Texas police officer douses himself in water, re-creates ‘Flashdance’ for viral lip sync challenge

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The video by Grapevine police features an officer dousing himself with water in slow motion.

Who’s winning the police lip sync battle in Dallas-Fort Worth? We’ve kept score:

Dramatic Footage Shows Dallas Officer Shot

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Amateur video shows a gun battle between one police officer and a gunman in Dallas last night. (July 8)

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Hannah Ellis sings “Officer Down” at National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service

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Hannah Ellis, the cousin of fallen Richmond Police Officer Daniel Ellis, sang a song she co-wrote about him at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service in Washington, D.C. during National Police Week.

Rio Vista Police Officer Applies Chokehold in Warrantless Arrest

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Two Rio Vista police officers entered a home in August, 2017, and one quickly put a man who lived there in a potentially deadly chokehold. “Don’t kill me,” the man yelled after the officer threw him to the ground.

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Police Officer Records UFO Footage In Milwaukee, WI July 2015

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A Police Officer captures several scary UFOs floating in the Milwaukee, WI area on July 25th 2015 at 8:15pm

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Gustavo Rojas, a police officer in Milwaukee,WI captured these strange UFO anomalies. He uploaded the video to Facebook and there have been many different opinions on what the lights could be. Some people think they are alien life forms floating in the sky while others believe they are “floating Chinese lanterns”. Tell us what you think in the comments and send your creepy photos and videos to


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Police officer who “Wobbles” adds “Cupid Shuffle” to his Mardi Gras repertoire during Zulu parade

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Police officer shows off his dance moves on a parade route during Mardi Gras. See NOLA.com for more on this dancing phenom.

Police Officer, Huntsville, AR, made a faulse report of this accident

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I was in a car accident 8/23/14, about 4:30pm. This officer made a fraud police report. Saying I failed to stop at a stop sign. After the other driver said he would take the blame, in my favor is on my side. I have the other driver saying he would take the blame on recorder statement made by the police officer. And picture’s in facebook in my photo album under title”My Car”. I was never given a ticket for failure to yelled. The police officer has made a false report to share with my insurance co. Just to be mean. Facebook name Maggie A. Morris-Calderon. The only error I made in this recording was the street name. It was Church St. Not Lee St. Church St. And 71B. Huntsville, Madison County, Arkansas.

I talk to Dave Hurry today, he’s the person over Kim Kinnear, with AAA auto insurance. He said He seen my video of my recording. He is only emphasizing on the fiction line the police officer said after he ask to hear my side first. The officer said (Well… Ok too mam, and to mam, even if he did have his signal light on. And say he did have his signal light on, I’m with you on this one! Say he did have his signal light on. Still you are at failure to yelled to him. Say he was driving and forgot his signal light was on, still you are at failure to yelled). A signal light on is telling you to yelled to on coming traffic.
That was out of caricature, out of form. There was no signal light. And that was just a made up story. He didn’t even know what had happened yet! He only heard me at that point. The officer made up a scenario to hide in a lie!!!
And that’s what the insurance company has focused on.
I told them, well then you haven’t listened to the part after he talk to the other driver then! They said they did. I told them, then you would of head the office say to me, he just said that everything that I was telling him was true. The other driver said it too! After the office talk to the man who hit me, the officer came back to my car and verified everything I said was true. Point blank!
The insurance people are choosing to focus on a fiction, scenario, made up by the police officer for anyone out there to be sucked into to hide the truth from. And they did! They are choosing not to talk about after the officer talk to the other driver who openly admitted that I was not at fault. He knew he was signaling, and turning.
I pointed out to them, saying that the picture of the other drivers car shows his damage to be at left bumper scratch, and left blinker light broken. If he were to hit me straight on, his whole front bumper would of had scratches. But it wasn’t! Only the left corner that was stuck out the farthest hit my car. Because he was turning!
I told them, they can’t change the recording I have, and I’ll post word, for word, to make people listen to it better. That is a scenario!!! A story the office made up. In the intro of my recording I said 71B, But on the actual recording I said 412B. At the time I tried to share this I was going into trauma.I was shaking daily, not sleeping at night. dealing with a lot of corruption.

U.S. Citizenship Interview with Officer David Part 5

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Today we will listen to our fifth interview with Officer David. You can download the Typical Citizenship Interview at uscitizenpod.com and practice with a classmate, friend, or family member.

A “Typical” Citizenship Interview Based on the USCIS N-400r (4 pages) pdf ppt vocab pdf

“Fives” 05, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95

U.S. Citizenship Interview with Officer David Part 1 podcast: video with subtitles:

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