10 Photos That Can Scare Anyone

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Here are 10 scary and strange photos that shouldn’t exist. Most of them cannot be explained. Can you imagine taking a happy photo and then later find out that there’s a ghost behind you?
The paranormal has always been interesting for both skeptics and romantics. Some people believe in the supernatural, and others don’t. But sometimes simple photographs turn out to be very surprising, spooky and even terrifying.

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The Cooper photograph 1:04
Scary commercial 1:40
“The Brown Lady” 2:30
Dancing demon 3:14
Faces in the water 4:06
UFO 4:51
Ghost in the back seat 5:28
Stranger in the aircraft 6:16
Ghost in the church 6:50
Scary Japanese girl 7:25

– The Cooper family mystery is still unsolved. The photo, which captures the mother and the grandmother of Cooper family with two kids, was taken during a celebration in their new house in Texas.
– A couple of years ago a strange video emerged on the Internet. In the clip, you could see a woman standing alone in the room when suddenly a chair started moving on its own. As the terrified woman tried to escape out of the room, tables and chairs blocked her way to the exit door.
– A couple of years ago a strange video emerged on the Internet. In the clip, you could see a woman standing alone in the room when suddenly a chair started moving on its own. As the terrified woman tried to escape out of the room, tables and chairs blocked her way to the exit door.
– The legend says that it was a demon, standing on top of the patient, who died a few hours after this picture appeared. Seriously, you can clearly see a dancing demon on the patient’s bed, right?
– This picture was taken on the oil tanker SS Watertown in 1924. It sailed from California to New York. On the way, two members of the crew James Courtney and Michael Meehan died tragically. After the service, the captain decided to bury them at sea. So you can probably imagine the horror when the next day the crew saw their faces in the water right next to the ship!
– This photo was taken in 1962, and nobody has managed to prove that it’s fake. In 1978, the Central Intelligence Agency declassified hundreds of documents concerning Unidentified Flying Objects. This photo was published among other materials. To this day there are multiple witnesses of UFO all over the world and numerous stories about aliens.
– This photo was taken by Mabel Chinnery in 1959. She and her husband were going to visit her mother in the cemetery, and Mabel wanted to take a picture of her husband in the car. After she printed the photo, she saw her mother in the back seat…
– The woman was alone, but later she said she had been quite cold despite warm weather that day. She found someone else sitting next to her in this picture. There is still no solid proof whether this photo is real or fake.
– This photo is considered to be one of the creepiest supernatural pictures. A priest took a picture of the altar at Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England. He later confessed that he didn’t see anything special while taking the photo, but you can clearly see a frightening ghost.
– Many people said that this photo was taken during a paranormal show in Japan. The strange angle of the woman’s head and the expression on her face scared a lot of people and provoked debates on many forums dedicated to paranormal things…

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Sikh Wedding Photos – Gurdwara Temple Glendale, Arizona

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LightRain Images photographed this good looking couple in a mystically wonderful ceremony at the Gurdwara Temple in Glendale near Phoenix, Arizona. A Sikh is described as a a student, who is engaged in learning higher truths of life, he who believes in one Universal God, he who loves all people whatever their race or faith and judges them by their deeds. The couples wedding reception was held at Scottsdale Conference Resort. Contact 480.699.5731to reserve your date. [email protected]


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please! you have to watch the FULL VIDEO(the best are towards the end)!! This was for the feast of Saint Joseph (march 19) at Holy Love shrine in Ohio. This site is full of miracles!!!
Jesus, Mary, Angels, and Saints appear to visionary, Maureen, and relay their messages to the world!

