BODY CAMERA: KCSO deputy-involved shooting on W. Emory Road

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On Jan. 4, a deputy responded to a home on West Emory Road. The call was for a burglar fire alarm at the home. The sheriff’s office said the deputy arrived on scene, parked in the driveway and pushed the doorbell. This is the video from that incident.

Body camera footage released by NOPD shows fatal officer-involved shooting

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The New Orleans Police Department released body camera footage showing the fatal shooting of 33-year-old Zonell Williams by police officers on Jan. 4. The footage, which was edited by police to obscure Williams’ figure and the identity of others at the scene, was released by NOPD Jan. 17.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: Shooting Staged Sports Pictures

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In this video I show you how to captured / freeze action in your ‘staged’ Sports Pictures.

Each week I also produce a Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom Video Show; a weekly video that goes ‘Live’ each and every Thursday where you can learn all manner of Photography, Photoshop and Lightroom Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Retouching, Compositing, Special Effects, Workflow and more. Come back each and every Thursday for new episodes!

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Which Camera is Better for Movie Shooting – Arri Alexa vs 5D mark iv – by Samar K Mukherjee

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Arri Alexa Xt VS 5D Mark IV – Output Comparison by Samar K Mukherjee
Note – Arri is professional cine camera and 5D mark iv is basically still cum semi professional video DSLR camera. There is no compression between them. Arri Alexa xt ( Raw ) is far better than 5D in every expect but in cost wise 5D mark 4 gives very professional 4k result.

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Landscape Photography: Shooting Beautiful Wintery Landscapes at Starved Rock State Park

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This week we travel to Starved Rock State Park to take in all its beauty after a fresh fallen snow. The cinematic journey takes us winding through the early morning darkness of the vast expansive woodlands and into the light of a tranquil setting revealing a tranquil snow covered local bridge and trees still boasting their autumn foliage. A Peaceful and mindful walk that breathes fresh air and energy into the soul.

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Shooting Nude using Single Light | Nude Photography Tutorial #19 | 1 Minute Promo

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Subtitle available in English.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding how many lights you should use for capturing pictures. But, generally those who prefer to shoot nude in low key, they prefer single light or two lights. In this video, we are showing how to click a picture with single light. This is also helpful if you don’t have many lights and you have only one light. A single light can be used in multiple ways and your imagination is only limit when it comes to improvise on location. This tutorial is made with the help of professional nude model Sania Sharma. To know more about Sania visit.

This is part 19 of Fashion and Nude Photography Tutorial Series conducted on student portal This video is a 59 Seconds Promo. If you are a student and already have access, visit to watch full length uncensored tutorial. If you are not a student or would like to enroll in photography course, visit

Total duration of Video is 7 minutes 14 seconds.

Model – Sania Sharma
Photographer – Ryan

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Ryan Shebeeb is one of the renowned photographer in the world who captures nude in its natural form. Model Lookbooks, Nude Lookbooks and Tiniest Bikini Collections are Part of #BeautifyNudity campaign which is to encourage women to be #Bodypositive and to wear clothes to beautify one’s own body rather than to hide it and to educate men not to judge or shame women for wearing short clothes.
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Shooting Interviews solo with TWO cameras

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Police shooting caught on camera

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Police in Oregon have released video of the moment a patrol officer was caught in a shoot-out with a motorist who had three of his children in the car.

Matt Zistel pulled over John Van Allen who suddenly opened fire on the officer.

Zistel was later released from hospital but Van Allen later died from a bullet wound to the chest.

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खुबसूरत वीडियो बनाने के लिये प्रयाप्त रोशनी चाहिये,porta lights एक अच्छा समाधान है,इस वीडियो में कुछ बताने का प्रयास किया है,यह लाईट मेने offline यानि फोटो वीडियो की दुकान से खरीदी थी,इसमे इसका मॉडल नम्बर कही mention नही किया गया,simpex की भी porta light आती हैं,आप amazon या अन्य किसी भी online market से खरीद सकते हैं,1000वाट की रॉड इसमे लगती है और इसको चलाने के लिए बिजली की आवश्यकता होती है,इनवर्टर पर यह लाईट नही चल सकती,जेनरेटर पर इसको चला सकते हैं,पुरा वीडियो देखने के बाद कोई प्रश्न हो तो नीचे comment box मे लिख दे,यथा सम्भव जवाब देने का प्रयास करूंगा ।धन्यवाद

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Dark Food Photography – SHOOTING and EDITING

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Join me in the studio where I show you how I shoot and edit dark food photography. I use Adobe Lightroom for editing.

EXIF data for the image I edit in the tutorial: 100mm – f5.0 – ISO100 – 0.3 sec

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