Night to Shine 2016 @ Real Life Christian Church (Clermont FL) SD

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Official Highlight Video: Night to Shine prom for people with special needs, sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation and hosted at Real Life Christian Church (Clermont, FL) Feb 12 2016.

NOOOOOOOO SD CARDS — Buck Creek Trail Ride in Abilene, TX

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While visiting family in Abilene, TX, I took a morning to ride Buck Creek Trails. They’re maintained by the Abilene Biking Club in coordination with the city. In order to ride, you need to purchase a $10 day pass from their local bike shop, BikeTown, and they will give you the combination for the gate lock. The day pass is well worth it!

Unfortunately, I forgot my microSD cards at the house. No small amount of expletives were unleashed when I realized it. So, I made lemonade out of those lemons, and filmed some session footage. It takes a lot of work to do that. Mad respect to anyone that films that way!

Bike: 2017 Santa Cruz Hightower C S-build
Iphone 6s Plus:
Halo Headband:
Fox Tech Tee:
Fox Ranger Shorts:
Five Ten Freerider Shoes:


Chumba USA:
Blue Sky Prosthetics:

Bike Town:
Strava data:
Relive it:


GET OUT AND GET SHREDDY, whether you break the bank to buy a bike, get a hand me down, or scoop a Huffy from Walmart. If you enjoy biking on trail, don’t let price be your barrier! Do what you love, grow your skills, and get in shape. There’s always another skill to perfect and there’s always a new line to take on trails!
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Struggling to regroup after Pine Ridge, SD Mission Trip. DAY 18 of $4.23/day Food Challenge 6/27/16

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Eating on $4.23/day while traveling the country, volunteering and camping.
As of June 25th, I left from a mission trip at Pine Ridge Native American Reservation and moved on to Montana.

From Tennessee, I’ve been through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and now in Montana.
Food challenge, food stamp challenge, homeless, whole food plant-based, on the road, living in my Prius. To make healthy, whole food affordable and available to all socioeconomic statuses everywhere.

500th Reformation Service; Calvary Lutheran Church; 10/29/2017 4:00 p.m.

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Bear Butte Conference
500th Anniversary of the Reformation
Singing and Reading

FFDP Wash it all away live at the Denny Sanford Center in Sioux Falls SD 11.12.16

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