OFFICIAL DAY COGIC 110th Holy Convocation Bishop Charles E Blake St Louis MO

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Official Day C.O.O.I.C 110th Holy Convocation 2017
CogicisLive with Presiding Bishop Charles E Blake
Yours Truly,
Elder Manuel L. Thomas
SMP Social Media Pastor
Social Media Global Community Church
Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake
You need the power of the Holy Ghost in your life.
Why is the Holy Ghost important?
What is the baptism of the Holy Ghost?

Worth The Wait {Catholic Wedding at Cathedral of St. Paul } – DJI Ronin M

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Catholic Wedding at Cathedral of St. Paul. Shot using the DJI Ronin-M


If you’re a filmmaker you can sign up for our upcoming tutorial series here :

This was our first wedding using the DJI Ronin M. It’s amazing but I still got frustrated and busted out the glidecam after the first dances.

Camera Used –
Our New Camera –

Prep Lens-
Prep Lens –
Tight Groom Prep –
Tight Bride Prep –
Establishing & Motion –
Extra Angle –
Ceremony and Processional –
Bride Ceremony Angle –

Matt’s main tool –
Pacey’s main tool –
Our Glidecam –
Our Gimbal –
Our Drone –

The best wireless mic for toasts & speeches –
Audio recorder for ceremony & toasts –
Our favorite pocket recorder –

Chollunna Nimisham Mathavin Chare by St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Dallas Sunday School

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Mother’s Day presentation by St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Dallas Sunday School – May 2015
Chollunna Nimisham Mathavin Chare – Malayalam Mariyan Song

Chollunna nimisham mathavin chare
Chellunnu japamala vazhiyayi….
Kayyilirikkunna unni Eashoyude chare ee njanum irikkum……2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oreyamma…..

Malakha nirathan sthuthi sagarathil en swaram aruviyayi cherum…2
Nairasha vaniyil prathyasha pakarum panineer pushpangal vidarum…2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oramma…..2 (Chollunna………)

Akatharilekum aathma sugandham snehathil onnaya bandham……2
Manavarkennum madhyastham eki saharekshakayayi nilpu…………2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oramma…..2 (Cholunna nimisham……)

Recorded via phone!

Greater St. Paul Baptist Church-God will take care of you

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Greater St. Paul Baptist Church of oakland, California preforming got will take care of you at Genesis Church on November 4th 2011.For More information about the Porter Brothers & the Genesis Church Choir please visit Genesis isLocated At 2801 Meadowview road in Sacramento California 95832.

NET TV – City of Churches – Season 7 Episode 2 – St. Malachy’s (09/27/17)

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City of Churches – Season 7 Episode 2 – St. Malachy’s

Why is St. Malachy’s church, located in the heart of Broadway in midtown Manhattan, called “The Actors Chapel”? Find out when Anthony Mangano visits Father George Drance

Watch NEW Episodes of City of Churches Wednesdays at 8PM!

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St Mary & St Antonios Coptic Orthodox Church Live Stream

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The St. Mary and St. Antonios Coptic Orthodox Church serving the NYC Area by visiting our website:

St. Mary & St. Antonios Coptic Orthodox Church
606 Woodward Ave Queens, Ridgewood, NY 11385
PHONE: (718) 386-4111