Nature Videography Honeymoon Island in florida 2019

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Nature Videography 2019 – Honeymoon Island in Florida – We went for a hike and took these videos with my #photographer friend Alice from #greenflymedia Amazing day.. #naturevideos

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Nature and wildlife photography on safari in Africa.
Tips and tricks for wildlife photography. Cameras and lenses for wildlife and nature photography.
Instagram photo ideas.

I lived in Tanzania for two years and had a wonderful opportunity to go on a few Safaris from world famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, to a smaller parks like Tarangire and Arusha National Park.
Africa is probably the only place on Earth where you can see so much of Wildlife in the natural habitat. National parks in Tanzania provide important sanctuary for many animal species. Going on safari is a dream for wildlife photographer.
So you decided to travel to Africa, you have made all travel arrangements. You are so excited about this one in a lifetime opportunity. Let me share with you some important tips how to get ready for Safari photography.

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Viví en Tanzania durante dos años y tuve la maravillosa oportunidad de ir a algunos Safaris desde el mundialmente famoso Serengeti y el cráter Ngorongoro, a parques más pequeños como Tarangire y el Parque Nacional Arusha.
África es probablemente el único lugar en la Tierra donde se puede ver tanto de la Vida Silvestre en el hábitat natural. Los parques nacionales en Tanzania proporcionan un santuario importante para muchas especies de animales. Ir de safari es un sueño para el fotógrafo de vida silvestre.
Así que decidiste viajar a África, has hecho todos los arreglos de viaje. Estás tan entusiasmado con esta en una oportunidad de vida. Permítanme compartir con ustedes algunos consejos importantes sobre cómo prepararse para la fotografía de Safari.

アフリカはおそらくあなたが自然の生息地で野生生物の多くを見ることができる地球上の唯一の場所です。 タンザニアの国立公園は、多くの動物種にとって重要な聖域を提供しています。 サファリに行くことは、野生動物の写真家の夢です。
だからあなたはアフリカに旅行することに決めました。あなたはすべての旅行手配をしました。 あなたは生涯の機会にこれについて非常に興奮しています。 Safariの写真撮影の準備をするための重要なヒントを教えてください。

非洲可能是地球上唯一可以在自然栖息地中看到如此多野生动物的地方。 坦桑尼亚的国家公园为许多动物物种提供了重要的避难所。 去野生动物园是野生动物摄影师的梦想。
所以你决定前往非洲,你已经做好了所有的旅行安排。 你一生都有机会感到非常兴奋。 让我与大家分享一些重要提示,如何为Safari摄影做好准备。

Я жил в Танзании в течение двух лет и имел прекрасную возможность отправиться на несколько сафари из всемирно известных Серенгети и кратера Нгоронгоро в более мелкие парки, такие как Тарангир и национальный парк Аруша.
Африка, вероятно, единственное место на Земле, где вы можете увидеть так много дикой природы в естественной среде обитания. Национальные парки в Танзании являются важным святилищем для многих видов животных. Пойти на сафари – мечта фотографа дикой природы.
Итак, вы решили отправиться в Африку, вы сделали все поездки. Вы так взволнованы этим за всю свою жизнь. Позвольте мне поделиться с вами некоторыми важными советами, как подготовиться к фотографии Safari.

Photographer Steve Parish on what can nature teach us?

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Tree Day Ambassador, award-winning nature photographer and children’s book publisher, Steve Parish, on how time in nature is critical for children to learn emotional intelligence, problem solving, resilience and grit.

Nature Photography with Sony FE 100-400mm GM

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#sony100to400gm #telezoom #naturephoto

The Lens:

Nature Photography – Telezoom challenge | Sony FE 100-400mm GM
Today I go out to take photos in the forest but i choose to only bring one lens with me to challenge
myself to see things differently, so i took my Sony FE 100-400mm G Master lens on my Sony a7riii,
It wasn’t easy but the results were interesting.

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Induro Carbon :
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Yellowstone Landscape and Wildlife Photography Trip

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In today’s vlog, I travel to Yellowstone National Park for a few days of nature photography. I Photograph landscapes, bears, fox, elk, tourists, a snowman, and even visit old faithful! Wildlife seemed scarce this trip but I still managed to have a great time and make some nice photos.

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Photos shot mostly with Nikon D850, Nikon D500, Fuji X-T20 (infrared)

My vlogging gear:
Canon G7x Mk II
Panasonic Lumix G85
Sony FDRX3000 Action Cam
Rode VideoMicro Mic

My cameras:
Nikon D850
Nikon D500
Fuji X-T2
Fuji X-T20 (converted to Infrared)

My Lenses:
Nikon 24-70mm
Nikon 70-200mm
Nikon 600mm
Nikon 300mm
Nikon 200-500mm
Sigma 100-400mm
Fuji 16-55mm
Fuji 50-140mm
Fuji 100-400mm

My supports:
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Wimberley Gimbal Head
Ball Head
Sling Strap
Backpack sling strap

Mirrorless vs DSLR Cameras for Nature Photos | Outdoor Photography Tips

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What’s the difference between a Mirrorless and DSLR camera? In this video, nature photographer Matthew Saville looks at the differences and considerations you should make when deciding between these two systems.

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Sony a7 III:

Learn more about photography at

Landscape & Nature Photography. Photographing Kingfishers

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Hi this is a video of my trip to Photograph Kingfishers in Yorkshire England. The gear I use is listed below
Canon MK3
Canon 100- 400L lens.
Novo Carbon fibre Tripod Gimbal head
Manfrotto 055 Tripod
and a Stanley Flask

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2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest has come to an end, but before the judges pick the winners, let’s take a look at the best entries ourselves.

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This year, photographers from around the world were competing in four categories: Landscape, Environmental Issues, Action, and Animal Portraits. “The four categories of this year’s contest will give photographers a chance to capture the complexity and beauty found in the world around us,” remarked Sarah Polger, senior producer for National Geographic Travel and manager of National Geographic photo contests. “We anticipate compelling and revealing images.”

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