3 Tips for Long Exposure Photography | Digital Cameras

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A really popular form of photography is long exposure photography, which is really great for night scenes, for just kind of pulling out detail that the normal eye, your physical eye wouldn’t ordinarily see.

This is something that you’re going to need a tripod for if you want to attempt. Here’s an example of one that I shot. This is in Hoboken, looking out at a dock with seagulls. And the reason I did this as a long exposure, other than the fact that it was a night time shot, was to kind of give a very soft appearance to the waves in the water. If you extend out your shutter speed, really interesting things start to happen.

This one, in particular happens to be an eight second exposure, so it gave it just enough time for the water that was slowly coming in, just to smooth out and have a really nice sort of cottony flow. It’s also really popular with photographs of highways or street scenes, to get those long streaks of light. It’s important also to remember, you know, with a photo like this, that if you’re doing a long exposure, you’re going to need to compensate both your ISO and/or your aperture to make up for the fact that you’re letting a lot of light in over a long period of time.

Mine was for eight seconds, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do a 30 second exposure, a one minute exposure, a one hour exposure. Let’s say you were going to attempt a one hour exposure, you’d probably want a really, really high F-stop with a really tiny opening just to control that light as it comes in and maybe a low ISO.

It’s all about that equation just keeping everything balanced. But you know at night time it’s really easy to do that because there’s not a lot of light you’re working with to begin with. As long as you have something to stabilize your camera with, it’s really easy to try and there’s a lot of creativity that you can get into if you do decide to give it a try.

And those are just the basics of long exposure photography.

How to edit Long Exposure Photography in Lightroom

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In this video I will show you how to edit Long Exposure Photography in Lightroom. I will also show you a quick trick to eliminate hot pixels in Photoshop.
I am using an image that I selected from the last Lightroom Challenge by Chris Colyer –

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EASY Long Exposure Photography at Night – shoot to edit!

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Long Exposure Night Photography tips and tricks. How to take light trails and long exposure photos, what settings to use for long exposure photography, how to edit long exposure photography. Today I shared night photography long exposure photography tips that you can use in street photography or urban photography at night.
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FAST Long Exposure Photography!

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HEY! Tonight i’m taking you along to one of my night photography shoots! I always love to go out and do long exposure photography because it’s such a simple trick yet it produces a really eye catching photo.

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Types of photography Hind part 2 | Monochrome, HDR, Street, Astro, long expossure photography| Hindi

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Long exposure landscape photography. Zermatt, Switzerland.

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Pretty flat light this day so had a bash at some long exposures. I didn’t expect the rain storm that came in. Cut short the photo and video work, pronto! Apologies for the poor sound quality. Not sure why I chose to leave the external mic in the bag?
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Long Distance Infrared Photography Exposes Globe Lie! Mt St. Jacinto from 123 miles by Jtolan Media1

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This video is mainly to highlight the channel JTolan Media1 which can be found here: Please give him a sub! The topic of this video is centered around the following video: in which using infrared photography, Mt. St. Jacinto can be seen from 123 miles! Absolutely deadly for the globe. However, it is only for those who are honestly looking for truth. Those who hate flat earth will make excuses even if we see Hawaii from California. They aren’t looking for truth, just looking to make them feel good about their absurd religious belief in space. Hope you enjoy!

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The DAYLIGHT Long Exposure Photography Trick

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Todays video is a quick tip photography trick about how to make a long exposure during the day.

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Click Light Trails With Your Phone! – Long Exposure Photography on Mobile! (Hindi)

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Click Amazing Light Trail Photography Today!

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In this video, we learn how to click light trails or long exposure photography on your Android or iOS phone.

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Playing the Long Game in Landscape Photography

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Happy new year! I’ve been away for a while due to photography workshops, poor weather and other commitments, but I want to start the new year as I mean to go on – by making a commitment to share more videos and my journey as a photographer.

The weather in this video is quite typical of late, so I talk a bit more about a typical day for my local woodland photography. I have a clear vision of the types of photographs I want to capture but these images don’t come easy as they involve a long term commitment to exploring, connecting and investing time in what’s available in my local landscape. My knowledge of self-discovered locations has resulted in a love for my subject and contentedness in playing the long game to do justice to the places I’ve grown so fond of.

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Using LONG EXPOSURE Photography to EXPLOIT Bad Light

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We don’t always get great landscape photography conditions. Bad light can be exploited though by using techniques such as long exposure and black and white photography. Especially when combined and edited using Silver Efex Pro from the NIK collection.

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In this video I head into the depths of the Yorkshire Dales for a day of landscape photography in some less than ideal conditions.

It’s easy to imagine photographing a beautiful landscape in great weather. It’s warm, the sun is about to light up the evening sky and life is good. It’s an appealing experience that we chase over and over again. On the other hand amazing images can be captured in rough, stormy weather with unique conditions. But what about those grey days in between? Here in the UK we have a lot of them. They can be bleak and getting off the sofa to go out and take pictures is not an obvious choice. However, there are great shots to be captured in all conditions if we are willing to get creative.

One effective method to make the most of grey conditions and flat light is to use long exposure photography. It creates interest by smoothing out clouds and water and creating an ethereal feel. I have talked in depth about long exposure before:

See here –

Whilst grey conditions produce flat light it does not necessarily mean it is bad. An extreme long exposure of over two minutes essentially turns textures of the sky and water into smooth tones. It creates new possibilities with composition and the soft light adds to the overall fine art photography feel of the image. Combining this with a black and white conversion can add to the image even more and create something unique on a day when no other photographers were out.

Black and white images can be post processed much more heavily than colour images which creates extra creative possibilities, especially with contrast. Using Silver Efex Pro from the NIK collection is a brilliant way to edit black and white pictures. Whilst this video is not a silver Efex pro tutorial I go through the edit of the image I capture to show how the app can make your black and white images pop.

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Landscape Photography Australia In The Kosciuszko National Park For Long Exposure Photography

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Join me for Landscape Photography Australia In The Kosciuszko National Park For Long Exposure Photography.

The Kosciuszko National Park is truly one of Australia’s icons. Its a magical alpine region with so much to see. We were passing through and drove the back way along the Barry Way. With a camping right on the river, what better opportunity than to whip out the 10-stop. Ain’t nothing beat some good old landscape photography!

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The Long Dumb Road

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From writer-director Hannah Fidell (A Teacher, 6 Years) and co-writer Carson Mell (“Silicon Valley,” “Tarantula”) comes a comedy of transformation, discovery and maturity set on the road between Austin and Los Angeles. When college-bound teenager Nat (Tony Revolori) offers itinerant 30-something mechanic Richard (Jason Mantzoukas) a ride during a stop-over in small-town Texas, neither one realizes the indelible impact each traveler will have on his respective journey. Nat, an aspiring photographer, is heading towards a bright future in art school in Los Angeles and wants to find the real America en route to new beginnings out West; Richard, a lovably unkempt motormouth, is simply looking for connection in the moment — and maybe a beer or ten — while he grapples with indecision, past mistakes and dead-ends. As they travel through the American Southwest, taking in picturesque towns and crossing paths with an assortment of old flames, fellow travelers, kooky cons, and good Samaritans, both passengers come alive through the myriad possibilities of the open road. Finding connection, comfort and chaos in their shared journey, this improbable and unforgettable screen duo forges an epic bond few will forget.