The 39 Steps (1935), Director Alfred Hitchcock (Multi Subs)

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Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (China), Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish subtitles…

A man in London tries to help a counterespionage agent. But when the agent is killed and the man stands accused, he must go on the run to both save himself and also stop a spy ring which is trying to steal top secret information.

Directed by
Alfred Hitchcock

Writing Credits
John Buchan … (adapted from the novel by)
Charles Bennett … (adaptation)
Ian Hay … (dialogue)

Cast (in credits order)
Robert Donat … Hannay
Madeleine Carroll … Pamela
Lucie Mannheim … Miss Smith
Godfrey Tearle … Professor Jordan
Peggy Ashcroft … Crofter’s Wife
John Laurie … Crofter
Helen Haye … Mrs. Jordan
Frank Cellier … The Sheriff
Wylie Watson … Memory
Gus McNaughton … Commercial Traveller (as Gus Mac Naughton)
Jerry Verno … Commercial Traveller
Peggy Simpson … Maid

All steps of painting an icon. By Theodoros Papadopoulos.

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Byzantine Iconography courses :
Master Iconographer, Theodore Papadopoulos’s, Byzantine School of Iconography offers students of all levels, from the beginner to the professional, an opportunity to learn and/or refine their techniques in the sacred art of Byzantine iconography. Ancient and modern techniques are taught at the school, while developing confidence in the students through clear concise teaching.

For further information visit the official website of Theodoros Papadopoulos:
or contact us at the following e-mail:
[email protected]

(Byzantine painting Christian Orthodox icons, Hand-made icons, iconography, hagiography, Iconografia, Byzantine iconography.
Αγιογραφία, Αγιογραφίες, Βυζαντινή αγιογραφία, αγιογράφοι, Βυζαντινή τέχνη, Βυζαντινές εικόνες, ορθόδοξη εικόνα, τοιχογραφίες, Χριστός, Παναγία, άγιος, άγία, αγιογράφος, iconology, iconography, icon painting, icons, russian icons, byzantine, byzantine icons, egg tempera, tempera, theology, philosophy, Jesus Christ, byzantine art, art, religious, orthodox, christian, paint, drawing, orthodox christian, православных икон

Simple Steps to Conquer the Ohio Maneuverability Test

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I go through a simple process that can be learned to pass the Ohio maneuverability driving test.

If you will be going to the right of the center cone, only use the right mirror. If left, only left mirror.

Practice needs to be done to gauge your vehicles length and steering. Become familiar with your vehicle.

This is my first video posted to youtube. I hope to do a more detailed one in the future if there is good feedback.

BTW – I just finished teaching 2 of my teenage kids, my foreign wife and a friend of hers.

Porn Addiction| 4 Steps to Recovery

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Porn Addiction| 4 Steps to Recovery
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Instagram: PastoronCall

2 Corinthians 10:5
Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

The problem is not porn, it is fantasy.

Fantasy is what triggers the addiction.

They are called toxic thoughts.

The thoughts build pleasure pathways. is a great web-site devoted to helping people struggling with porn addiction.

Chronic porn use conditions your arousal to everything associated with your porn use, such as: being in the position of a voyeur; constant searching and seeking; wanting a endless parade of novel “sexual partners”; clicking from video to video to maintain sexual arousal; or the never-ending list of porn-induced fetishes users report. Porn-induced sexual conditioning can manifest as escalation to genres that don’t match your original sexual tastes.

Years of Internet porn use can create a mismatch between what your brain expects, and what you actually encounter during real sex.

The brain change is called ‘sensitization’

Sensitization occurs when the brain wires together the sights, sounds, smells, sensations, emotions, and memories associated with a big reward, such as masturbating to porn – creating nerve pathways that can blast our reward center in the future.
Steps free

1. Kill the fantasy
2. Accountability
3. Prayer
4. Reboot

God Bless


Pastor Michael Desroches is the founder and Senior Pastor of Spirit Life Worship Church. He has a strong burden to encourage and strengthen both believers and non-believers into a relationship with Jesus Christ through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. He is a gifted Psalmist and teacher of the Word of God.

Pastor Mike has traveled the globe ministering to the sick and the lost in healing and miracle crusades across the globe.

He has resided with his wife and their three children in Palm Coast Florida since 1987 preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe in one Triune God, eternally existing in three persons; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe the Holy Scriptures to be the Inspired Word of God and the final authority for faith in life.

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Order My Steps -Indianapolis All City Choir Reh -Pam Davis, Piano

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Indianapolis, IN
Sherri Garrison, Minister of Music and Choir Director
Pam Davis, Minister of Music of Fountain of Praise, Houston, TX

Beyond UK’s Campus: Downtown Lexington Is Steps Away

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If you live on campus, exploring downtown Lexington is easy! Watch why students love that downtown Lexington is so close to the University of Kentucky campus.

Photos courtesy of VisitLex and photographer Magnus Lindqvist.

The best way to see yourself as a Wildcat is to visit. Register for a tour at

Ready to be a Wildcat? Apply today at

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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The First Ladies of Detroit invite Female Bishop Corletta Vaughn into their circle, but feathers get ruffled when Corletta challenges them about submitting to their husbands. Pastor Bullock plans a rally for the disenfranchised people of Detroit, but is angered by the lack of support he receives from the other pastors.

How to Perform a Wedding Ceremony (In 4 Simple Steps!)

