Improvisational Filmmaking with Vimeo Staff Pick Videographer Brandon Li

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Learn to improvise as a filmmaker, using your instinct to guide your techniques for short films, narrative, and commercials. Brandon creates most of his films with no script or storyboards. He shows you how to use uncertainty to your advantage.

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How to Pick Song for Wedding Video — (BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO VIDEOGRAPHY — Video #4)

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“How to Pick Song for Wedding Video— (BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO VIDEOGRAPHY — Video #5)”

Choosing the right song for the couple (slow/romantic, fast/upbeat, etc)
If you are charging someone money for this video… you need to purchase the LICENSE to use the song used!! (if I really want a song that doesn’t offer the license… I’ll reach out to the artist’s team directly & ask for permission).
Give the song artist allllll the credits (tag, caption, links to website, etc).

Music Libraries:

Basically use your best judgement & don’t steal!!

Intro Song: Dusk Till Dawn (feat. Sia) ZAYN x LUCA LUSH


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How to Pick a Wedding Photographer | Part 1| What is Your Style?

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Do you feel overwhelmed with picking your wedding photographer? 🙄 Who wouldn’t? How do you even start the conversation? What should i be aware of? We wanted to start this series for the brides who really don’t know what to ask or look for in a good photographer. Part 1 of this series is directed at finding your style of photography:

🔆1. Shooting Style:
a. Photo Journalistic (1:13)
b. Posed (1:47)
c. Hybrid Shooting Style (2:13)

🔆2. Editing style:
a. True to Color (3:16)
b. Light and Airy (3:38)
c. Oversaturated (4:17)
d. Dark and Moody (4:51)

🔆3. Lighting style
a. Natural Light (5:36)
b. Off Camera Flash (6:15)
c. Hybrid Lighting Style (6:39)

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How to Pick the Best Video Camera for YouTube Videos

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Buying the right or best camera for YouTube is a tough decision. With so many different types and models to choose from, it can be quite confusing on which one to purchase. Matty Mo goes over the different types of video cameras available in order to help you decide which one works best for your YouTube channel.

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