PHOTOGRAPHY IS SPOOKY! 1st Amendment Audit Michigan Police

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Photography is Spooky! 1st Amendment Audit Michigan Police. Lenawee County Sheriff in Adrian, Michigan.



Freedom News Now (FNN). First Amendment Audits & Copwatch. First on the front lines.

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REAL Ghost Footage Caught On Video Camera.

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I caught this poltergeist activity on 3 video cameras simultaneously on the 23rd of December, 2009. I don’t know if it’s a ghost, poltergeist, demon, or whatever, and NO; I had not been playing with a ouija board. I will continue to upload video of more paranormal activity as and when I capture it. Please be patient; while the house is still very active, I’m in no way guaranteed to have a camera in the right place at the right time. Still, I feel that by having all 3 cameras in the same room, rather than hedging my bets, any evidence of the paranormal I DO capture will be of more value. – mellowb1rd

Strange Creepy Mysterious Object Caught On Camera

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Strange Creepy Mysterious Object Caught On Camera

Get ready to encounter your fears with our amazing compilation of the scary videos on earth.

If you believe in ghosts and paranormal activities, then you are gonna watch the most of all of them in here. Several mysterious incidents happen around the world that is totally unexplainable to the world of science and people still haven’t figured out what these really are. We have captured a lot of such nerve breaking real videos and you can go through stories of haunted houses, paranormal activities and unfathomable presence of figures and objects in the real world we all live in. Tune in and dive deep into those elements you might have never seen or heard.

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5 Very Chilling Videos Of Ghosts Caught On CCTV Cameras

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5 Very Chilling Videos Of Ghosts Caught On CCTV Cameras

Here are 5 of the most shocking surveillance videos that appear to show paranormal activity caught on camera. which one was the creepiest?

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Transcription :

In this video we take a look at 5 of the most chilling cctv videos that show paranormal activity.

Number 1

The Wingate Hotel ghost.

On September 14th 2003 at the wingate hotel in Illinois, there were numerous reports of loud noises coming from room 209 which is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. Screams were said to have been heard and in this video you can see one of the hotel workers investigating the noise and you can also hear the hotel manager in the background. Once he goes into the room, he finds a lot of strange things and we can see a ghostly figure walk out and into the hallway.

Number 2

Ghost Attack In a Malaysian Hotel.

In this very creepy video that was allegedly captured in an Malaysian hotel, we can see a chair moving on it’s own and a door slamming shut. The video then cuts to a room where a woman is alone and is sitting on a chair. Behind her we can see another chair that slides out on it’s own, and the woman appears to get very nervous. moments later, a chair in front of her moves by itself and the woman jumps up and falls to ground in fear. She then tries to escape the room but once she starts running, the entity moves several objects to the door and blocks her in. She hits her head on the table and seconds later appears to be unconscious.

Number 3

Manchester Poltergeist caught on CCTV.

On the 1st of November, 2012, during the early hours at an office building on Liverpool Road, Manchester. CCTV footage catches what appears to be a poltergeist roaming the building and creating a mess. It is said that this footage is what the security workers witnessed at the time as they were flicking from camera to camera.

Number 4

The whitsable shop ghost.

This video was taken in 2013 in whitsable, England. We can see a customer as he browses the shelves for health products. Behind him we can see a box of teabags that appear to be floating in mid air. Another item falls off the shelf, and the man picks it up unaware of the floating item inches away from him. The shop keeper says she is baffled by the footage, but has not changed her skeptical views on the paranormal although she admits she has no idea how to explain it.

Number 5

Carlisle Castle Hotel ghost.

This video which was taken in 2014 at the Carlisle Castle Hotel in Australia. starts with CCTV footage of what appears to be a ghostly image that seems to be waving at the camera. It then shows a male worker opening a fridge, and at the same moment we can see 2 glass bottles falling out of the shelf behind him. The bottles appear to have been pushed by an unseen entity due to the angle they fall. The video then cuts to the other side of the bar, and we can see a female worker standing still, all of a sudden a glass object seems to move on it’s own and smash on the ground.

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PHOTOGRAPHER FEARS (And How I Deal With Them) | Cookie Gonzalez

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Halloween 2018 is approaching fast, so I decided to give you a glimpse of the scary things photographers go through! 👻😱 Getting into photography is really not a walk in the park, but because we love it so much, we continue to take photos no matter what comes our way! 👊🏻 For this video, I talk about my personal fears that I believe other photographers and artists could relate to, and I talk about how you can overcome/deal with those fears too (especially if YOU are thinking of getting into the art of photography.) 😉

Are you thinking of getting into photography? What’s stopping you?
Are you experiencing these fears too?
Comment your answers below!!! I would love to hear your stories!! ❤️



“But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you.” Psalm 56:3 NLT



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Top 10 Most Scary & Mysterious School Isolation Videos Caught On Camera By Top10 Videosworld

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Top 10 Most Scary & Mysterious School Isolation Videos Caught On Camera
This has been probably one of the most school isolation videos ever, so after a lot of time spent searching for some, I was able to find 10 scary, supposedly true videos that took place during school lockdowns. So here are Top 10 Top 10 Most Scary & Mysterious School Isolation Videos Cuaght On Camera
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Halloween Horror Photo Shoot: Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey

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Halloween is a great time to shoot something a little more sinister and in this shoot photographer Gavin Hoey does exactly that in a Halloween photo shoot with a horror inspired look.

