How to Install the LEV2712 MPX Security Camera from Lorex

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Learn how to install the LEV2712 Security Camera from Lorex on the side of a wall using the security camera mount. This security camera features an aero-space grade aluminum exterior, long range night vision, and an IP66 waterproof rating.

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LW2100 – Lorex Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Color Camera System

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The Lorex LW2100 Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Color Camera System is the ideal solution when searching for a fast and easy way to add video surveillance to your home or business. The unit is equipped with digital wireless technology that reliably provides a video feed that is both crisp and free of interference while eliminating any need to run cables between camera and receiver.

4K Security Camera Review FROM Lorex NVR | Home Security System

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Lorex 4K security camera system including NVR is the cornerstone of your smart home automation and home security. Monitor your home or business remotely with super high quality footage in the FLIR Secure app on your smartphone.

Thanks to Lorex for sponsoring this video, all links for these great systems are below.

Lorex 8 channel NR9082 4K Security System

Lorex 4KHDIP3232B 4K 32 Channel Surveillance System

Lorex 8 channel NR9082 4K with 4 8MP 4K LND8974BW Varifocal Motorized Audio Dome Cameras – 4KHDIP822NW

Similar system – ANNKE 8 Channel Network NVR Security System

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Lorex 4K 8MP Ultra HD POE NVR Security Camera System | How to setup security camera

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The Lorex R900 Series NVR system combines two different sets of powerful Nocturnal security cameras and a powerful eight channel NR900 Series Network Video Recorder (NVR). Along with 4K recording resolution, the longest night vision ranges available, and extreme weather performance, both sets of dome security cameras include a built-in microphone for listen-in audio capabilities.

The LNE8974AB security cameras also include a motorized zoom lens that allows you to adjust the camera’s field of view to suit your monitoring needs. These features, plus four open channels on the NVR, makes this an incredibly versatile security system perfect for any home or small business.

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How to Install the LNE3162 2K (3MP) IP Dome Security Camera from Lorex

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Learn how to install the LNE3162 IP Security Camera from Lorex on a junction box. This security camera features 2K (3MP) resolution recording, an aero-space grade aluminum exterior, long range night vision, and an IP66 weatherproof rating.

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Home Surveillance Installation – Costco Lorex 8-channel HD DVR

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In this video, I help SuperMom Jen install a six-camera Lorex surveillance system from Costco. Since it’s her house, I give her the dirty job of crawling around the attic while I climb the ladder outside to run the video cables.

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You need to see this: “Ultimate Desk Setup”


4K Home Security Camera Review – Lorex System

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My first look at the Lorex 4K HD NVR Home Security Camera system. The cameras I have are all the POE (power over ethernet) 4K cameras with night vision. They send the video feed and get power all through the ethernet cable alone.
With these systems you are not stuck with all the same camera, you can buy and mix any Lorex Ethernet camera with your system. I would like to try the color night vision and the PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras. As well as a camera that supports audio. When I buy them I will make a video on those as well so check out my other videos.

Lorex website:

You can also check these out at Costco retail stores (but Costco only has one model on display) or amazon:

Lorex 4k Ultra HD NVR Recorder LNB8111B Series
Lorex 4k Ultra HD IR Bullet IP Camera


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Motorola Blink1 Wifi Remote Baby Video Camera – for iPhones, Tablets, and Smartphones

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The Motorola Blink1 is part baby monitor and part nanny monitor. The camera allows you to view your child/room anywhere your smartphone/tablet has internet access. This means you can check in regardless of your location… at work… at a restaurant… or wherever you want to see how things are going back home.

Notes –

– As mentioned in the video portion of the review the camera does cause you to make a compromise between ease of set-up and overall network security. The camera uses an outside server to host and mirror the camera – in order to do this you have to give your access code and network information as part of the set-up. This may make some people feel uncomfortable, but the alternative would require you to manually set-up the port forwarding on your router (although the Motorola Blink1 does NOT give you this option). So if this level of security risk makes you uncomfortable… the Motorola Blink1 may not be for you.

– The camera resolution is very good on an iPhone, and is *ok* when viewed on an iPad. The truth is that all baby monitors have issues in low light conditions (including the Motorola Blink1), but I found that the Motorola Blink1 does have better clarity (when viewed on an iPhone) when compared to most baby monitors/cameras.

– The camera has a pan option, which unlike many other baby monitors causes the camera to actually move. The camera will rotate and pan up-and-down which give you nearly a top-to-bottom 360 view around a room. One thing I noticed is that when operated outside the network the camera has a tendency to over-rotate and can be difficult to position.

– Has the ability to play lullabies through the camera

– Gives you the option to talk through the camera to your baby – essentially it gives you the ability to have two way communication.

– Has a digital zoom – which causes you to lose a little clarity.

– Gives you the ability to take photos from the camera and have them filed directly into your photo file.

– Requires the use of the “Monitor Everywhere” app for Apple devices.

– The Wifi set-up is very easy and does not require a computer. I was able to set-up the camera and watch the camera on my iPad and iPhone within 10 minutes.

– The Wifi Range seems to be ok – although I did have some connectivity issues once I left my home network. While trying to view over the 3G network I had some issue with the camera dropping off.

– This seems odd, but I was not able to use any bluetooth device while the “Baby Everywhere” was running or operating in the background.

Final Verdict – I like the Motorola Blink1, but I am not sure if it makes a practical baby monitor for nightly use. It does work great as a remote viewing nanny camera. Some people may be concerned with the potential security compromise, but if you can get past that the Motorola Blink1 is a solid wifi video monitor

4 Stars
Please Note – I received this product for reviewing purposes

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Unboxing – Lorex Wireless Video Camera Monitoring System LW292

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