Danielle Cohn | LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION | Official Music Video

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The Official Music Video for LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION!
Recording Artist: Danielle Cohn –


Video Produced by The Hollywood Summer Tour –

Executive Producers
Menina Fortunato –
Sheldon F Robins –

Video Concept Written & Created by Sheldon F. Robins


Sebastian BailsConnor Finnerty
Sydney Bourne
Bryce Xavier
Lauren Godwin
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Menina D’Amours Fortunato

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Zoey Yanero
Hannah Joelle
Christina Hamdon
Olivia Kula
Ragin Smith
Danielle Medici

Sir Francis Michael…. Director
Ben Griffin…. Director of Photography
James Nagel… 1st AC
Ashly Covington… Unit Stills Photographer
Ronnie Gotch Gaffer… / Lighting Director
Vishal Singh… DIT
Santiago Yniguez …Steadicam Operator
Loranzso Holmes …Sound Mixer / Boom Operator
Erik Mateo… 1st AD
Reese A. R. Medefesser Production… Assistant / 2nd AD
Briana Goldberg… Production Coordinator
Whitney Hudson…. Wardrobe
Vivian Sainz…. Wardrobe
Daniel Berlandy… 2nd AC
Rocky Romines… Best Boy Grip
David Martins-Mende… Truck / Swing
Jason Rowler… Key Grip
Darryl St Andrew… Grip

Carlo Atienza … choreographer
Ed Moore … choreographer
Christopher Scott … choreographer
Menina Fortunato … supervising choreographer
Hannah Joelle … assistant choreographer
Lianne Tammi … assistant choreographer

D’nelle Almanza…Key Makeup
Myesha Howze… Key Hair StylistWhitney Hudson… Hair
Cristina Fabian… Hair / Make Up
Edder Sandoval… Makeup
Karen…. Hair
Shamika Williams… Hair
Jackie Quintero… Makeup
Vanessa Quintero… . Makeup
Marisol… Hair
Gabriella Gonzalez… Makeup
Vivian Sainz… Hair / Make Up
April Garcia… Hair / Make Up
Kenye Gerald (Ksenija Bernkhardt) Hair / Make Up

Jesuel Montilla … graphic designer

Robert Pilko … visual effects artist
Karapetyan Vardan … visual effects artist

Linda Bernath … still photographer
Ashly Covington … still photographer

EDITORIALMark Mayr…. Editor
Bartosz Zdziarski … colorist
Menina Fortunato ….. Motion Graphics

Shiv Jain Eriks
Kyle Tague
Emmanuel Salgado
Chad Rock
Israel Maldonado
Cole Galotti
Lianne Tammi
Leonardo Montes
Joy Zhang
Kasheed François
Lianne Tammi
Hannah Joelle
Christina Hamdon
Olivia Kula
Ragin Smith
Danielle Medici
Marianne Smith

Richard Garcia … music producerLyricists…. Dsign Music
Dominic Rodriquez … music producer (Audity Music / B4LNCE)
Brandon Tatum … music publisher (Audity Music / B4LNCE)Sheldon Robins … music publisher
Menina Fortunato… music publisher (The Hollywood Summer Tour)

—————————— About Dani Cohn: Danielle “Dani” Cohn is a 14 year old American actress, model, social media sensation, and recording artist. In 2014 she was crowned Miss Florida Jr. Preteen, and has since attracted over 14 million fans via TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. Dani, who began posting on TikTok under the social media handle @DanielleCohn, is constantly on the top 10 of the leaderboard on TikTok and has an average of 3-4 million views from her fans daily. Her TikTok’s have received 1.7 billion hearts. She also has a large Instagram presence with 2.6 million followers. She was nominated for a 2017 Teen Choice Award for “Choice Muser.” In addition to her social media presence, Dani is also working on her debut studio album and has a design collaboration with Target called Art Class Fall Semester, in stores now.

HOW TO Photograph the Northern Lights / Auroras (2018 – 2019)

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In this video, I’ll show you how to PHOTOGRAPH and PREDICT the northern lights also known as the Aurora Borealis or auroras. I’ll tell you how they work, what settings and gear to use, what weather you want. I’ll talk about the moons influence and light pollution. And I’ll announce my first buyable editing tutorial. I hope you’ll enjoy the content.


