Praise Break – Greater Love Temple Apostolic Church 4/11/10

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Elliot Brothers leading the church in Praise & Worship Sunday 4/11/10 at
Greater Love Temple Apostolic Church
2050 Winter Avenue,
Indianapolis, IN 46218
Elder Andrew W. Elliot Sr., Pastor
They go in!

This Church is affiliated with the Apostolic Bible Students Association Council of the PAW (ABSA Council), 4th Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World.

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love (SEA) – Whitesmith Farming Guide from CA to CR

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This is a farming guide on which monsters to farm after lvl 60+ where stats and gear alone can’t seem to keep up with the hp scaling of enemies. In this video, I show which monsters to farm once you get a certain amount of runes. Unfortunately , I couldn’t include gears to go along with it because it would make the scope of the vid too big.

I also show how to get to aggressive maps in this video.

Plot map links:
Orc Village South:
Kordt Forest Depth:
CREDITS TO: Ecrunale of the ROM Discord.

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The Love God (1969) trailer

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The Love God? is a 1969 Universal Pictures feature film which starred Don Knotts and Edmond O’Brien. It was written and directed by Nat Hiken, who died between the completion of shooting and the film’s release in theaters. The Love God? marked a change of pace for Knotts, who up to then had exclusively appeared in G-rated family comedies, and it was an attempt to integrate Knotts into the type of adult-related films that dominated the late 1960s and early 1970s.


Abner Peacock’s beloved bird-watcher’s magazine, The Peacock, is in financial crisis. Desperate to stay afloat, Abner takes on a new partner, Osborn Tremain (Edmond O’Brien), who has an agenda of his own: to publish a sexy gentleman’s magazine. This he and his sister Eleanor (Maureen Arthur) can only do by taking over Abner’s, since he himself has been convicted too often of sending obscene material through the mails.

Before the hapless bird-watcher can stop the Tremains, the first issue sells over 40 million copies and Abner becomes the unwilling spokesman for First Amendment rights. Swept up in adulation, the unwitting playboy quickly begins settling into the swinging bachelor lifestyle.

Cast and characters

Don Knotts – Abner Audubon Peacock IV
Anne Francis – Lisa LaMonica
Edmond O’Brien – Osborn Tremain
James Gregory – Darrell Evans Hughes
Maureen Arthur – Eleanor Tremain
Margaret Ann “Maggie” Peterson – Rose Ellen Wilkerson

Courage To Love (Full Movie) Vanessa Williams

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In pre-Civil War New Orleans, Vanessa Williams portrays the African American daughter of a plantation owner. This inspiring true story of heroism and love illuminates the extraordinary life of Henriette Dalille, the first African-American saint. PG-13

Director: Kari Skogland
Stars: Vanessa Williams, Gil Bellows, Karen Williams

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Sister of Life Grace Dominic: “A Love That Shapes Eternity” 2018 Women’s Conference

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On Saturday, March 10, women from across the Diocese gathered for a day of inspiring witness, prayer and Mass.

“A woman who knows she is loved can do anything,” Sister of Life Grace Dominic said, quoting Mother Mary Frances.

“The capacity that one has to love is incredible,” Sister Grace added. The topic of her talk was “A Love That Shapes Eternity.”

Sister of Life Grace Dominic, spoke to the women about the power of knowing their identity in Christ. She shared the story of her fellow sister, who was asked one day by a kindergartener why she wore a veil. The sister began to explain that the veil was like a wedding veil and that she was a bride of Christ. With surprise and confusion, the little girl asked, “He chose you?”

The women attended morning Mass with Bishop Michael F. Burbidge. In his homily, he spoke about the importance of humility, as seen in the wonderful example of the tax collectors as well as Mary and Christ.

“Humility reminds us that in the end, the only thing that truly matters is that we’re found pleasing in the sight of God,” he said. “May we with all humility say, ‘Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner.’ And may we go forth in intimation of Jesus, and wash the feet of one another.”

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THIS IS THE VIDEO THAT KINDA SORTA FOR REALS CHANGED OUR LIVES when it went mega-viral over on Facebook with combined views of over 200 MILLION!

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Love One Another

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