25 Shocking Historical Photos

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25 Shocking Historical Photos……

1. Timothy O’Sullivan Photo of Native Americans
2. Timothy O’Sullivan 1868 Photo of Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah
3. Two Barmen Tend to An Old West Saloon
4. Cowgirls Assemble In Front Of A Watering Hole
5. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Comes Through Town
6. Timothy O’Sullivan 1873 Photo of Canyon De Chelly in Arizona
7. Timothy O’Sullivan 1873 Photo of Black Canyon on the Colorado River
8. Ox Teams at Sturgis
9. Raising The Stakes In A Gambling Hall Poker Game
10. Timothy O’Sullivan 1872 Photo of Green River City, Wyoming
11. Timothy O’Sullivan 1873 Photo of Old Mission Church, Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico
12. Chinese Railroad Workers Pause During Construction
13. Timothy O’Sullivan 1874 Photo of Shoshone Falls
14. Timothy O’Sullivan Photo of the Pyramid and Domes at Pyramid Lake, Nevada
15. Public Execution of Horse Thieves
16. Timothy H. O‚Sullivan 1868 Photo of Dune de sables, Carson Desert, Nevada
17. 1871 Photo of Timothy O’Sullivan with Wheeler Survey and Native Americans
18. View From The Mountaintop In Colorado’s Browns Park
19. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show
20. Timothy O’Sullivan Photo of a Mountain Pass
21. Timothy O’Sullivan Photo of Railroad Tracks
22. Timothy O’Sullivan 1871 Photo of the Colorado River
23. Timothy O’Sullivan Photo of Gold Hill, Nevada
24. A Marching Band Plays Along A Parade Route, 1888
25. Blocks Of Land Along The Main Drag Are Sold For $750 A Lot

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25 Shocking Historical Photos


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“The Rat Pack is Back” Show -photos from Reno & Las Vegas

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Chris Jason, who pays tribute to Frank Sinatra, puts on an amazing performance in “The Rat Pack is Back” now in Las Vegas, and at Harrah’s Casino & Resort , in Sammy’s Showroom, in Reno, Nevada , and cities all over The USA , and in 4 countries !

The world jived to the tune of three entertainers who won over audiences with their cool musical stylings and playful stage demeanor.

During the 1960s, the Rat Pack – Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin brought fame and recognition to the city as both an entertainment capital and gambling destination during their run inside the Copa Room at the Sands.

It’s Frank Sinatra’s “Happy Birthday” show – just the way it was in 1960 at the Copa Room at the Sands. Today, audiences can relive the revelry and timeless music of the Rat Pack era in the show .

So now you can relive the days of the Rat Pack with Las Vegas’ most famous Entertainers and their live big band as they appeared live in the Sands Hotel Copa Room. The only Vegas based show with national touring companies and an award from the “Congress of the United States”. Now in its eighteenth smash year with over 6000 performances in over 40 states, 4 foreign countries and over two million tickets.

The Tucson Years 1963-65 Slideshow – ‘Den and Library’ (7 of 7) – William Branham Photos

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Section 7 – Den and Library

Brother Branham considered the trophies in his den room to be far more than just souvenirs of his many hunting trips. Each was a testimony to the abundance the Lord had bestowed throughout his life and each held a special significance, with some having been foretold in detail by vision and secured under extraordinary circumstances.

Join us as we tour the items on display and provide additional commentary to provide the context and background to each of the major trophies and exhibits on display.

Attribution: We gratefully acknowledge the support of Eric Wyse and Greg Howlett, two highly accomplished Christian musicians whose work backgrounds this album.

Please note that this video is not monetized but is subject to third party advertising that derives from the accompanying background music.

To download a free, high resolution complete version of the album that is advertising free, please see the Free Downloads link below.

In His service, – The Midnight Cry Group

After Rev. Branham’s arrival in Tucson in early 1963, events began to unfold, the likes of which had no precedent. Local landmarks took on special meanings and other, as yet unnoticed physical attributes began to attest to his Ministry in remarkable ways as recorded in this extensive collection of Rev. William Branham photos.

From ancient times, the indigenous Indian tribes around Tucson, Arizona attributed spiritual significance to the Tucson area and also the nearby Catalina Mountains where they believed that God dwelt.

Brother Branham also attributed particular significance to the Tucson area and began to associate Phoenix with Jericho, and Tucson with Jerusalem, mentioning this a number of times from the pulpit. It is interesting that Tucson City shares the same elevation, climate, vegetation and latitude with the City of Jerusalem, the latter being on the opposite side of the world.

“The Tucson Years” photograph album is a comprehensive collection of William Branham photos that identify the places where the strange events took place after he moved his family to Tucson on January 4, 1963.

