Video Demo : License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera & Software Features

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: Commercial Security Surveillance Solutions

This video demonstration covers the latest hardware and software features of Virtual Surveillance’s license plate recognition (LPR) security cameras. These precisely engineered license plate recognition cameras are capable of capturing 99% of all license plates that pass through the camera’s field of view! Record and monitor every vehicle that enters or leaves your property with an LPR camera system!

An LPR cameras system is a fantastic addition to an video surveillance system and can be used to monitor employee / logistic arrival and departure times, generate alerts for unauthorized personnel or personnel on site after approved hours, and be integrated with an I/O device to trigger other devices such as alarms, flood lights, door locks, and electric gates!

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Genpla(3D Camera, Stereo Camera, Real-time 3D gesture recognition camera)

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Recorded HD720P(1280×720) YUV 30fps.
Use ZA10S10(SOC) HD720P(1280×720) 1/3″CMOS Image sensor. YUV 30fps, bayer 60fps
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Pixy2 Camera – Image Recognition for Arduino & Raspberry Pi

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The Pixy2 is a low cost yet powerful camera that is capable of object recognition, line tracking and simple barcode reading. The device is the latest iteration of the Pixy Cam, a project built by Charmed Labs in conjunction with the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

With a variety of interfaces and lots of code libraries and samples the Pixy2 can be used with an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black or just about any computer, microcomputer or microcontroller.

In this video I will show you how the Pixy2 works, how to hook it up and how to train it using software called PixyMon which runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. I’ll then show you how to easily hook up your Pixy2 to an Arduino and run code to detect object, lines, intersections and simple barcodes.

Thanks to its onboard processor the coding for Pixy2 is very simple. It provides a very easy method of adding vision to your next Arduino or Raspberry Pi project.

Here is the table of contents for this video:

Pixy2 Introduction – 2:18
Pixy2 Unboxing – 5:53
Using PixyMon – 8:02
Color Signature Training – 14:01
Arduino Hookup – 20:32
CCC Hello World Demo – 21:48
Line Tracking Intro – 27:44
Line Hello World Demo – 29:24

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