Video Demo : License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera & Software Features

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: Commercial Security Surveillance Solutions

This video demonstration covers the latest hardware and software features of Virtual Surveillance’s license plate recognition (LPR) security cameras. These precisely engineered license plate recognition cameras are capable of capturing 99% of all license plates that pass through the camera’s field of view! Record and monitor every vehicle that enters or leaves your property with an LPR camera system!

An LPR cameras system is a fantastic addition to an video surveillance system and can be used to monitor employee / logistic arrival and departure times, generate alerts for unauthorized personnel or personnel on site after approved hours, and be integrated with an I/O device to trigger other devices such as alarms, flood lights, door locks, and electric gates!

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Virtual Surveillance
Dallas, TX

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Yoosee CMS PC Software New Update Video IP Wifi Camera Cam 2018 ( Setup App ) CCTV Computer wireless

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Great update, and if you would like to see a review of the YOOSEE app comment and let me know.

******See my other video on yoosee CMS PC client, how to view the AVI file format, a must see!

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Link to software:

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SOFTWARE: 40| Capture One v6 | Tethered Photography. Live View, Remote Control

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Greetings of

Capture One (also known as Capture One Pro) is software for cataloguing images, processing raw image files, image editing and tethered photography, developed by Phase One. Capture One works with raw files from many different digital cameras as well as TIFF and JPEG image files.

Works with raw files from many different digital cameras as well as TIFF and JPEG image files. Capture One v6 (partly discontinued Nov -12, (Capture One 6 was announced in December 2010).

License: Proprietary. Last version: (ba8b1c6) / July 5, 2018; Windows, macOS.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unlocked Software Camera Update Walkthrough and Photo Comparisons

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The Unlocked Galaxy Note 9 FINALLY received the 438MB camera software update that is supposed to improve overall camera quality, HDR photos for day/night, backlit face photos and much more

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New Software Update in RealMe 2 , Camera Effects ( What’s New? )

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Hey guys in this video i saw you the update of Realme 2. in this software update changing something camera effects of this device. The update in 85.4MB

#softwareupdate #Realme2 #cameraupdate



Realme 2 update

New software Update in RealMe

Camera update in Realme

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Music Credit – NCS

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The Best Hidden WIFI Spy Camera for 2018

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64GB version:

32GB version:

This is the newest hidden WIFI camera for 2016. This camera is very covert, with no pinhole, SD card slot, or visible recording lights to arise suspicion.

Top 5 Best FREE Screen Recording Software 2018-2019

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Lets try and hit 1,000 LIKES!!

Watch the Top 5 best FREE Screen Recording Software and learn what are the best screen recorders you can download. Each of these screen recording software’s are absolutely free and most of them contain no watermarks or time limit restrictions. However some these have it’s own pros and cons but for the most part these are the best recording software you can get for PC. Keep in mind, Open Broadcast Software and Nvidia Shadow Play is the best for recording gameplay while the rest are used as a desktop recorder. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please leave a like and feedback and suggestion anymore top 5’s you may have.

Here is the list of the best screen recording software ↓

1) Ice Cream Screen Recorder:

2) iSpring Free Cam:

3) Open Broadcast Software:

4) Nvidia Shadow Play:

5) SmartPixel Screen Recorder:

In my videos I normally use Fraps for my gameplay which you can download completely free here:

For OBS settings watch this tutorial:

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Top Free Webcam Recording Software Alternatives! | YouTube Capture Option Shutting Down

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YouTube is shutting down their direct webcam capture option for PCs. So here are my top free programs to record your webcam! Some of these are easier to use than others.

For newbies, I recommend starting with the Windows Camera app (or OSX equivalent) or the software that came with your webcam (such as Logitech Webcam Software).
You can also use your smartphone for a pretty decent vlogging webcam, too!


For more advanced users, I recommend OBS or VirtualDub.
OBS Download:
VirtualDub Download:




More info on YouTube shutting down the webcam capture option:

Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC:

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Sony Xperia XZ3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Speed & Camera Test!

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Speed, Low light Camera and Display comparison of Sony & Samsung 2018 Beasts, XZ3 & Note 9!

iSpy Connect Open Source Video Surveillance Software Windows PCs

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iSpy Connect Open Source Video Surveillance Software Windows PCs
Ask your questions: #pcmac24x7
iSpy Connect Open Source Video Surveillance Software: iSpy is the worlds leading open source surveillance software for Windows PCs

iSpy Installation and working

iSpy is the world’s most popular open source video surveillance and security software. With more than 2 million users worldwide, iSpy works with more cameras and devices than anything else on the market.

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

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Open Media Vault

openmediavault Installation Raspberry Pi 3:

openmediavault NAS Configuration Raspberry Pi 3:

openmediavault NAS working on different devices:

Installing Plex Media Server on openmediavault: Raspberry Pi 3:

Plex Media Server Working on Diffrent Devices/Plateform:

openmediavault as dedicated download server with raspberry pi 3:

openmediavault antivirus: Raspberry Pi:

openmediavault wireless setup:


RetroPie Setup & Configuration: Raspberry Pi 3:

RetroPie install On/Off switch with Fan: Raspberry Pi 3:

RetroPie Move Game Roms USB/Network:

RetroPie on/off and shutdown switch with fan: Raspberry Pi 3:

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Lightroom CC – Organizing Your Photographs

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*The product featured in this video is Lightroom Classic CC, previously known as Lightroom CC. For more information, please visit:

Learn how to use the Folder panel in Lightroom to organize and manage your photographs.

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