Video Demo : License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera & Software Features

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This video demonstration covers the latest hardware and software features of Virtual Surveillance’s license plate recognition (LPR) security cameras. These precisely engineered license plate recognition cameras are capable of capturing 99% of all license plates that pass through the camera’s field of view! Record and monitor every vehicle that enters or leaves your property with an LPR camera system!

An LPR cameras system is a fantastic addition to an video surveillance system and can be used to monitor employee / logistic arrival and departure times, generate alerts for unauthorized personnel or personnel on site after approved hours, and be integrated with an I/O device to trigger other devices such as alarms, flood lights, door locks, and electric gates!

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HDTV 18x-zoom camera captures license plate of car 200 m (660 ft.) away

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Video recorded in HDTV 720p mode using an AXIS Q6034-E PTZ Dome Network Camera. This outdoor-ready security camera provides HDTV coverage of large areas, great details when zooming in, and high-speed pan/tilt performance.

Neewer Video Camera Fluid Drag Head with Sliding Plate REVIEW

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– Use 1/4″ thread mount for camera and 3/8″ thread mount for tripod
– Made out of Alumnium and support 8.8 lbs of weight
– Work well for smooth pan and tilt shot
– Tilt is spring loaded and depends on camera weight will auto return to center
– Lock mechanism for tilt works well but I wish it was faster lock like the pan
– Metal plate for camera has good support and locking mechanism preventing it from sliding off
Overall I’m happy with this fluid head. Using other expensive Manfrotto one before, they definitely outshine this but for the price this head works pretty well for beginners like me.

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The black art: wet plate collodion photography

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Photographer Adrian Cook uses one of the oldest photographic processes to make unique images on aluminium plates. Guardian Australia’s picture editor, Jonny Weeks, joins him in his portable darkroom for a shoot on Sydney Harbour. Cook talks through his processes and explains the appeal of wet plate collodion photography in the digital age

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