candidate that combines a long professional career with dedicated freelance photography ideals and loyalty.

Old Photographs Kinloss Moray Scotland

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Tour Scotland wee video of old photographs of Kinloss, Scottish Gaelic: Cinn Lois, a village in Moray. It is located near the shore of Findhorn Bay, around 3 miles from Findhorn and 2.5 miles from Forres. Northeast of the village is Kinloss Barracks, formerly RAF Kinloss which opened on 1 April 1939. It is believed that 1,000 aircraft were dismantled at Kinloss, after the end of the Second World War. The Cistercian Kinloss Abbey was created in 1150 by King David. Under abbot Robert Reid the abbey became a centre of academic excellence in the 1530s. It now lies almost completely ruined.

Old Photographs Giffnock East Renfrewshire Scotland

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Tour Scotland wee video of old photographs of Giffnock; Scottish Gaelic: Giofnag, an affluent suburban area in East Renfrewshire set in the Central Lowlands. The opening of Giffnock railway station in 1866 allowed business people to build sandstone villas and commute daily to the city. At the time, it was much more desirable to live in Giffnock than to live in the smog polluted city of Glasgow. By the early 1890s, residential Giffnock began to grow around the railway station and Eastwood Toll,[13] and by 1892 gas was introduced to the area. The growth of Giffnock was furthered in 1905 by the arrival of the first Glasgow Corporation Tramways tram in the town.[13] The addition of this tram link and the nearby Whitecraigs railway station helped the popularity of Giffnock as a weekend destination and lead to the opening of Rouken Glen park in 1906 by Archibald Corbett later Lord Rowallan), the M.P. for Tradeston. The Giffnock tramline was one of Glasgow Corporation Tramways’s most profitable routes; up to 15,000 travelled to Giffnock on a Sunday to visit Rouken Glen.

Gibraltar MONKEYS & an EPIC Landscape PHOTOGRAPHY Location

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Nellie and I are in GIBRALTAR!!! The perfect last stop in Europe before our big adventure down to Madagascar and Mozambique.

We spent two full days on The Rock and one morning photographing a sunrise session from the Douglas Path lookout.

It was an amazing way to experience Gibraltar rock with no other tourists and some truly incredible light. We started hiking 2 hours before sunrise and made the top about 30min before. It’s a tough hike but well worth it for the EPIC Landscape Photography location.

Hope you like the video and what about those Monkeys? Cheeky buggers eh.

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#Gibraltar #GibraltarRock #TravelPhotogrpahy

The World’s Most Powerful Photographs

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What makes a great photograph great?
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1. Robert Capa
2. No official citation. Army photographer referred to as Major Benjamin
3. Heinrich Hoffman
4. Johnny Milano,
5. John Dominis
6. Jeff Widener
7. Claude P. Dettloff
8. Stan Stearns
9. Aaron Thompson.
10. CFP – Photographer not given
11. Héctor Rondón Lovera
12. Yomiuri Shimbun
13. Mark Pardew
14. Nevine Zaki
15. Marc Riboud
16. No Official citation. Possibly George Mejat
17. KOREA POOL – Photographer not given
18. Goran Tomasevic
19. Cecil Stoughton
20. Vanderlei Almeida
21. Getty – Photographer not given
22. No citation given. Photographs are on English Russia if you’re interested.
23. AP. Photographer not given
24. No official citation
25. Jeff Roberts
26.Str / AFP – Getty – Photographer not given
27. Louie Favorite
28. Getty – Photographer not given
29. Can’t find this one.
30. This has gotten so saturated over the internet, the original is near-impossible to find.
31. William Anders
(many thanks to BOSOX9004 for compiling,

You have seen many of these photos before. These iconic images create such a strong sense of humanity, that you cannot view them without getting goosebumps. These are some of the most powerful recorded moments in human history.

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