Portable Security Camera to Keep Your Mind at Peace | Reolink Argus 2

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Designed truly wireless, this portable security camera helps you stay connected with your loved ones and to keep your mind at peace. No wiring hassles or string attached, a portable security camera solution for car, baby’s room, playground, living room, doors and pretty much all the placement you could imagine!

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Izon View Security Camera Review – WiFi video camera – By STEM innovations

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Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The Izon View is a reasonably priced WiFi security camera that is relatively simple to set up.

The View requires no computer to configure it, working with an app that runs on iOS or Android. It constantly transmits video the Izon servers and will notify the user of motion or noise events with a push alert to the phone.

It will also keep a recording of a motion or noise event, although it will only save 25 events per day. It will delete recordings after 7 days, although 100 recordings can be ‘locked’ and stored permanently. There is no fee for the cloud service.

The field of view of the camera isn’t great. I also didn’t like that the app does not allow downloading of past footage to the mobile device or computer.

But for $99 (or $79 for the low end version) you do get a pretty functional surveillance camera with a free cloud service.

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This is the main reason why we stopped making videos for a couple of months… These officers are still employed by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office at Deerfield Beach, FL and there’s still no civil attorney who wants to help us with this case. On February 27th 2014, Ace Barros was pleaded guilty from the charges he received and that is the latest update. If anyone knows an attorney who can help us recuperate from this incident, please contact us via email. Thanks for everyone’s support! God bless…



Night Owl Install Video: Wireless Security and surveillance system

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This is my install video on the night owl cameras. I’m happy with them. I think they are a great value for what I was looking for.

Arlo Ultra 4K Security WiFi Camera Review – Unboxing, Features, Setup, Sample Footage and Issues

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Today, we will be checking out the latest security camera from Arlo. The Arlo Ultra which is a 4k Wireless WiFi Security camera. We will do the unboxing, check out the features, setup and show some sample footage.

Also, this camera is not ready for the market. Arlo released this prematurely and It has some major issues that Arlo is trying to fix. Paying customers are their beta testers for this camera.

Current issues:

Connectivity and Offline issues – as of 01/17/19, somewhat fixed.
SD card recording doesn’t record the whole footage
There are instances that an event is not recorded to the cloud or even to the micro SD card. There will be an alert notification but no video.

4k sample footage –
Arlo Ultra Forums –

Campus Security Can’t Censor Photographer’s Story

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When people who draw their income from stolen money, a.k.a. TAXES they do not provide good service or treat those who contribute to their salary with the same respect they would if their income was based on voluntary actions. For this reason they often misbehave and then try to use the resources of the state to suppress any dissent. This is one of those stories

The original video is now fully monetized. Share this video with everyone you know and show these security gaurds if they act like this in public they can’t hide it.

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5 Weird Things Caught on Security Cameras & CCTV #9

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5 Weird Things Caught on Security Cameras & CCTV #9

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Maximus/Kuna Smart Security Camera Lantern Light #SmartHome

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In this review I demonstrate the features of the amazing #SmartHome Maximus Security Camera Lantern and I also give you a tour of the companion app from Kuna.
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How To Turn Your Phones Into WiFi Security Cameras

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Make use of your Old Smart Phones! If you have ever wanted a WiFi enabled Home Security System here is the quickest and easiest way to do it… and it’s free! SUBSCRIBE HERE:



If you have ever wanted to use your Android or iPhone as a WiFi security camera, we’ll show you how and give you tips on where to mount them.

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Motorola Focus66 Wi-Fi Home Surveillance Security Camera Review – Compared to DLink and Belkin

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Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) VIDEO INDEX:

0:31 – Hardware overview
0:37 – Night vision footage
2:01 – iPhone app demonstration
6:15 – Web app demonstration
8:39 – Conclusion and final thoughts

I’ve tried a bunch of these low-end WiFi surveillance cameras. This one is to date the best implementation at this price point but it’s not perfect.

The camera supports ‘HD’ video at 1280×720, but that video is at a low framerate and heavily compressed even when viewing on a local network. All recording functions are pushed off to a cloud application from another company called Hubble, and most features will require an additional subscription. Pricing was not announced at the time I am writing this review.

