Photographer Steve Parish on what can nature teach us?

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Tree Day Ambassador, award-winning nature photographer and children’s book publisher, Steve Parish, on how time in nature is critical for children to learn emotional intelligence, problem solving, resilience and grit.

Camera from Scratch: Pt.1 Pinhole

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Launching my most challenging topic yet, making an entire camera from scratch, by first starting with a very basic pinhole camera that I can build upon and upgrade as I produce more and more components from scratch.
Check out Diana’s video on the camera obscura:

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What is Photography?

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Introduction to Photography Unit 1 Lesson 1

This lesson is an introduction to the basics of photography. This lesson with introduce you to the idea of what a photograph is, to the people who use photography, and what different styles of photographs there are out there.

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Street Photography: LIVE Photo Critique!

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Submit your street photography NOW at We’ll show the best of the early submissions, and then as many live submissions as possible.

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