1850s Surveyor Kit | Time Travel Iowa

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Surveyor tools were instrumental in the development of our state and the planning of our communities. Surveying in Iowa began in the early 1800s before it was a state. The Grout Museum District in has examples of surveyor tools used by one of Waterloo, Iowa’s earliest settlers.

I Got A Drum Kit!

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I finally bought a drum kit so I thought it would be fun to show me putting it all together

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Tuning Your Drum Kit presented by Josh Fisher from Jesus Culture

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Sweetwater’s Nick D’Virgilio is joined by Josh Fisher from Jesus Culture to talk about tuning your drum kit for performance. After the video, check out drums at Sweetwater here:


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To order the Meguiar’s Kit from Amazon:
To order the Buffer from Amazon:
To order buffer Pads:
To order microfiber towels Amazon:
RV detailing supplies needed and Removing Oxidation and Restoring fiberglass Gel Coat on a boat or RV is not a big secret. But it is important to follow the step by step procedure and be ready for some elbow work. I been doing this on my RV for years and it still leaves me with certain aches on my body LoL.
I like Meguiar’s products not only because they been around since 1901 but it also works very well.
I use;
One Step Compound #67
Cleaner wax # 50
High Gloss Polish #45
Pure Wax Carnauba Blend #56

Each one has it’s purpose. but what they call a “3 step” is:
step 1: Compound #67: removes heavy oxidation, hard water spots and scratches.
step 2: High Gloss Polish #45: creates high gloss finish, restores oils to feed and nourish the Gel Coat.
step 3: Pure Wax #56: maintained gloss and adds durable long lasting protection.
These 3 will restore your fiberglass Gel Coat to its past glory.
A buffer is a must with the 3 step.
I use #45 Cleaner Wax regularly when there is only minor oxidation and or to remove minor scratches. It does restore gloss and color to the Gel Coat and provides durable protection.

My Motorhome is a 2003 National Dolphin LX model 6320.
W 22, Workhorse Chassis
8.1 Vortex Engine
340 HP
Allison Transmission 1000 Series, 5 speed automatic overdrive.
Suspension: KONI shocks.
Tow Bars: Blue Ox tow bars. 10k lbs.
Toed brake assist: Brake Buddy.
Tires: Goodyear 245/75R22.5 134/132L G G661 HSA.
Onan Generator: Marquis Platinum 5500 Fuel Injection.
Lights: LED Bulb 102-3528SMD DC 12V Cool White.

See RV DIY REPAIRS & UPGRADES Playlist for more;

Expert Spotlight: Dr. H. Kit Miyamoto, CEO and President, Miyamoto International

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Humanitarian, structural engineer, entrepreneur: Kit Miyamoto is innovative practitioner and outspoken advocate for reducing earthquake risks. His firm is active here and abroad, including Haiti and New Zealand, developing and designing high-performance engineering solutions and implementing post-disaster reconstruction projects. He has written numerous technical papers, recommended changes to seismic provisions of the International Building Code, and is a California Seismic Safety Commissioner.

H. Kit Miyamoto, Ph.D., S.E., F.ASCE, CEO and President, Miyamoto International, Sacramento, California

See more at the National Building Museum’s exhibition Designing for Disaster: go.nbm.org/DesigningForDisaster

Ceiling Track Room Divider Kit How To Video #DivideAndConquer

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Looking for a great way to divide a room, create privacy, or hide storage space? RoomDividersNow premium heavyweight ceiling track room divider kits present a creative and stylish way to divide space in minutes.

Ceiling track room divider kits come with everything needed to create and separate space in minutes. The ceiling track and rollers give this kit the ability to open and close with ease. If you are looking for the ultimate room divider kit, that perfectly combines looks and functionality, then you have come to the right place!

* Shared Bedrooms, Studios, Dorms, Workspace, Basements, Closets, Storage, etc.

* Ceiling Track Room Divider Kits work perfect for spaces 3ft to 18ft wide and include premium heavyweight room divider curtain(s), ceiling track (track can be adjusted using the ceiling track saw), a ceiling track saw (cut your track to the perfect width for your space), installation hardware, ceiling track rollers, and 2 track end caps.

* Kits come with everything needed to set up a ceiling track room divider kit sized perfectly to your space
* Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Curtains significantly reduce light and create the ultimate form of privacy
* Our heavyweight room divider curtains are made from 100% polyester that looks elegant and complimentary in all settings
* Dividers are hemmed and finished on all sides (Non-Flame Retardant)
* Dividers contain 1 3/4in metal grommet rings
* The ceiling track is 2in wide in diameter, strong (all aluminum), fits flush to the ceiling, and requires a simple setup
* Detailed installation instructions come with each kit

Attractive, inexpensive, and easily installed, our premium heavyweight ceiling track room divider kits can be the perfect answer to your space or storage needs.

Taos New Mexico and Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.

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Cruise I took to visit Taos New Mexico and the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge over the February 28th weekend 2010. I was going to also take a couple video clips at the Taos Pueblo but decided not to after seeing a Pueblo cop busting a tourist ahead of me for a speeding ticket. And he was traveling slow from what I witnessed. Just killed my interest to visit. I lost my taste for spending 15 to 20 bucks to get in just to take a minute or so video clip if you know what I mean. Just like that poor Joe I’ve been victimized myself in the past. Instead of trying to fleece the public as a funding source they should be glad you came to visit at all. OK Rants done.

Southwest Ghost Hunters Association investigation report.