Sony a6400 Sony’s Vlogging camera?

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Sony a6400 Sony’s Vlogging camera?
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Guest Video: – Kaizer Power Electronics – Sony BVP-7AP Vintage Video Camera Teardown

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In this guest video Mads Barnkob from the Kaizer Power Electronics channel tears down a vintage Sony BVP-7AP Video Camera. The construction might surprise you!

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Sony A6400: The Anti Vlogging Fail Camera For Ghetto YouTubers

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Sony has released the A6400, marketed for vloggers. This is one of the worst cameras for vlogging possible and leaves me wondering if Sony doesn’t know how to vlog? Or if they are just protecting their higher cameras. Worst part is, we can kiss having a flip out screen goodbye on the Sony a7000 and a7siii.

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The HATE on SHARP 8K Camera + Sony a7000 Where was It?! – CES 2019 [TIMECODES]

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Addressing some of the concerns of 8K and the HATE on SHARP as well as talking about the lack of camera announcements from Sony at CES 2019!
Expand here for the Timecodes

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How I Shot This Video (Amazon Links)

00:32 – The BEST Attraction at CES
02:33 – Why is SHARP releasing an 8K Camera?
03:26 – The Camera’s Potential Specs!
04:08 – SHARP Giving What Creators Want!!
07:07 – The Problems of Producing 8K Content in 2019
09:08 – The Advantages of Shooting in 8K in 2019
11:41 – Why didn’t Sony announce a NEW Camera at CES?
13:03 – Comments + T-Shirt Giveaway

Sony a6400 Review + GIVEAWAY: Best entry-level camera!

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Buy the a6400 at or WIN IT at

We do an early review of the Sony a6400, about $900 for the body or $1,000 for the kit. It isn’t the camera we were hoping for, but it’s a good camera, and it’ll definitely be popular. This is now Sony’s entry-level camera, and it’s very capable.

If you’re familiar with Sony’s camera lineup, it’s basically an a6500 with a screen that flips up. However, the a6500 has sensor stabilization, which this camera lacks. We LOVE sensor stabilization for both stills and video, so that missing feature was disappointing, but we can’t complain too much at the $900 price.

Sony has also improved eye autofocus and subject tracking, but both are still less-than-perfect.

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Nature Photography with Sony FE 100-400mm GM

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#sony100to400gm #telezoom #naturephoto

The Lens:

Nature Photography – Telezoom challenge | Sony FE 100-400mm GM
Today I go out to take photos in the forest but i choose to only bring one lens with me to challenge
myself to see things differently, so i took my Sony FE 100-400mm G Master lens on my Sony a7riii,
It wasn’t easy but the results were interesting.

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Sony NX80 vs Sony A7III | An ACTUAL Video Camera vs YouTube Camera!

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Today we compare a legitimate video camera against a more traditional YouTube Camera! Does the extra pro features on the NX80 make it a better fit for the online content creator then the tried and true Sony A7iii?

Both cameras can record in up to 4k 30fps, but have very good autofocus, but one has a built in Zeiss lens and the other requires a fair amount of accessories and lenses to turn it into a usable camera.

Which one will work better for the online content creator? Let’s find out!

Sony NX80

Sony A7iii

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Nikon Z6! The BEST Full Frame Video Camera Under $30,000!

Nikon Z6 Nikkor 24-70mm Unboxing!

Is the CANON SL2 (200D) Worth Buying in 2018?

Sony A5100 vs Panasonic Lumix G7! BATTLE FOR THE BEST BUDGET Online Content Creation Camera!

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#SonyA7iii #SonyNX80 #SonyCameras

Top 10 Best Photographs In Sony Awards || Pastimers

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Over 220,000 people entered the Sony World Photography Awards, which means that those who achieved top honours are very talented indeed.

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How to use and connect the wifi mode on a Sony || HXR-MC2500 video camera in Hindi

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Sony NX200 4K Video Camera In Hindi – Mid. Budget Best 4K Video Camera

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SONY NX200 official introduction video.
Sony’ s new HXR-NX200 camcorder has been designed with the needs of professional videographers in mind.
This makes the NX200 ideal for Wedding or Corporate and Event production.
The NX200 is capable of 4K resolution capture and new life like color reproduction, it enables our customers to capture more vivid,
deep and rich color variations, as well as achieve natural-looking facial tones regardless of exposure.

SONY NX200 official introduction video.
NX200 camera ek best camera hai. NX200 camera meK format Update kiya hai . iski design same to same NX100 jesi hai . isme indian wedding ke hisab se color ton set kiya hai . india me red ton color ko jyada pasand kiya jaata hai . us hisab se is camera me bhi aap red tons ko achhe se soot kar paynge.
Sony NX200 camera price 1,50,000 rs hai . is Budget me sabse achha camera mill rha hai ,

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iPhone XS vs Sony Xperia XZ3 Camera Comparison!

Views:85412|Rating:4.75|View Time:5:47Minutes|Likes:2012|Dislikes:104
The iPhone XS takes on the Sony Xperia XZ3 in a camera comparison. Both of these smartphones are probably top 5 phones of 2018. They both take great pictures and videos. But which one does it better? Watch for the full review!

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Sony A7iii for WEDDING Videography | Did it OVERHEAT?!

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This is my review of the Sony A7iii after shooting one wedding with it. I used native budget lenses on this camera. The camera was extremely impressive however there was one issue that I feel not may, if any people had spoken about.

Update:(1/6/2019) Shot another wedding this past weekend and it did not over heat, no warning light either. I believe the initial warning light was due to a silicone case I have on the camera for protection. I don’t think the case allows it to breath properly.

#SonyA7iii #WeddingVideography #WeddingVideographyTutorial