Also a huge thanks to NASA for providing some awesome footage!








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How to Photograph the NORTHERN LIGHTS! Basic to Advanced

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Shooting the northern lights – aka the aurora borealis photography – doesn’t have to be difficult. However, you have to know your camera pretty well, and you have to have had some practice with taking night photographs. If you can master those things, then all you need are a few extra pointers to get that perfect northern lights photograph.

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खुबसूरत वीडियो बनाने के लिये प्रयाप्त रोशनी चाहिये,porta lights एक अच्छा समाधान है,इस वीडियो में कुछ बताने का प्रयास किया है,यह लाईट मेने offline यानि फोटो वीडियो की दुकान से खरीदी थी,इसमे इसका मॉडल नम्बर कही mention नही किया गया,simpex की भी porta light आती हैं,आप amazon या अन्य किसी भी online market से खरीद सकते हैं,1000वाट की रॉड इसमे लगती है और इसको चलाने के लिए बिजली की आवश्यकता होती है,इनवर्टर पर यह लाईट नही चल सकती,जेनरेटर पर इसको चला सकते हैं,पुरा वीडियो देखने के बाद कोई प्रश्न हो तो नीचे comment box मे लिख दे,यथा सम्भव जवाब देने का प्रयास करूंगा ।धन्यवाद

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3 Tips for Using Artificial Lights for Food Photography

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Join me in the studio for my three tips for manipulating artificial light so that it looks more natural and flattering for food photography.

Want to learn flash? Enroll in my online course, Flash for Food Photography, a comprehensive video course that takes you from start to finish getting started with flash and teaches you how to harness it for beautiful food photography:

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Get the party started with lace, ruffles, and more! Whether you’re heading out to prom, graduation, a wedding, or just another night out, we have just the thing. Don’t forget to complete your look with chandelier earrings and a sparkly pair of heels! Check out the line-up in-stores or online at Forever21.com.

Teen Titans Go! | Lights, Camera, Action – Starfire (Music Video) (Season 5, Episode 14)

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I do not own this music. All rights go to Warner Bros.

This is Starfire’s song that she sings in the episode: Justice League’s Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Part 2


Lights, camera, action
Feel the attraction
It’ll put a spell on you, ooh, ooh

Lights, camera, action
For fame and fashion
Bright lights that’ll make you say “ooh, ooh, ooh”

I’m drippin’ in diamonds and pearls
Every night it’s like Hollywood out with my girls
Pulling up in these fancy cars
Getting treated all night like superstars
We love these flashy lights
Star-studded crazy nights
Diving into the seas full of cash
Living this high life ain’t so bad

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
This is the high life
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Lights, camera, action
Feel the attraction
It’ll put a spell on you, ooh, ooh

Lights, camera, action
For fame and fashion
Bright lights that’ll make you say “ooh, ooh, ooh”

How to Photograph Christmas Lights – Photography Tutorial

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**Go to to enter our December giveaway! Ends 12/31.**

Today on The Slanted Lens, we are getting into the holiday spirit and are headed out to take pictures of Christmas lights. There are only a couple basic things you need to understand so you can go out and take great photographs of Christmas lights this holiday season.

1. Time of Day: The best time to photograph outdoor Christmas lights is at dusk while there is still a little daylight. Just as the sun is going down and there is still ambient light they will look great. If you shoot in total dark, the lights are too stark and there is no detail in the house and it does not separate from the sky. To solve this we are going to use the ambient light at dusk as a fill light on the house. We will get a great fill on the house and great color and depth in the sky.

2. The sky can be the best part: Wait until the ambient light and the sky are dark enough to match your Christmas lights. There is a very short window when these two will be the same exposure. You can keep lengthening the shutter to bring the sky into a correct exposure but the lights will eventually become too bright.

3. Use a tripod: Don’t be crazy, use a tripod for crisp sharp images or lean on something like a car. Sometimes I will use the timer setting for real long exposure so I am not touching the camera as it exposes.

