Episode 3: For the Joy of Photography

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In this episode of the “For the Joy of Photography” podcast, I talk about sites such as Unsplash.com where photographers are giving their images away for free. Because I’m an “older” photographer, you may think I’m against a site like that. Well, my opinion might surprise you.

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Edit architectural photography in Lightroom

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How to edit Architectural Photography in Adobe Lightroom

In this tutorial I show you my steps how to process and enhance architectural photography with Adobe Lightroom. Taking a great photo is a big component in great architecture photography but the post production and editing is what can make your architectural photography really stand out.

This particular building was photographed whilst I was actually on location to photograph just the kitchen for the kitchen designer. It was such a great architectural space that I took the opportunity to grab a quick frame or two of the exterior. I shot 5 phtoographs bracketed 1 stop between each, to ensure I had the dynamic range I needed in post production. As it turned out for the sake of simplicity I worked on just a single exposure.

Having spoken with the builder of the home they indicated they like a subtle and more realistic look to their architecture photos so when I was editing this architectural photography I kept that in mind.

This is the first part of a two part video. It was intended to be a lightroom only architecture edit but I couldn’t help taking it into photoshop to finish it off. I’ve recorded the steps I took and will post that video shortlty.

I hope you enjoyed the video and got something out of it. If you have any feedback I’d love to hear it in the comments. Thanks for watching. Anthony 🙂

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Lightroom Vs Capture One | I’m considering switching

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Post-processing is a vital part of the photography process so having the best photo editing software available is important. In this video I share my experience comparing Adobe Lightroom and Capture One and consider the switch.

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how to edit in lightroom: OVERCAST + CLOUDY DAY photography

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How to edit in Lightroom: OVERCAST + CLOUDY DAY photography (Edit overcast or cloudy day photos from scratch and with light and airy presets inside Lightroom) | There are a few Lightroom sliders you’ll want to adjust when you’re handling an overcast photo: blacks, shadows, contrast, and sharpening. Today I’m going to show you how I’d edit an overcast photo from scratch in Lightroom and how I’d use my presets to edit + the tweaks I’d make since it was so cloudy.

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Landscape Photography | How did I take Photo, and edit in Lightroom | Lightroom tips

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My favorite Landscape Photography lenses —
If you are interested in Landscape Photography and Long Exposure Photography, I think you might like this video

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Panoramic Photography No Parallax – Find the Nodal Point – Panorama From Shoot to Edit in Lightroom

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Basic things you need to know to shoot amazing Panorama photos, from shoot to edit.
Ever had problems with stitching your Panorama images together? You might be having a “Parallax” problem, which you can fix by moving your rotation point from the camera to the Nodal Point on your lens.

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10 LIGHTROOM tips to improve your PHOTOGRAPHY editing

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Do know ALL of these Lightroom tricks? After using Lightroom Classic for 10 years I have found some of the best photography editing tricks that I use every day.
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Lightroom Tips 1 – Use Auto tone in Lightroom Classic CC
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Lightroom Tips 3 -Lightroom tips and tricks Crop overlays
Lightroom Tips 4 Lightroom tips for portraits – Add focus using the Lightroom radial brush. Perfect for lightroom portrait editing
Lightroom Tips 6 – Lightroom tutorial – Before and after using /
Lightroom Tips 6 – photography tips and tricks 6 – Reset specific sliders or sections
Lightroom Tips 7 – Use the Lightroom HSL panel for Luminance
Lightroom Tips 8 – how to draw straight lines in Lightroom Classic. Lightroom tips for beginners
Lightroom Tips 9 – How to use Lightroom visual copies
Lightroom Tips 10 – Use Lights out (L) to help you visuals you Lightroom Edits.

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Lightroom classic cc tutorial

How To Edit Portrait Photography| Lightroom CC Mobile Tutorial 2018

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Editing portrait photography | Lightroom cc tutorial


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THE ONE SECRET Lightroom feature EVERY photographer should be using

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One of my favorite features in Adobe Lightroom is the mobile syncing function. My favorite use in addition to syncing to the mobile app is the ability to create web galleries that automatically sync to your edits. This is particularly useful in collaboration situations when working with a client. In this tutorial I will show you how to create these.

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Mobile Photography Editing in Lightroom Mobile …& VSCO (Halloween Edit)

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Watch me edit in Lightroom Mobile Edit… VSCO Edit

Filmed on my Samsung S7 Edge Cellphone

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Raw vs JPEG: Real-world photography examples, advantages and disadvantages

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Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018 – The right Result?????

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I think the Judges played it too safe, they didnt take enough risk and that left us all a bit cold, somewhat dissatisfied. What are your thoughts? Share this please as I want as much feedback as I can get so we can get a larger view on the topic.

Landscape photography: Simple winter landscape photography tips – Photo Vlog #2

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This winter of 2015-2016 was a strange one with few snow and warm temperatures. But one day it snowed heavily so I decided to take my photo gear and head into the forest. I packed my Canon 5D Mark ii and Canon 60D, my GoPro 4 Black edition, tripod (Manfrotto 055cx pro3), directional microphone for vlogging and my Canon 17-40mm F4 L and Canon 24-105mm F4 IS L lenses.

In the video you’ll also see my photo settings so you’ll have an idea about what to use in winter conditions inside a forest. The tripod is very important. You might say why use a tripod during the day but I’m sure that after you see the exposure time you’ll understand.

The location was a nearby forest that looked amazing under this heavy snow. If you are inside of your house on a snowy day then you’re not a landscape photographer. You need to go out there and take photos.

First tip for winter landscape photography
Measure your exposure for the snow and then over expose the scene by one or even two stops, depending on the light. The idea is to expose the snow in the right side of the histogram (near the clipping point)

Second tip for winter landscape photography
Use a white balance of Cloudy or Shade to compensate for the blue tint in the winter photos.

Enjoy your winter and make sure you also wear the proper gear when going out to take photos!

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