Canon EOS Rebel T6 Review – Best DSLR Camera – For Photography & Video

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Canon EOS Rebel T6 Review – Best DSLR Camera – For Photography & Video

We ended up making this new Canon EOS Rebel T6 review after some of our subscribers asked us to test it out. As you know by now we LOVE making Digital SLR Camera reviews, our team are addicted to anything tech so this is a passion for us. If you’re looking for the best camera for beginners, or perhaps just the best beginner dslr this will be a very good first time purchase just based on it’s features alone, let alone how stunning it looks. We are confident to say this is perfect for either a best entry level dslr, or for an advanced buyer as it covers everything.

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Whilst making this Canon EOS Rebel T6 review I had two of our guys outside shooting some pictures, the quality this produces is out of this world frankly. Having compared the Canon EOS Rebel T6 with 5 other released I can honestly say this beat the rest based on all of the above. For both advanced and entry level photography, & video usage this no other DSLR has come close with this Canon EOS rebel T6 review.

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Shooting Video with your Canon EOS Rebel Camera (Part 1)

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This 3-part video series will walk you through major tips and tricks, as well as important settings, so that you can turn your Canon EOS Rebel camera into a powerful HD video recording device. In this 1st video, you’ll learn what you need to get started with some basic filming and gear tips, including an overview of Canon STM lenses that are optimized for smooth, quiet focus during video recording.

Best Settings for Video recording on Canon EOS 1300D Rebel T6 – Nothing Wired

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Please watch: “Canon EOS 200D Rebel SL2 Review with real life image and video samples – Nothing Wired ”
Best Settings for Video recording on Canon EOS 1300D Rebel T6 – Nothing Wired
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DIY High Speed Video Camera – Muybridge Style – Smarter Every Day 5

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Quantum Composer Pulse Generator 9520 Information can be found here:

Camera used: Canon T1i
Flash Used: 580 EXII set to 1/128th power setting.
Delay between shots was 50 microseconds.

Using 140 year old techniques you can simulate a high speed camera with a little diligence and elbow grease.


Setup in more detail here:

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Kamera: Canon T1i
Blitzlicht: 580 EXII auf 1/128 Stromstärke eingestellt.
Die Frequenz der Bildaufnahme war 20000 Bilder pro Sekunde.

Man kann, mit ein wenig Fleiß und Schweiß, eine 140 Jahre alte Methode benutzen, um eine Hochgeschwindigkeitskamera zu Simulieren.

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A buddy of mine from Canada did the music. He’s pretty sharp with the tunes and can crank out customized songs pretty quickly. If you’re interested here’s how to get in touch with him:

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MY YOUTUBE VIDEO SECRETS! – Camera/Lighting/Editing

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My makeup in this video:

0:29 What camera do you use?
0:57 What lens do you use?
3:45 Using ISO to help light your videos/photos
4:30 Using extra batteries:
5:12 Using a remote:
5:48 Lighting set-up:
8:20 What do you use to edit your photos?
8:40 What do you use to edit your videos?


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