Urban Style Portrait Photography | Sony 85 1.8 + Tamron 28-75 f2.8

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Shooting urban style portraits with my friend Coral, also known as @curlswithcoral on Instagram. She’s an influencer with super awesome curly hair. Yeah, we had fun in this shoot.

I use the Sony a7iii paired with the Sony 85 f1.8 and the Tamron 28-75 f2.8. Shout out to Dermont for filming this session!

Until the next video! Stay awesome, fresh and keep creating.


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Lenses for Bird and Nature Photography: Birds As Art Style

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Sponsored by Canon

In this practical and educational slide program we will learn which Canon lenses—from the 8-15mm fisheye up to the 800mm f/5.6 L IS—Artie uses to create his amazing images, how, why, and when he uses each of them, and what he is thinking as he depresses the shutter button. Most folks will be surprised to learn that a long lens with a teleconverter is often not the best tool for the job. In addition Artie will comment on exposure and image design.

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How to Pick a Wedding Photographer | Part 1| What is Your Style?

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Do you feel overwhelmed with picking your wedding photographer? 🙄 Who wouldn’t? How do you even start the conversation? What should i be aware of? We wanted to start this series for the brides who really don’t know what to ask or look for in a good photographer. Part 1 of this series is directed at finding your style of photography:

🔆1. Shooting Style:
a. Photo Journalistic (1:13)
b. Posed (1:47)
c. Hybrid Shooting Style (2:13)

🔆2. Editing style:
a. True to Color (3:16)
b. Light and Airy (3:38)
c. Oversaturated (4:17)
d. Dark and Moody (4:51)

🔆3. Lighting style
a. Natural Light (5:36)
b. Off Camera Flash (6:15)
c. Hybrid Lighting Style (6:39)

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Cinematic Style Fashion Design Videography ( Full HD ) / Proshow Producer Template / MahbubPro

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Cinematic Style Fashion Design Videography ( Full HD ) / Proshow Producer Template / MahbubPro

This is High Fashion Style Video with Cinematic Design for great presentation or business promo to make your smartness impression to attract your audience. Give them to see your creative presentation and got a lot of attention.

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Concept Boudoir – Casual style boudoir videography

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Talent : Ming Yee
MUA : Josephine Woon
Venue Sponsor : nulnu
Special Thanks to Professor Coco Alex
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style with Bike photography Photo pose for Instagram model, pose for men’s Biker photoshoot

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Pretty Girls Hijab Style Photography Poses Idea

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Pretty Girls Hijab Photography Poses Idea

Suggested By: Md. Rakib

This channel is for general information purposes only. I just make selfie, photography, fashion, style and jewelry collection for my viewers. I don’t sell any items listed on my channel. All the images displayed on this channel are assumed to be taken from public domain.

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Portrait Photographer David Lee is bringing his popular style of photography to Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Paparazzo Film is making magazine style portraits a new option for individuals, couples, and families in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. Watch as he explains a little more about the experience, the fine art prints, and his style of headshots!

How to Style Food for Photography

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Best Photography Schools: My Experience

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There are a lot of great art schools out there, deciding on the best one for your future isn’t always easy. This is my overall review of Photography and Video when it comes to college.




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How To Find Your Photography Style

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Finding your own unique photography style can be one of the most daunting challenges we face. Where to begin? How can I tell what my style is? What makes my photos unique? These are all questions that we need to wrestle with if we are to elevate our images to the next level. In this video I talk about how to find your voice as an artist and make photos that will move others emotionally.

Imressionist style photography in Autumn

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Today I am going to take you for a wander where I will try to capture some images with my camera in the style of the Imressionist artists from the late 19th and early 20th Century.
I also captured some realistic images too. It was a lovely October day with plenty of wind to help me achieve wha I set out to .
I am pleased with the way some of the images came out it was a lot of fun 😀
The Music I have used is from around the same period of as the Impressionist artists.


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With decades gone by after historic events have passed, we often think we’ve seen those events from every angle possible. On occasion though, new images surface long after the photo was snapped that show historical moments in a whole new light.

The following images are so rare, it’s incredible we are able to see them today at all. Get ready to take a look at history in a new way that seems almost unbelievable!