VJ Ken Talks Malawian Videography, Fall-out With Waxy Kay, His 2018 UMP Award & More MMC Podcast #23

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VJ Ken Talks His Genesis in Videography, Fall-out With Waxy Kay, His 2018 UMP Award & More

Interview with Fashion Photographer Randy Tran – Part 1 – Photowrk Podcast

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In this episode of Photowrk Podcast we interview beauty and fashion photographer Randy Tran. Randy has been featured in Flaunt Magazine, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon Japan. His client list features, Urban Outfitters, Detox Market, Grindr just to name a few.

In the first part of our interview he shares how he got started, staying positive, what motivates him as an artist as well as lots of tips and advice.

Randy Tran –

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Peter Berberian – Branding Yourself as a Photographer – Photo Brigade Podcast #88

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On this episode Robert Caplin chats with photo industry veteran Peter Berberian about the business of photography. Peter’s career has run the gamut from photographer to master printer, art consultant and most recently, Director of Brand Development for Agency Access. They discuss how important branding is for photographers and much more on this episode of The Photo Brigade Podcast.

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Born and raised in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, Peter Berberian is an New York photo industry veteran. His career has run the gamut from photographer to master printer, art consultant and most recently, Director of Brand Development for Agency Access. Berberian was introduced to photography by his 60’s fashion photographer Uncle at a very young age. This is what sparked his interested and motivated him to attend the School of Visual arts. Here, he was educated on black and white printing while apprenticing under Sid Kaplan. Peter spent his time assisting at several catalog studios before finding his way into the professional darkroom. His last professional photography job was the official photographer for Dane Cook’s Rough Around the Edges Tour. After seeing the shift from film to digital he opened up Gotham Imaging, a high end boutique print studio, specializing in ink-jet printing. Berberian left the printing business in 2013, picked up, and moved to Columbus Ohio to work as an art consultant to the Pizzuti Collection. Berberian made his return to his roots in NYC in March 2015 and began his work with Agency Access in May.


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Laku Davies, Instagrammer and Photographer | S1E4 Londoners I’ve Met podcast

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In this episode, I sit down with Laku Davies, a professional photographer and Instagrammer. With over 33,000 followers on her account @lakudavies, she shares stunning photos of London landscapes and architecture, as well as photos from around the world when she travels. She was named as one of The 50 Best London Instagram Accounts To Follow In 2018 by Secret London.

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Uncut Podcast 15 Part 2: Hippy and Photographer

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This is a new series that I hope you all will enjoy, called “The Uncut Podcast”, where I discuss certain topics and ramble on and on with my friends who are able to participate in the event.

In this week’s edition of the podcast, we talk about some crazy conspiracy theories, and I eat a gross sandwich that matt made for me while I lost the last season of Headline Hoax! We also go through some topics such as discussing Elon Musk, and Bigfoot. We also do the Ebay item of the week, and matt preforms the reading of song lyrics with somber piano music in the background!

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2018 Pixel Awards: Camera of the Year! (Picture this Podcast)

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In the first annual Pixel Awards for Photographic Excellence, which is very real and not something we made up shortly before recording this podcast, we give out esteemed awards in the following categories:

* Biggest Surprise
* Biggest Controversy
* Biggest Overstatement
* Best Live Guest
* Biggest Disappointment
* Lens of the Year
* Smartphone Camera of the Year
* Drone of the Year

Podcast Ep. 7 | Do’s & Don’ts of Real Estate Photography

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In this episode you will learn the Do’s Don’ts of Real Estate Photography and the importance of the Property Image Agreement (PIA) (California Association of REALTORS).

Music Credit: The Barefoot Bandits

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How Usability Shapes Camera Design | Maven Nation Podcast #63

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With the EOS R Usability video, many of you have stated that usability is more personal preference than science. In todays podcast Ill break down the components of Usability, which will help you to analyze and understand products you are unhappy with, and see how this is indeed a science and not just preference.

One of my favorite books on design is the Universal Principles of Design:

I like to read this book and discover how it applies to cameras. Its a GREAT read for those interested.

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Jason Edwards – National Geographic Photographer – Podcast

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Have you listened to Episode 20 of Shootzu The Podcast yet? In our final show of 2018 – we sit down with National Geographic Photographer, Jason Edwards.

A very interesting listen about his journey into the photography industry and stories from his Nat Geo adventures! – Search for Shootzu the Podcast on iTunes, Spotify or listen right here!!

