Dorchester Aerial Timelapse – 4K UHD Videography (Silvestre Studio)

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Here is an Aerial shot of Dorchester from above the sandringham fields. If you need some aerial videography, go to and get in contact. We also do promotional videos and graphic design.

InVision Studio Jam – Daniel Korpai, Photography portfolio concept

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Watch InVisioner Daniel Korpai as designs and prototypes a beautiful photography portfolio concept using images from Unsplash.

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Liquid and Splash Product Photography / Making a mess at the studio!

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PRE WEDDING SHOOT 2018 || SHYAM & POOJA || Sachi’s Photography || Laxmi Photo Studio Jamkhandi

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Couple || Shyamsundar Dc & Pooja Kore

Concept || Shyamsundar Dc

ceDop —- || Sachin Mali Laxmi Photo Studio, Jamkhandi (Since 1964) Mob: 9611590067

Sachi’s Photography

Creating 3 different colour backgrounds in esay studio photography lighting setup

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In this Hindi photography tutorial for beginner photographers i have explained simple and easy lighting setup in photo studio to change background colours using basic light technique.
#BackgroundLightingTechniques #WhiteBackgroundPhotography #GreyBackgroundPhotography


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$20 Work Light VS $900 Studio Strobe Food Photography Lighting On A BUDGET!

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On a budget? I have you covered with a Artificial Lighting For Food Photography tutorial using a light that cost me less than a night out for dinner.

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Mobile Photography PopUp Studio

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A pop-up photography studio created by Anthony Cosme and Paul Waltz on Long Island, New York. We had a surprise guest, the owner of the garage. He was all for the photos and even hopped in to get his portrait taken!

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G-Technology Presents: In Studio with Photographer Andrei Duman

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G-Technology steps into the studio with photographer Andrei Duman as he demonstrates how he utilizes our professional-grade storage solutions in his creative workflow to master his highly data-intensive projects. Learn more about G-SPEED Shuttle.

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