20 Street Portraits in 1 Hour [Street Photography Challenge]

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The camera and lens I use:
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In this Street Photography Challenge, I went to the Saturday bazaar San Ángel, Mexico City to do street portraits with my FujiFilm X-T3.

I lot of you have asked how I take pictures of strangers, candid photography or not – so I thought it would make sense to show exactly how I do street portraits and how I take pictures of strangers.

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In portrait photography, I usually work with people I see on the streets, but for my next video, I will have a special guest with me.

I hope you enjoyed this Street Photography Challenge with my Fuji X-T3 and the 56mm 1.2 fujinon. In terms of street photography tips and tricks, I think the most important thank for you is just to start slow until you feel a bit more confident :).

What’s going on in this video?
I’m in Mexico City doing 20 Street Portraits in one hour!

Street Photography 6 Tips for Taking Photos Of Strangers

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Taking photos of strangers in street photography is tough. Today I’m sharing with you tips to take photos of strangers in street photography in India. How to overcome shyness and interact with people you want to shoot. I’m in the street of Jodhpur in India to share with you those street photography tips in India.
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It’s never easy to approach people to take photos of them. But keeping an open heart and smiling usually goes a long way.
Have an amazing day and enjoy this Street Photography video! 🙂

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Street Photography TOP PICKS (Episode 8)

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This video will showcase our top street photography picks for the day.

We can all learn from daily street photographers and the techniques they apply to their craft.

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Making Photographs – Street Photography with Ibarionex Perello

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In this interview, the podcasting legend Ibarionex Perello joins to discuss his new book “Making Photographs”. We discuss the idea of “seeing” as a photographer and moving away from the gear obsession and towards getting better at your craft.

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#nightphotography #streetphotography #paris
Black and white photography at night in Montmartre Paris.
Tips and tricks for better photography. Film noir.

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My big thanks to Andre-Marie Abeysinghe for the help with this video.


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#streetphotography #photographytips #photography
How to walk the streets and take better pictures of total strangers.
Tips and tricks tutorial for street photography for better Instagram. How to create great photos for your Instagram.

Today we are talking about street photography.
Street photography is a big part of my travel. When I arrive to a new place, most of the time I
don’t know anybody. I walk the streets. I watch how people look, how they dressed, how they shop, work, eat. Street photography is the best introduction to the local life.
It is not easy to photograph total strangers. Nowadays, especially in developed world, there are
many concerns about privacy, So taking pictures on the street is somewhat complicated.
At the end this video I will share my experience of taking pictures on the street, how to behave,
how to interact with people, how not to get in trouble..

Let’s talk quickly about equipment. My camera is canon 77d. My favorite lens for street
photography is Canon 24mm f2.8 Pancake lens. This thing is tiny. It weighs nothing it looks like
a toy, It’s very sharp and it’s equivalent of 38 millimeter lens on the cropped sensor of Canon
77d. So It is slightly wider than 50mm normal lens and gives me a little more space for composition and more depth of field. Most Importantly, it doesn’t look scary and threatening to
people I photograph. I use this lens for 99% of my street photography. The whole setup he is so small that I don’t need a camera bag.
The reason I don’t use telephoto lenses is because the images look like watching people
through binoculars with no interaction. And telephoto lenses are big and look scary and attract a lot of attention.
I find telephoto lenses useful for street portraits but I’ll talk about it in another episode.
Now it’s time to take some pictures.
Street photography is about a lot of walking, a lot of waiting
and some luck.
When I walk in the streets looking for this special moment, the camera needs to be ready. I
shoot raw files in aperture priority at 2.8 and sometimes I’ll go up to 5.6 if I need more depth of
field. I prefer to look through the viewfinder but sometimes I’ll shoot from the chest level too. The important thing is how to focus. I used to pre – focus my camera at 10 feet or 3 meters. Which gives me good size image in the frame. When Person of Interest will get that close I will fire a becouple of shots and hopefully I’ll have them in focus. My Canon 77d is a new toy. I recently updated my setup and got this camera. I must say that autofocus tracking system on Canon 77D is very impressive. It is the first time in my career that I use autofocus for street photography and it works really well.
I found this very good looking wall and these poles in front, very nice graphic elements for Strong composition I just need silhouette of a human being. There’s no much color here so it’s definitely a black and white shot.

I went to downtown and walk around for about an hour and couldn’t find any compositions and then suddenly this gentleman appeared I had split second to raise my camera and take a shot. And few seconds later policeman on the horse showed up so I chased him across the park trying to get a picture of him interacting with people on the street.

When I do street photography my camera has a wide-angle lens but my eyes working as a telephoto. What I mean is that I’m trying to see possible pictures father away from me. This way I will have a few seconds to prepare to decide about composition and lighting. This anticipation technique gives me more chances to catch the moment.

This is not my typical shot. It’s kind of busy with lots of elements in it. I walked down the street and I saw this window with young lady cleaning the floor and lots of dogs around her. A few puppies we’re looking at me. I think this photo is interesting this combination of building reflections dogs and the human being in very much urban scene.

Dogs and pets in general are a big thing now in our lives. I saw this little Park for walking out dogs the lighting was beautiful and the whole thing was very picturesque.

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Travel photography video filmed with Canon 77d and edited on Ipad Pro 10.5 with LumaFusion and Affinity photo.

Instagram photo ideas.

Street Photography: Learn about composition & picture style

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Street photography is all about capturing spontaneous moments as they happen, but there’s still planning involved to take a great shot. Greg Sullavan, from the Canon Collective, explains how to plan ahead to make sure you get the best street images you can.


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WAJDA PHOTO – Welcome to a new series of inspiring talks on street photography, techniques and photo critiques, too!


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HIS S02 EP3 | Street Photography | Leica Q | Melbourne | Australia

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It’s Friday and time for a new How I Shoot episode. In the last two episodes, I shot the Hasselblad Xpan but now it’s time to take out the Leica Q for a spin and roam the streets of Melbourne at night. Hope you enjoy the episode!


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10 Channels w/ Less than 10,000 Subs | Rainy San Fran Street Photography

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John Branch IV

Mik Milman

The Photo Debt.

Sweet Lou Photography

Noelz Photography

Adrian Vila

Daryl Carey

Jonathon Notley

Scott Graham

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Street Photography: Top Selection – March 2018 –

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Street Photography: Top Selection – May 2018 –

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