B&H Photography Podcast | Jazz Photography and “Harlem, 1958” by Art Kane

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In 1958, Art Kane, already a successful art director looking to jump-start his photography career, pitched the idea of a “class photo” for Vogue magazine’s annual jazz edition. In addition to individual photographs of jazz legends, he proposed a group portrait of musicians gathered on a stoop, in Harlem. For music and photography aficionados, the photo, now commonly referred to as “A Great Day in Harlem,” is an iconic image, and on today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast we speak with Jonathan Kane—Art Kane’s son and an accomplished musician and photographer in his own right—about the creation and impact of this photograph. We also discuss the new book, Art Kane. Harlem 1958 – 60th Anniversary Edition, which provides context for the image creation and never-before published outtakes.

In the second half of the show, we welcome contemporary jazz photographer Clara Pereira, who is one-half of the team behind the blog Jazztrail.net. Pereira speaks on the nuts and bolts of jazz photography, including tips on gear, technique, settings, and lighting. We find out that her simple approach is very effective, as she explains how to keep a low profile while shooting, the differences between working a club and a concert hall, and between performance and portrait work. Join us for this enjoyable episode and take a listen to our earlier episode on the image, “A Great Day in Hip-Hop,” which was photographed at the same Harlem location as Art Kane’s masterpiece.

Guests: Jonathan Kane and Clara Pereira

Items Discussed:

Captions and Items discussed – Jazz Photography

1) “Harlem, 1958” © Art Kane
2) Joshua Redman © Clara Pereira
3) Pharoah Sanders © Clara Pereira
4) Ben Goldberg © Clara Pereira
5) Donald Harrison © Clara Pereira
6) Francisco Mela © Clara Pereira
7) Kidd Jordan © Clara Pereira
8) Christian Sands © Clara Pereira
9) Jamie Branch © Clara Pereira
10) Jazzmeia Horn © Clara Pereira
11) Clara Pereira © John Harris
12) Allan Weitz and Clara Pereira © John Harris

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B&H Photography Podcast | Building and Curating a Photography Blog

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On this week’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we welcome photographer Rick McGinnis and curator Julie Grahame, to discuss blogging and archiving. While this is certainly a broad subject, we will focus on the work of our two guests while considering how best to keep your collection of photos vibrant and valuable.

Rick McGinnis is a veteran portrait, editorial, and travel photographer based in Toronto. Most of his assignments and self-assignments had been for local newspapers and magazines and, when this professional landscape changed and motivation was lacking, he almost got out of the business entirely. With a little encouragement, he began to explore the many images he had shot over the previous twenty years—some he had never even viewed—despite being gorgeous portraits of well-known musicians, actors, and artists.

The result of this deep dig was a blog he simply called someoldpicturesitook. The blog proved to be an avenue not only into his past, but to his future, because images never seen were now appreciated, discussed, shared, and ultimately, licensed. McGinnis is now on to a new travel blog and a new chapter in his career, and we will hear what he has learned along the way.
Curator, consultant and writer, Julie Grahame is the publisher of aCurator.com, a full-screen photography magazine, and the associated aCurator blog. She directed the Retna photo agency for 16 years and currently represents the estate of Yousuf Karsh for image licensing and maintains the extensive karsh.org website. We speak with Grahame about the benefits of a blog compared to a website, Instagram, or in her case, a webzine, and we discuss her relationship with the Karsh archive and insights she has drawn from licensing his iconic portraits.

Throughout the humorous conversation, we consider Google search tools, tagging, preferred blogging sites, and repurposing older work, but we also touch on the personal, professional, and historical importance of valuing and maintaining your photo collection.

Guests: Julie Grahame and Rick McGinnis

Rick McGinnis Blog

Julie Grahame

Captions – Podcast – Blogs and Archives

1- Fela Kuti, 1989 © Rick McGinnis
2- John Waters, 1987 © Rick McGinnis
3- Patti Smith, 1995 © Rick McGinnis
4- Jay McInerney, 1998 © Rick McGinnis
5- Bjork, 1997 © Rick McGinnis
6- Anne Hathaway, 2004 © Rick McGinnis
7- Rebecca Hall, 2016 © Rick McGinnis
8- Kinky Friedman, 2016 © Rick McGinnis
9- Dwight Eisenhower, 1946 © Yousuf Karsh
10- Ernest Hemingway, 1957 © Yousuf Karsh
11- Winston Churchill, 1941© Yousuf Karsh
12- Ansel Adams and Yousuf Karsh, Courtesy Yousuf Karsh Archive
13- Rick McGinnis © John Harris
14- Rick McGinnis and Julie Grahame © John Harris
15- Rick McGinnis, Allan Weitz, and Julie Grahame © John Harris

Prop Live Podcast 11/29/18 – Downen Creative Studios & Photography

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Bill sits down with his buddies Beverly & Brett of Downen Creative Studios and Downen Photography to talk about cosplay, work in progress photos, Cosplay photos, and posing! Also, RedBird Props pops in to chat about comics and silhouettes.




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