I THANK THE LORD FOR YOU S8 8-16-18 james moreland oliver

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I’m an unpublished singer/songwriter in beautiful Corpus Christi, Texas. I create my recordings by playing one instrument part at a time on a Korg Triton keyboard, usually starting with piano and then adding individual instruments until I’m happy with the arrangement. Each of these instrument tracks is recorded individually. Then I add acoustic guitar and vocal and mix the tracks to a stereo master. I do not use any pre-recorded music or midi files. I compose and play each musical part. If you’re a local songwriter I can produce a recording for you even if you don’t play an instrument. My studio is called “Songwriters’ Studio.” The copyright for this song is registered “Copr. 2018 james moreland oliver” but if you like my song you may add it to your Youtube Channel. Thanks for listening. james

Samsung Galaxy How to Fix a water damage S6

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This is an How to Repair your Samsung Galaxy S6 Water Damage Phone Video.

Isopropyl alcohol 99%:

This is an educational purpose video only, we are not responsible to any damages you might cause to your Device or yourself while attempting this repair.