When Can You Call Yourself A Professional Photographer?

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At what point did YOU call yourself a professional photographer? I came upon this question in the build + bloom facebook group and wanted to share some interesting perspectives as well as my own thoughts + struggle with CONFIDENCE. I’ve been doing photography for 12 years (not 8 as said in my video 🙂 and went full time this past year (watch that video here— ) but did I call myself a pro before the ‘full time’ badge fell on me? Let’s talk confidence AND I want to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

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black studio for Professional photography and videography

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Professional Photography Assignment

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Nellie’s Channel:

There have been over 500 subscribers in the last 5 days which is insane and awesome. It’s largely due to BvS and his competition which you will hear the winner of shortly I’m sure, as well as the other 9 winners and the big prize to join us all in Bali!! So go and check out Brendan’s Channel ( to see what’s happening there and when the announcements will be made.

As for this channel and video, CALLING all Photographers and Videographers!! If you’re interested in upping your skills and beginning to make money with your photo and video work, then this should be good for you. I have been running a professional photography and video business for the last 4 years and throughout that time have worked some really normal jobs within the industry. This is one of them. Event & Portraiture Photography.

The great thing about this job is the client. The client is a group of super talented tourism consultant professional based in the German speaking travel market of Europe. They are Tourismuszukunft and I am happy to be one of their many partners. Check the consultancy group here.

Every year they help run a small conference / bar camp called TourismsCamp ( This year it was held in North Germany and Nellie and I were asked to come and help document the experience with photos and short video clips. It was an amazing weekend and this video highlights some of that plus a lot more.

One of the biggest steps in becoming a professional photographer is finding work and maintaining good client relations. We touch on both of those key points here.

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Dean Holtz Photography provides Professional Sarnia Real Estate Photography

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Dean Holtz Photography provides Professional Sarnia Real Estate Photography

Sarnia Real Estate Photography provided by Dean Holtz Photography of Sarnia

JOZQA HD POLO D7100 Digital Camera 33Million Pixel Professional SLR Video Camera 24X

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Dean Holtz Photography provides Professional Sarnia Aerial Videography

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Dean Holtz Photography provides Professional Sarnia Aerial Videography

Sarnia Aerial Videography provided by Dean Holtz Photography of Sarnia
*Drone operation provided by David Cooke of www.InSkyPhoto.com

Wedding Frames | Professional Photography & Videography

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5 Basic Tips On Being A Professional Photographer

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Emily Laurent ft. Fifty-Fifty x Afro Losjes

5 PROFESSIONAL Mobile Photography TECHNIQUES You MUST Know 2019!

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Don’t Hire A Professional Videographer

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Yes, you read the title of this video correctly, at least in part. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You don’t always have to hire a professional videographer to make great video content. You can create certain videos yourself with whatever you have at your disposal, even a cell phone!

But, which videos should you go the DIY route, and when should you spend money on hiring a professional? Here’s my advice.

0:58 FOLLOW THE 80/20 RULE

80% of your video content can be created “in-house” and on a budget, but 20% of your video content should be invested into by hiring a professional video company.


Whether you’re going live on Facebook, showing some raw behind-the-scenes content, or answering frequently asked questions, you can film social media worthy videos on the cheap because the content is more casual.

1:51 20% BRAND VIDEO

Brand videos are the ones that reinforce your brand. You will pump more marketing dollars into these videos and probably feature them on your website, so you want these videos to be professionally produced in order to show your brand in the best possible light.

Hopefully this advice gives you the freedom to begin making videos right now with what you currently have on hand. When you are ready to invest in high-quality brand videos, reach out to us! We would love to help you get started.

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6 Reasons to Hire A Professional Photographer

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My name is Rizky Budiyanto and I am a Professional Photographer and Video Producer based in Singapore. I have been running a creative company called ACREATIVEALT where we shoot corporate events and commercials.

Today, I am sharing on why you need to hire professional photographers instead of finding a free photographer to do your project.

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