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Facebook Deleted my Photography Page

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Facebook deleted my photography page and memorialized my account, they think I am dead. I lost my voice right before I had to do a presentation to 1000 people. I broke my camera. This is pretty much what I am talking about in this video. Enjoy 🙂

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Creating Dynamic Landscape Photographs Antelope Canyon

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In this episode I will show you how I photograph one of the most incredible places I have been to the Antelope Canyon. If you get a chance to go there, it is the place where you will get the most incredible photos in the least amount of time!

A few tips:

I used this Company for doing the upper Canyon
do the photography tour, not the regular one and ask for Patrick if you can, an amazing photographer, he will show you angles you would not find by yourself and even take a portrait of you as you go along! Don’t forget though to give a huge tip, I feel he owns some of my photos – he was that helpfull!

The upper is darker then the lower so you can do that in the morning.

Do the lower canyon when you have a nice blue sky if possible as it is much more open – I used this company to do it

same thing I did the photography tour.

On the photography tour I was by myself with one guide in the Canyon and had all the time to prepare my shots. The first time I did the regular tour and it was so quick with so many people that I got only 20% of the shots that I got with the photography tour.

Winter seems to be a good period because not too many people are there, but you don’t have all the light rays. From what I could tell the end of march is good for the top as there are not too many people there yet and there are some light rays.

Off course when you shoot:

– Have your camera on a tripod
– Use manual mode at around f 8 and make sure you have details in your shadows even if the highlights are burned a bit
– Bracket -2 + 2 (this is a must, some photos will not just work if you don’t bracket there as there is huge dynamic range)
– have fun!

– Serge

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Building Your Photography Websites Home Page

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Building Your Photography Websites Home Page. Here are a bunch of tips to help you build your websites home page wether you’re an amateur or doing it for business.

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No matter what service you use from Squarespace to WordPress, WIX, Weebly so on and so forth this tips apply.

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website building and website design for photography is extremly important.

Babysitter Hears Noise Upstairs, So Dad Checks Hidden Camera And Captures A Nightmare In His Kitchen

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David William and his wife beautiful Magdalene are a young Californian couple who live in the majestic city of Oakland, together with their lively two-year-old son, Josh. They both work fulltime, David as real estate agent and Magdalene as a corporate lawyer.

These two responsible working parents, decided to hire a nanny, who would look after little Josh when they were away at work. The William’s were looking for an all rounded nanny who could prepare delicious healthy meals for Josh, do laundry, bathe him, and safely care for him while keeping him in check.

After a few phone calls, emails and interviews, the Williams were lucky to land the most industrious nanny, Elizabeth Frost. She was caring, sympathetic, hardworking and a perfect cook. She was also able to lovingly keep Josh in check. What they didn’t know is that she was also a superhero.

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