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REBEL TV at The LIMELIGHT Rock N Roll Church NYC

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Classic Howie Zappas REBEL TV at The LimeLight Rock N Roll Church NYC. Amazing Guests, Lara, Jerry Adams, Rockin Valerie, Jani Lane, Sebastian Bach, Check out the year 1993 in New York City!

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Reformation at 500: Rebel in the Ranks

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Brad S.Gregory discusses his new book, “Rebel in the Ranks: Martin Luther, the Reformation and the Conflicts That Continue to Shape Our World” as part of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Speaker Biography: Brad S. Gregory is one of the foremost American historians and authors of the Reformation and Christianity in the 16th and 17th centuries. He holds a Ph.D. from Princeton and additional degrees from the University of Arizona and the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. His work has been recognized with the Phi Alpha Theta Best First Book Award and the American Catholic Historical Association’s John Gilmary Shea Prize. Gregory is a professor of European history at the University of Notre Dame.

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The Mother’s entreaty to her Son for his bride and for another holy person, and about how the Mother’s entreaty is received by Christ, and about certainty regarding the truth or falsity of a person’s holiness in this life.

Mary spoke to her Son saying: “My Son, grant your new bride the gift that your most worthy body may take root in her heart, so that she herself may be changed into you and be filled with your delight!” Then she said: “This holy man, when he was living in time, was as steadfast in the holy faith as a mountain unbroken by adversity, undistracted by pleasure. He was as flexible toward your will as the moving air, wherever the force of your Spirit led him. He was as ardent in your love as fire, warming those grown cold and overtaking the wicked. Now his soul is with you in glory, but the vessel he used is buried and lies in a more humble place than is fitting. Therefore, my Son, raise his body up to a higher station, do it honor, for it honored you in its own small way, raise it up, for it raised you up on high as much as it could by means of its toil!”

The Son answered: “Blessed are you, who overlook nothing in the affairs of your friends. You see, Mother, it is no use for good food to be given to wolves. It is not right to bury in mud the sapphire that keeps all the members healthy and strengthens the weak. It is no use to light a candle for the blind. This man was indeed steadfast in faith and fervent in charity, just as he was ready to do my will with the greatest of continence. Therefore, he tastes to me like good food prepared through patience and tribulation, sweet and good in the goodness of his will and affections, even better in his manly struggles to improve, excellent and most sweet in his praiseworthy way of finishing his works. Therefore it is not right for such food to be lifted up before wolves, whose greed is never sated, whose lust for pleasure flees from the herbs of virtue and thirsts for rotten meat, whose shrewd speech is harmful to everyone.

He resembled the sapphire of a ring through the brightness of his life and reputation, proving himself to be a bridegroom of his church, a friend of his Lord, a preserver of the holy faith and a scorner of the world. Therefore, dear Mother, it is not right for such a lover of virtue and so pure a bridegroom to be touched by impure creatures, or for so humble a friend to be handled by lovers of the world. In the third place, by his fulfillment of my commandments and by the teaching of a good life, he was like a lamp on a lampstand. Through this teaching, he strengthened those who were standing, lest they fall. Through this teaching he raised up those who were falling down. Through it he also offered inspiration to those who would come after him to seek me.