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How to become an ordained minister online.
Information on local marriage laws.
What to say during a wedding ceremony.
Signing and filling out a marriage license.

The first step is to become ordained.

We have made this as easy as possible for you. Simply visit to begin your free online ordination. Complete the form using your full legal name and current address.
Our online ministry welcomes people of all faiths, and your status as a minister will be legal and valid as soon as you click submit.

Next, you will need to conduct some research on local marriage laws.

Weddings performed by ULC ministers have been recognized in all states, except Virginia and parts of Pennsylvania. However, the specific legal requirements to perform a wedding vary from state to state and even county to county. That’s over 3,000 different laws!

To get the requirements for your wedding, contact the office where the couple will be filing their marriage license.
Introduce yourself as a recently ordained minister and tell them that you are officiating an upcoming wedding. You will want to ask them three things: First, does this county require its ministers to register? Second, what documentation do they need to see from you to be able to sign the marriage license? Third, what is the deadline for filing the marriage license?

We have all legal documents and wedding materials available for purchase from our online store.
Don’t be surprised if they don’t ask to see anything at all; some locations require nothing and simply being ordained is enough to perform a legal wedding ceremony.

Now here’s the part you’ve been waiting for: the wedding ceremony.
As a minister, your biggest responsibility is to create the best experience possible for the couple and the guests.

In order for the marriage to be legal, the wedding ceremony must include the Declaration of Intent. This is most commonly recognized as the “Do you take…” and “I do” exchange between you and the couple. Whether or not you also choose to invoke God as part of the vows, the marriage will still be legal.

Planning the rest of the ceremony is left to the wedding couple and yourself.
Although we provide a variety of helpful literature on our website, we also encourage you to look within yourself for guidance. If you are officiating a wedding ceremony for close friends or family, chances are you have already done much to prepare given your personal relationship with the couple. After all, they asked you to perform their wedding for a reason.

The beauty of a marriage officiated by a Universal Life Church minister is that the parties involved have the freedom to plan the ceremony of their dreams.

After the ceremony is over, all that’s left is the paperwork. To complete the marriage license, have the couple sign it after the ceremony. You will also have to sign it along with two witnesses, and you will have to fill out some more information about yourself.

Our church is the Universal Life Church Monastery, and for denomination, write Non-Denominational. You may use reverend, pastor, or minister as your title. If the license asks you for the address of the religious organization that ordained you, you will put our address in Seattle, Washington. If it asks for the address of the religious body where you practice your ministry or for your business address, write your home address.

Once you complete the license, it is a good idea to make a photocopy for your records. Then, give it back to the couple so they can submit it to the office where they picked it up.
After the document is processed, the marriage is official and your work is done.

Our online ordinations have helped millions of ministers perform weddings around the world. By just completing a few simple steps, you too can perform a wedding that will create lasting memories.
Now, imagine how meaningful that could be for the bride and groom.

►Find us online and become ordained today!

Copyright 2015 Universal Life Church Monastery Storehouse

Trump Steps in to Help as Ted Cruz Faces Sabotage in Texas Senate Race: ‘They Snuck into Churches’

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Trump Steps in to Help as Ted Cruz Faces Sabotage in Texas Senate Race: ‘They Snuck into Churches’

Louie Cayabyab – INC Minister Steps Down From Duty

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Beloved brethren, there are two circulars that are supposed to be read this morning. The first circular is about the expulsion, from the Church, of the wife and children of Bro. Erano G. Manalo. And another circular is the expulsion, from the Church of Bro. Isaias T. Samson Jr., the editor-in-chief — former editor-in-chief of The Pasugo. I decided, brethren, that I won’t read those circulars. You might be asking, “why?” Because in my heart, in my heart of hearts, I can’t take it. It is, it is just so so difficult to betray one’s heart. I know, I know the repercussion of this and i know what will be the consequence. I know that i will be stripped out of my duty. From now on, I will no longer be a minister, probably i will be expelled from the Church, but I will take it brothers and sisters. We admonish you to remain in the Church no matter what happens. So instead of reading the circular, I am — I take this opportunity to thank you. Oh, I cannot thank you enough, brethren here in Fremont for your love and kindness to me and my family. I would also like to thank all the locales that we have been assigned to: the locale of Washington D.C., Temple Hills, MD, Northern Virginia, VA, Baltimore, MD, Elizabeth, NJ, Central New Jersey, Staten Island, NY, Virginia Beach, VA, Livermore, Northern CA. Thank you brothers and sisters. We hope that time will come our paths will cross again. Have a good day to all.

12 Steps of Celebrate Recovery – Christ Centered Recovery- Hurts Habits Hang-ups – Dramati

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This a video of my testimony I gave in conjunction with receiving my 1 year chip in Celebrate Recovery. This is very personal and soul searching and gut .

This is a very dramatic reading of the 12 steps of Celebrate Recovery. Really Cool video. Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered program with foundations .

Tom K. Testimony Celebrate Recovery Recorded on May 26, 2017 Grace Church Cape Coral – Fort Myers – Sarasota, FL

Bethany R. Testimony Celebrate Recovery Recorded on July 7, 2017 Grace Church Cape Coral – Fort Myers – Sarasota, FL .

STEPS TO YOUR GREATER GLORY with Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza at Foursquare Gospel Church Kigali Rwanda

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STEPS TO YOUR GREATER GLORY Conference with Apostle Dr. Paul Gitwaza (Guest Speaker) at
Foursquare gospel church Kigali Rwanda