St Mary’s Of The Angels Church Olean New York – Drone Guys

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Glendale – A Montana Ghost Town – near Melrose, Montana MT

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The ghost town of Glendale, just west of Melrose, began around a smelter built in 1875. The smelter burned in 1879 and a larger smelter was built in its place a couple of years later. During the mining boom of the 1880’s 2,000 people lived in Glendale.

Glendale was the most sober, non-violent, civilized town in the area. It contained schools, churches, stores, offices and even a water works system and fire protection.

The roaster glowed red as the three 50-ton blast furnaces roared. Bullion from the Glendale furnaces was melted into 90 pound silver bars and shipped to Omaha for final processing. The district produced 18-22 million dollars in silver and other metals.

In 1900 the mines were closed and the smelter torn down. Today, nature has overtaken the town. Most of its buildings are gone; some moved, others consumed by fire. The few structures that remain are in ruins. The town is full of rock foundations, an indication of a prosperous time past.

It wasn’t until I reviewed the video that I realized I should have been wearing a hard hat around the base of the chimney! A lot of bricks are precariously balanced at the top and are ready for the journey to the ground at any moment!

This sequence was captured with a Canon Vixia HFS-100 camera and a GoPro Hero3 Black on a DJI Phantom quad copter (drone). It was edited with Adobe Premier Pro 6.

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“Amazing Grace 2011” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.

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Beautiful Jones Valley in Huntsville, AL.

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Beautiful Jones Valley in Huntsville, AL. Let’s go for an aerial tour of Jones Valley Farm and Mayfair Church of Christ.
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Shrine at the Church of Our Lady of Peace, Santa Clara, CA – AERIAL VIEWS

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The Shrine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary at the Church of Our Lady of Peace, in Santa Clara, California, is a 32-feet high stainless steel masterpiece statue that graces the church’s front lawn. It is the only major Marian Shrine on the West Coast between Our Lady of Sorrows Shrine in Portland, Oregon, (over 700 miles to the north), and the famous Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City, (over 2,300 miles to the south).

This is one of the most iconic and beautiful structures I can remember growing up in the Bay Area and I enjoyed shooting the aerial footage of this shrine and spending time with my father Ernie and brother Gene (seen waving along with me at the end of the clip). I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it.

Drone Night Flight over Flatbush Brooklyn New York City (Church Avenue) . DJI Phantom 3

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Nice night in the hood. Took some time while I was feeling just feel mellow and have a little flight over Church Avenue & Utica Avenue.

Knoxville World’s Fair Sunsphere and nearby Church via Drone / Quadcopter

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Aerial footage of a couple of landmark buildings in Knoxville, Tennessee. Notice how much more stable it is now with the gimbal.

Fellowship Bible Church Flyover Nashville Tennessee Aerial Photography Videography

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A flyover video featuring Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood Tennessee.

Queen City Technology offers aerial photography and videography in Nashville Tennessee and Cincinnati Ohio.

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