The camera can be accessed via a web browser or an app that’s available for iOS and Android. The Android app allows video to be recorded onto the Android phone or tablet along with still images, while the iPhone version can only capture stills. I found the interface to be better than all of the other cameras I’ve tried in this price range from Belkin and DLink. Set up was quick and the app worked reliably both in my home and off site.

The Hubble software will also record motion events to their cloud (provided you have a subscription) and will build a very nice timeline of every event the camera picks up. Events can be recorded based on motion, sound, and temperature. It is not possible to set motion detection zones so trees moving in the wind could set off false alarms. If you opt out of paying for a subscription you can still stream from the camera remotely and also receive push alerts on your mobile device when motion events take place.

I’m always weary of buying a product at a price comparable to competing products and then have to pay a subscription fee to unlock more features. It would be better if they either offered a limited free tier for recording surveillance events or provided an option for users to access the camera directly and use their own software for recording like Dlink does. In the case of the D-Link cameras they can record directly to the camera itself with an SD card, or offloaded to an FTP server. They even offer a mini-DVR device as well.

The bottom line? It’s a good camera but it’s slightly crippled by requiring a subscription fee to unlock its most useful features.

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So we’ve all seen some pretty epic security camera footage before, am I right? And when you think about it, CCTV cameras are about the most perfect place to capture some epic video, because more often than not the people closest to it don’t even know that it’s there! And that’s why today we’ll be exploring the mysterious world of weird closed circuit recordings – with today’s title ‘Weirdest Things Caught on Security Cameras and CCTV’!

10 The Tsunami of Palu

Let’s dive into it – we’re out in the city of Palu of Indonesia back in late September of 2018, as one of the largest recorded earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis occurred. This cctv footage was captured during the mayhem, where the this video opens up with some locals just casually doing their thing, minding their own business. After a few moments though you can see people start to run around in a panic, as sounds indicative of running water were starting to pick up. After several minutes, the worst thing imaginable happens – when roaring waters from the tsunami begin to pour into the screen. In seconds the ground is consumed with several feet of fast running water. Garbage and debris are also swept into the floods.

Just Walk Right Through the Front Door

Up next today we have some very mysterious cctv footage that comes from November of 2018, at an unknown location. We’re in front of a shop, and what you’re about to see is pretty remarkable – although I do have a major concern… but first, let’s get to the footage. The clip opens up showing the front of this shop, and you can see off on the side a person who appears to be homeless, laying asleep on the ground. After a moment a couple walks up to the building, look to realize that the shop is closed, and then turn and walk away. And then it gets weird. Another man, this one wearing a jacket with the hood up, walks right up to the front of the store – but doesn’t stop. He keeps walking until he walks right through the door, disappearing behind it for a few moments before coming right back through it – apparently with the snack, or whatever he needed from the store, in his hand.

8 The Mysterious Doorbell Ringer

There have been a few times here on The Supreme where we’ve been able to share some footage captured by doorbell security cameras, and up next we have another one of those instances. Before I get into it, isn’t it amazing how far technology has come? I mean think about it, you can check your email on your phone, ask your speaker what the weather is gonna be, and see who’s at your front door from your bedroom! Anyway, check out this next clip – that shows a mysterious woman – that appears to have been shackled in some sort of restraints, as you can see them dangling from her wrists –was ringing doorbells in a neighborhood in Texas in August of 2018. Several neighbors, including this one who had the Ring doorbell, claimed to have their doorbells rung just after 3 am. For a month the woman went unnamed, as local officers cross-referenced this footage with missing persons reports, coming up with nothing. Until one day she surfaced, again making national news. It turns out she was being assaulted by her boyfriend that night, and after no one of the several different houses she ran to opened their door, she was forced to return to the home of the abusive partner.

7 The Mystery Clowns of Springfield

Up next we have a gentle reminder of one of the creepiest events to happen in the last handful of years, although I feel like we’re a tad bit late with Halloween being several months ago. Anyway, check this out – back in October of 2014 in Jacksonville, Florida – more specifically, in Springfield, which is one of their historic districts – clowns just started showing up on people’s surveillance cameras. Yeah, creepy, sinister looking, extremely strange – as if there was another type clowns. This extremely weird event occurred over a span of a few weeks, with each instance resulting in increasingly more weirdness from each participant. The weirdest of the bunch coming here coming here where a pair of the creepy clowns popped up at a local bar, originally amusing the patrons.

6 Was That an Angel
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