Extensive background notes are included to help the viewer understand how those events, many of which were indisputably supernatural in nature, not only crowned the accomplishments of William Branham’s Ministry but also fulfilled important Biblical prophecy and provided significant help for those called of God in our day to prepare for Christ’s imminent return.

The Album comprises over 400 of William Branham photos that have been divided into seven sections:

1. Background
2. Sabin Canyon
3. The Cloud Over Flagstaff
4. Sunset Mountain
5. Other Places
6. North Park Avenue
7. Brother Branham’s Den & Library

Covered in detail are the happenings that took place at Finger Rock, Sabino Canyon, the Sunset Mountain campsite and Flagstaff, Arizona, above which an enormous cloud appeared in a pyramid shape as Brother Branham had prophesied.

As the Apostle Paul could say when called to account before King Agrippa, the events of Brother Branham’s Ministry were likewise neither unknown nor “done in a corner.”

“For the king knoweth of these things, before whom also I speak freely: for I am persuaded that none of these things are hidden from him; for this thing was not done in a corner.”
Acts 26:26

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Segregation in the southern USA (Jim Crow Laws period Photos)

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Photos about racial segregation in the Southern United States during the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. In those days, white southern governments (local and state) established racist segregational laws. Blacks were not allowed to stay together with whites in public places such as lunch counters, restaurants, theaters, public transportation, schools, restrooms, pools, fountains, waiting rooms, libraries, some communities, etc. Ever since, most of the black community was Christian, and were known as the “black church” (African American Baptists, Episcopalians, Pentecostals, Methodists, etc). Many of them expressed their faith in the middle of these troubled times with public demonstrations known as “Prayer-ins”, which would also be used by Pastor Martin Luther King Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement.

I used a “Negro Spiritual” as background music in this video. Of all the pictures, only one was taken in Boston; all the others were taken in Southern States such as Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, etc. Here you can see statements like “White only” or “Colored people only”, whose authors will be judged in the Judgment Day. All segregationists are sinners who are to be condemned, as The Bible assures: “Whoever despises his neighbor is a sinner” (Proverbs 14:21).

May God bless all of the black community and their sons and daughters.

Virgin Mary Apparition Caught on Camera (2 Photos)

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A photo taken by a parishioner at Our Lady of Perpetual Help shows a illuminating human figure that appears to be the Virgin Mary. This miraculous story was reported by WGN-TV Chicago.
One north suburban Catholic Church is talking about a very thought provoking picture, shot with nothing more than an Iphone.
One woman snapped a photo last Friday in the chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview and says she got so much more.
Maureen Kent has been attending Eucharistic adoration at the church for more than 2 years. Kneeling last Friday, she wanted a picture of the Eucharist or host in the monstrance, the ornate gold stand it’s placed in.
The picture showed a bright light, an image larger than a human and appearing to hover next to the host on the alter. Catholics believe the host is the True Body of Christ.
No photo-shopping, she says, no doctoring the digital image. Just what she calls a great surprise when she looked at her screen.
Her friends in the chapel also believe it is the Virgin Mary. Authentication is not, right now, a consideration by Maureen Kent or even the church. They are relishing what they call a miraculous moment, privileged to have seen and believed, they say.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish is located at 1755 Grove St. in Glenview, IL

Minnesota Historical Aerial Photos available online

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The University of Minnesota Libraries has completed digitization of more than 4,500 historical aerial photos of Minneapolis, as part of a collaborative effort with the City of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Historical Society. All of the large-scale, detailed aerial photos, dating back to 1938, are freely available for viewing by the public at www.lib.umn.edu/apps/mhapo/index.html#mpls.

The Minneapolis photos were added to the Libraries’ existing Minnesota Historical Aerial Photographs Online collection, which includes more than 121,000 aerial photographs from around the state that date back to 1923.

Toledo Ohio Owens Community College Wedding Photos

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Owens Community College in Perrysburg Toledo is a unique Toledo wedding venue. Their wedding in the Arts building of Owens Community College in Perrysburg was brilliantly personal. They produced a video that played before the ceremony that told not only their love story, but their individual stories in a touching yet humorous way.