4. Don’t use an on camera flash: It wont do much of anything and is silly. Turn it off.

5. Camera settings are critical. I am using a Canon 5D Mark III.
White Balance – Set your white balance on Tungsten or Daylight. Tungsten makes the sky more blue and the lights more neutral or proper colored. Daylight makes the sky less blue and the lights warmer. Both can look great.
Shoot Raw – I shoot raw because if I want to change from Daylight to Tungsten I can do it as I process the images. It gives me both options.
ISO – Set the ISO at 620 or higher. I started at 620 ISO on the Mark III.
Aperture & Shutter Speed – I set my Aperture at 5.0 and my shutter speed at 1/8th. This is a good exposure on the lights but the ambient was way too bright. I will just keep shooting until the lights and the sky become the right exposure.

Eventually it will get too dark to get a good fill on the house. I hope you have a great holiday season and take some great photos. Our next lesson will be about combining strobes with great holiday bokeh.

Thanks for watching! Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’.

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Geekoto Softbox Lighting Kit Review -Video and Photography Studio Lights

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GEEKOTO Softbox Lighting,Video Softbox,Photo Softbox,Studio Lights 20 x 28 ,Photography Softbox Lighting Kit (85W 5500K) E27 Bulbs Studio Portraits Photography
GEEKOTO Softbox Lighting on Amazon👍:

Looking for a light kit for YouTube or Photography? In this unboxing and review we check out the Softbox Lighting Kit from Geekoto. This softbox lighting kit features two 85 watt bulbs, highly adjustable stands, and light diffusing attachments that work great.

Pros of the Geekoto Softbox Lighting Kit:
• Very easy to setup and adjust the stands.
• The diffused light looks great
• The softbox light kit can get over 6 feet tall
• The Geekoto softbox photo lights are extremely bright
• Power cords are a good length
• Perfect for youtube, twitch, or mixer
• Similar to other softbox light kits from brands like RALENO, MOUNTDOG, LimoStudio, ESDDI, Neewer, Emart, Safstar, and Julius Studio

Cons of the Geekoto Softbox Lighting Kit:
• The lights give off a good amount of heat. Nothing that is dangerous but it did warm up my room.
• Replacement bulbs are expensive

#GEEKOTO #LightKit #Review


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3 Different Ways On How To Use Multiple Lights For Portrait Photography

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3 Different Ways On How To Use Multiple Lights For Portrait Photography

Post Production Tools:

Camera – Canon 5D Mark III (
Camera – Canon PowerShot G7 X (
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Lens: Canon 85 F1.2 (
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Adapter: Canon to Sony Metabones (

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Speedlights: Yongnuo YN600EX-RT (
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Rogue Flash Bender: (
Elinchrom D-LITE RX 4/4:
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Canon Godox Trigger:
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Camera Settings for Night Photography of Christmas Lights : Photography & Developing Film

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When taking night photography of Christmas lights you always have to set your camera to take into consideration both the environment and the subject. Learn about ideal camera settings for night photography of Christmas lights with help from a talented photographer who has masterfully honed his craft over the years in this free video clip.

Expert: Tim Coburn
Filmmaker: Malcholm Reese

Series Description: Photography always requires you to keep a number of different things including your subject, your environment and more in consideration for the best possible shots. Find out about photography with help from a talented photographer who has masterfully honed his craft over the years in this free video series.

2016-2017 Lights, Camera, Save! National Winners Announcement

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Congratulations to our national winners! Each national student winner receives a cash prize toward their savings goal and an educator from their school will be awarded a scholarship to Jump$tart’s National Educator Conference. Thanks again to Discover Debit, an ABA Endorsed Solutions Provider, for sponsoring this year’s contest. Learn more:

Canvas FastTrack – Lights, Camera, Action!

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The FastTrack series is designed to help connect the SAMR model of technology integration and the tools of Canvas and how those are being used in everyday classrooms. Episode 21 is a 2 ĺ_ minute video about media recordings at the Modification level of Technology Integration. Sharing your expectations for homework, your screen to reteach and even reading assessments to students is key when helping students learn new content in your class! Get some tips and tricks to how this can be easily shared and created in Canvas.