Using simple props, smoke and controlled lighting, Gavin transforms his small home photography studio into a dark basement in which Kerry, the model, is trapped.

Before undertaking the shoot Gavin has some top tips about using fake blood, including testing it for staining skin. He then covers how to set up the lights to create three different looks before jumping into Photoshop to edit the final photo.

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Photos by Gavin Hoey

Model: Kerry Allingham


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Caught on Camera, these Haunted Dolls, unlike ghosts, were found moving on their own. Forget Haunted Places, these Haunted Objects are the scariest things ever!
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Packrat Detectives Cozy Mystery Teaser – Canon HFG40 Video Camera

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Halloween 2016 Scariest Video. Must see to believe! Spooky as can be!

Do you guys think this happened for REAL, or it’s FAKE?
Leave your thought below!

CCTV Security Camera captures Black Entity, possibly a Ghost or a Demon, attack man in a hallway. Bone chilling moment as the spirit pushes him to the ground and drags him down the hall by his leg, before letting it’s grip go and disappearing as fast as it appeared. The man then jumps up and runs for his life without even looking back.

What would you do if this would happen to you?

I love how people claim that the video is fake right away just because they think that ghosts are not real! Well, maybe the guy who was pushed down in the video and dragged half way down the hall didn’t think ghosts were real either until the encounter.

More and more of these kind of happening have been reported world wide. Maybe it’s a sign… or maybe we are being invaded by aliens or shadow people! Who knows!

Haunted House Scary Ghost Video. Ghost caught on tape. Demon Attack.

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Shocking CCTV Ghost Footage | Real Ghost Caught On CCTV Camera | Scary Videos

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Shocking CCTV Ghost Footage | Real Ghost Caught On CCTV Camera | Scary Videos

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Real Ghost Videos | Real Ghost Caught on Camera | Ghost hanging on tree | Scary videos

Real Ghost Videos | Real Ghost Caught on Camera | Ghost hanging on tree | Scary videos

Child Ghost Caught On Camera in School

Real Ghost Videos | Ghost in School

Ghost following a man recorded in camera

Ghost attacking dog caught on camera

Construction worker’s Ghost caught on cctv camera

Most Scary And real Ghost Photos Ever Taken

Real Ghost Videos | Ghost moving in high speed

Real Ghost with shining eyes staring at the camera

Real Ghost Videos | Real Ghost Caught on Camera

‘Scary Videos’ is a platform of most freaky and terrifying scary videos. We love to hear about ghost we love to make stories about ghost. But what if we got a chance to meet them. This channel shares such incidents that happened in real life. This might be unbelievable for you. But yes it’s the fact. What actually do you believe? DO ghost exist or not? After watching this video it may be harder for you to make yourself believe that ‘GHOSTS DO EXIST’. It might be right in front of you or besides you. Only thing is that you are not able to see it with your bare eyes. But a cam lens can easily capture all supernatural powers presence. And ‘Scary Videos’ shares all such unexpectedly captured terrifying scary videos with you.

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7 Truly Terrifying Moments Caught On Camera.

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The cinema is a wonderful invention, it allows us to save those most amazing and happy moments of our lives.
But sometimes. It can be a tool to capture spooky moments. Inexplicable and terrifying moments, which tell us again, that this world is full of terrifying surprises.
If you want to know what I’m talking about, come with me and let’s watch this video, for the 7 most terrifying and mysterious videos.

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Ghost caught on camera?

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Prank or poltergeist? CCTV footage from Deerpark CBS, the oldest (and most haunted!!!!?) school on the south side of Cork City.

Real Ghost Caught On Camera? 5 Strange SCARY Videos

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In this Top 5 list, we count down scary videos of allegedly real ghosts caught on tape. Real videos from people who claim to have had strange real ghost sightings and supernatural encounters in real life, and more importantly – caught on camera.

This list includes everything from a two British ghost hunters who catch a ghost woman in a window, to evidence of a spirit on a haunted road on CCTV and a car dash cam, audio analysis of video of a ghost hiding in a closet, and even a ghost caught on cctv. Real or fake? Supernatural or hoax? You decide.

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Ghosts Caught On Camera? 5 Scary Ghost Videos

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