Cake Smash Session – Decorating for Cake Smash Photographs

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The cake smash session is more popular in the United States than anywhere else in the world. But it’s a growing genre of photography, so I thought I would share some advice for you. If you’re a photographer, or a parent, thinking of doing a cake smash session, this video will show you how to decorate for a cake smash photograph.


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Editing Animal Portraits Photographs, with Howard Brown

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In this video, Howard Brown takes us through his process for editing animal photographs. In these examples, he uses images taken in local Zoos and edits in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, predominantly with the dodge and burn tools.

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I would again like to say that there are older photogaphs in with newer pics so comparisons can be made in this video and the next video before I attempt to photograph the System today using a couple of new lenses I’m excited to test out.

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Sharlinda Burris
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January 16 2019

How I sold out one of my rarest and most expensive photographs

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How I sold out one of my rarest and most expensive photographs.

Only 3 were made and they sold out in one day.

Dye Transfer is a continuous-tone color photographic printing process. The use of dye imbibition for making full-color prints from a set of black-and-white photographs taken through different color filters was first proposed and patented by Charles Cros in 1880. In the 1940s, this process was popularized by Eastman Kodak. The process requires making three printing matrices (one for each subtractive primary color) which absorb dye in proportion to the density of a gelatin relief image. Successive placement of the dyed film matrices, one at a time, “transfers” each primary dye by physical contact from the matrix to a mordanted, gelatin-coated paper.

In 1994, Eastman Kodak stopped making all materials for this process. The dyes used in the process are very spectrally pure compared to normal coupler-induced photographic dyes, with the exception of the Kodak cyan. The dyes have excellent light and dark fastness. The dye transfer process possesses a larger color gamut and tonal scale than any other process, including inkjet. Another important characteristic of dye transfer is that it allows the practitioner the highest degree of photographic control compared to any other photochemical color print process.

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Thousands of Photographs of the Bygone Ottoman Empire Digitized and Viewable Online

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The Getty Research Institute has digitized over 3,000 photos from 19th century Turkey. The moments captured were primarily in Ottoman Turkey and tell a story of Turkeys culture and tradition.

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Fascinating Photographs of Old Timey Strongmen

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In a modern strongman competition, contestants demonstrate their strength by pulling trucks, lifting insanely heavy objects, and flipping cars over. In the early 1900s, heavily muscled dudes caught cannonballs and ripped chains with their pectoral muscles to prove their might. These vintage photos of old timey strongmen striking a pose demonstrate muscled dudes were sexy – if you’re into leopard print briefs, strategically placed fig leafs, and crazy mustaches, that is.

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Man photographs 1,000 seniors in 6 years for free

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Liu Guozhuang works in the Shenyang Thermal Power Plant. In his spare time, he often visits nursing homes to take photos for seniors. He is nicknamed the “photographer who races against time.”

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With an outstanding sense of timing, Robert Lebeck (1929 – 2014) captured extraordinary moments and distinguished himself as one of the most prominent photographers of the German post-war era.

Photographing celebrities and well-known personalities can be a tricky affair. That wasn’t the case, however, if the great German photographer Robert Lebeck was behind the camera. He worked with famous people from politics and culture and shot them in a very natural, almost playful light.

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Rare Photographs Of 1970’s New York

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Today on LOst Digital Sheep we check out rare photographs of New York by photographer Erik Calonius. These stunning photographs capture environmental issues of the 1970’s. Freelance photographers were hired to capure images relating to environmental issues of the time.

For the DOCUMERICA Project (1971-1977), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hired freelance photographers to capture images relating to environmental problems, EPA activities, and everyday life in the 1970s.

Erik Calonius began his time with DOCUMERICA as an intern working closely with project director Gifford D. Hampshire. In addition to his work on several DOCUMERICA exhibits, Calonius also had photography assignments in Washington, D.C., New York City and in rural Ohio.


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