Windy Landscape Photography in Iceland & Iceland Print Giveaway

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It was a windy day in Iceland, but we still managed landscape photography at the glacier lagoon.
The Giveaways:

Day 6 in Iceland turned out to be a windy adventure. There was lots of landscape photography, but honestly we were quite worried that we wouldn’t get any photography in at all because of the weather. But, the landscape photography gods were on our side in Iceland today.
We started the day by driving towards the glacier lagoon. Along the way, we stopped near the road for some pretty epic light. It really was the perfect conditions for landscape photography in Iceland. There was no wind, and the sky just lit up.
Then, in the afternoon things turn a turn for the windy. The winds reached 80 miles per hour and we were out trying to take pictures. The light was pretty epic too. But, it was almost a case where the wind made it too rough to take pictures. Still, we had lots of fun.
And, there’ll be more landscape photography tomorrow.



How and why I print my photographs

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In this episode I briefly talk about how I print my photographs in Photoshop and why I think it’s important to print to improve your photography and appreciation for the finer details.

I’ve been investing a lot of time into printing because of an photography exhibition event I hosted on the 15th September. I believe that it’s been time and money well spent so I felt it was important to record a video to give a brief overview of what I’ve been very busy with. It’s not a deep dive tutorial but hopefully you’ll pick up some tips on preparing your image in Lightroom, printing from Photoshop and perhaps feel inspiring to print and frame your photographs more often.

I’ll be talking about my exhibition in a future video so please look out for that. Many thanks for watching!


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Water Drop Photography | EVERY STEP from start to print

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We take a look at the amazing world of water drop photography. I show you how I created this beautiful piece of art from the original concept through to the stunning final print.

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Welcome to the world of water drop photography.

Type a quick search of ‘Water Drop’ or #waterdrop and you will quickly see just how popular this area of macro photography has become. I have written before about why shooting these kinds of images improves your skills as a photographer, but that does not explain why people love them so much.

Shooting water drop photography highlights the pure essence of photography, capturing a moment in time. We see thousands of water drops every day, but rarely pause to consider their architecture and movement. During a particularly heavy rain storm we may marvel at the size of drops bouncing off the ground, but the rest of the time we take it for granted or do not notice. Freezing this moment forces us to appreciate the beauty, complexity and symmetry of a most regular occurrence and brings into sharp focus the importance of water in our lives.

The addition of vivid colours, opaque liquids and well controlled lighting, adds drama to the scene and gives the images that ‘wow’ factor that is becoming increasingly rare in today’s world.

This is a bit more than a photography tutorial. I wanted to provide an overview of what it is all about. If you want to give it a try for yourself then please click the link above to watch my in depth tutorial.

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