Colorado thief caught on camera stealing video doorbell

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A bold thief was caught on camera stealing a doorbell that records video. Neighbors say that same person hit several houses in the area, taking their Ring Video Doorbells in the middle of the night.

Ring Doorbell Pro – Package Thief Caught on Camera – Event Captured 12-28-2017

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This is an event captured using a Ring Pro Video Doorbell ( The suspect is a package thief who was going around a neighborhood stealing packages from doorsteps. Something persuaded him to not take this specific package (possibly the multiple cameras pointing at him or maybe he didn’t think it looked interesting), thus he left it and walked away, but not before one of the nearby victims tracked him down and tried to put a brave end to his Christmas crime spree. All of this captured by something as simple as a doorbell cam. It was later found that the guy had a car filled with packages that he and a woman in the car had been stealing from nearby homes.

The video was instantly shared across the web via multiple networks within seconds after everything happened, as well as shared with the local police department. It happened so fast that the video was able to be shown to officers while they were taking a report from one of the individuals whose package was stolen (as their own neighborhood notification went off showing that the user had posted it). It doesn’t get anymore convenient than that. We have to hand it to their advanced neighborhood watch efforts.

Audio and video quality is unedited, and the file is based on the original MP4 downloaded from the Ring app.

Source: Video has been provided to us freely by the owner with full use permission (it helps that they also work here).

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WATCH: Wily thief nabs SABC camera equipment during #StateCaptureInquiry

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A wily thief on Monday allegedly stole some of the SABC’s camera equipment at the #StateCaptureInquiry. She left the building with a camera bag slung over her shoulder and escaped in a taxi. Subscribe to News24:

Snow leopard camera trap thief

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The mysterious snow leopard is a beautiful and charismatic animal, found in the remote mountainous regions of Central Asia.

In a bid to learn more about the behaviour and distribution of this Endangered animal in Tajikistan, scientists from Fauna & Flora International and Panthera set up 11 automatic cameras in the remote Zorkul nature reserve.

They were in luck. Over the survey period, the cameras photographed five separate snow leopards living in one valley system, including a family with two cubs.

The team was perplexed however to find that one of the cameras had gone missing. But the culprit was quickly discovered — when the images were downloaded, the paired camera showed the cheeky cubs carrying it off!

Camera Thief Caught On Camera! | Final Episode

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As we make our way back home we reminisce on the good and the bad times spent in Moab Utah. This trip has been incredibly challenging and expensive but has shown each of us how tight our friendship is and how resilient we can be. The owner of the bike shop called us and said he caught the thief on camera and might have evidence that might help Law Enforcement catch this guy. We drove into Portland to check it out and although its very interesting to watch i doubt its anything to go off of.
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Squirrel Thief Caught on Camera Stealing Pumpkins off Front Porch

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It’s crazy what’s caught on film when you leave your home security camera rolling. This squirrel thief seemed to be trick-or-treating but ended up just stealing a pumpkin and then falling off the front step. Another video shows some kids playing with a skeleton get spooked when a neighbor speaks to them through the monitoring device. And then there were some who seemed to be more into the tricks than the treats.’s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.


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I’m back. Camera and 16 SD Cards got stolen, and I lost a whole lot of footage. It also destroyed my morale. But it’s ok 🙂

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Top 10 BEST THIEVES Caught On Camera! (Smartest Robberies & Pickpockets)

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Top 10 BEST THIEVES Caught On Camera! (Smartest Robberies & Pickpockets)
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10. Man swaps $28,000 diamond with fake in jewelry store:
9. The Best Bank Robbers Ever:
8. Smartest thief in the world:
7. $4.8M in gold bars stolen in armored truck heist on highway:
6. the best pickpocket in the world Apollo Robbins:
4. Man Steals Bucket Carrying $1.6 Million in Gold Flakes:
3. Bank Heist using Helicopter:
2. $180K in gold allegedly stolen from the Mint:
1. Professional jewelry store:

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Atmosphere – Camera Thief (Official Video)

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