Gang Stalking & Technological Harassment Remote Neural Monitoring Aired On National TV

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John Hall author of the book ‘A New Breed Satellite Terrorism In America” describes being targeted and harassed with the crime syndicate of Organized Stalking and Remote Neural Monitoring simultaneously on national TV. Special thanks to John Hall and Kens5 News for talking about this crime and airing this segment.


Remote Neural Monitoring reads the evoked potentials EEGs of the human brain for tracking individuals and can send mental images through the nervous system to affect their performance. Remote Neural Monitoring is able to lock onto a human being and track that person around, the Remote Neural Monitoring is able to read that persons mind and give response, answer or reply over TV’s or radios to what you say or think privately to yourself. Electronic Technological Assaults, Remote Neural Monitoring is able to hit, move and assault the victim with Directed Energy, and is able to tap into all electronics TV’s, Radios, Police Scanners and Computers, with Voice Morphing synthetic voices that sound almost authentic, Voice Morphing and Interjections of speech into electronics, the Remote Neural Monitoring is able to say, or interject speech over and into TV’s, Radio’s, and (Voice Morph) Clone or Copy individuals voices, then broadcast those voices over police scanners and radios and can interject voice or speech into,and imitate any actors voice or any individuals voice over the TV, and respond to what the victim is thinking or saying in that individuals cloned voice.


(1.) Having your thoughts read remotely,
(2.) Having a strong sense and feeling as if you are being watched,
(3.) Having individuals engaged in Organized Gang Stalking against you, dropping hints, or conveying to you by actions that they can see you.
(4.)Being targeted with Organized Gang Stalking while you are being targeted with Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology. Organized Gang Stalking usually involves Electronic Technological Harassment of some form that is going on simultaneously at the same time either ground directed energy based or satellite based.
(5.) Electronic disturbances within your home, which may include thumping or popping noises on walls,TV’s or appliances,light bulbs and TV’s flickering.
(6.) Microwave hearing also known as Voice To Skull V2K symptoms that mimics mental illness such as hearing voices, that is designed to make an individual seem paranoid or mentally disturbed.
(7.) (Silent Sound) persistent loud ringing in the ears, what is known as (Silent Sound) which is fake tinnitus, fake ear ringing, which produces a persistent ringing in a victims ears. This is common and frequently reported by targets and victims of Organized Gang Stalking and Technological Harassment
(8.) Hearing tones, or tone bursts in the ears that may last any where from 5 to 10 seconds, that may change in volume and pitch.
(9.) Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious mind.
(10.) Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations.
(11.) Injection of words, numbers or information into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves by the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology.
(12.)Being touched, tapped, hit or moved by an invisible force, or having parts of your body suddenly forcefully moved.
(13.) Causing pain to any nerve of the body or to the body using Directed Energy from the Remote Neural Monitoring satellite technology.
(14.) Remote manipulation of human behavior, thoughts actions or behaviors by the Remote Neural Monitoring.
(15.) Hearing voices or whispers that appear to come from different rooms of your home or the outside of your home, this is done by the Remote Neural Monitoring, which is designed to mimic symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia and mental illness.
(16.) Hearing voices or speech interjected into your TV, police scanner, or car radio, that responds to what you are thinking or saying privately to yourself.


Strangers or family members engaged in Organized Gang Stalking against the victim, repeating, relaying or parroting back private things that you thought, did, or said while alone, or in private, using Directed Conversation and Street Theater Harassment Scripts. The individuals engaged in the Organized Gang Stalking are being criminally given pieces and excerpts of the targets and victims thought process, to repeat or parrot back to the victim as constant harassment and psychological warefare. The Remote Neural Monitoring is being used simultaneously with Organized Gang Stalking to Target, Harass, and Terrorize individuals by using the target and victims thoughts (Evoked Thought Potentials) aka brainwaves to direct and coordinate Organized Gang Stalking Criminal Harassment activities against the target and victim.


Episode 184 Terry Andersen – Controlled Remote Viewing, NDEs & Mediumship

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In 1986, a sudden violent NDE left Terry profoundly intuitive, leading to extensive professional training with leading experts around the world in Controlled Remote Viewing, Psychic Mediumship & Medical Intuition. Terry feels she provides accurate past, present & future Readings in any area and says she’s empathic to the point of being able to see/feel into a person’s body, regardless of whether they are present or not, alive or deceased & what led to their death. She’s also able to connect to departed loved ones & provide evidence of who they were in life & convey messages for you and/or your loved ones.

Her website is: and in this episode she mentioned – International Association for Near Death Studies.

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Prayers on wheels: Mobile church for worshipers from remote Russian regions

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For many worshippers living in the remote regions of Russia’s Tatarstan republic, the Zainsk church is a journey too far. That’s why its priest, Father Andrei Strebkov, created this mobile version – it’s a church on wheels. Father Strebkov says he previously travelled with a tent, but bad weather made that difficult. The idea came to him when riding in a regular public bus. Father Strebkov says it also allows him to reach more believers.


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Easy Raspberry Pi Garage Door Remote over Wifi (home automation)

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Instructions below
Check out my “How to” on relays:
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OS: Raspbian

Get the Relay Board:
Get the GPIO wires:
Get the WiFi dongle:
Get the Raspberry Pi A+:
Get the Raspberry Pi B+:
Get the new Raspberry Pi 2B:

Get the parts in the UK here:

Raspberry Pi packages:

Python code:
Save the python code as /home/pi/ and again as /home/pi/ changing the GPIO pin number in the code to reflect your left and right door setups.
Paste the PHP code into index.php in the folder /var/www

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Remote Alaska Missions at Lake Louise

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This video records Nathan Pinnix’s first self-led trip to interior Alaska without assistance from Dad! In fact, he planned and conducted theses trips while Mom and Dad were in the lower 48 presenting the RAM ministry in 3 new churches. This video covers two evangelistic trips to the Lake Louise region by boat. We estimate 75 John & Romans scripture portions that were so generously provided by Lighthouse Baptist Press were left at recreation cabins and homesteads across three lakes in this area. Great job Nathan!

Strange Creepy Town Near Area 51 – Semi Abandoned Town in Nevada Desert – The REAL Loneliest Road!

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I decided to finally take a remote back-road “trick route” I’d always wanted to try bypassing Tonopah on the way up from Las Vegas to Reno, Nevada. Wow, what a strange trip! A little single lane road in the middle of nowhere complete with a bizarre, sort of spooky and creepy (in a way), semi-ghost town! One of the oddest abandoned places we’ve seen in our years of desert travel. In over 2 hours of driving we saw not ONE other car…nor a single human being. Even when driving through the little town itself. Abandoned cars, trucks..even abandoned soda machines! But not a soul did we see! Haha..I thought being so close to area 51…maybe the aliens abducted everyone! Looks kinda like Fallout New Vegas or Nuketown. a scene straight from GTA! This is why we LOVE Nevada!! No place like it on Earth! ~Kenneth King Bear