Justice Department Religious Liberty Summit Part 2

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The Department of Justice held a Religious Liberty Summit hosted by Acting Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio. During the event, Attorney General Sessions announced the creation of a Religious Freedom Task Force. The event also included remarks from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Archbishop Kurtz, and Senator Lankford, and two featured panel discussions.

The Bible and Justice

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Presenter: Carol Dempsey, O.P., professor of theology, University of Portland
Respondent: Andrew R. Davis, STM associate professor of Old Testament
Moderator: Thomas D. Stegman, S.J., STM dean and professor of New Testament


The Bible in the Life of the Church, Session 2
The Bible and Justice

October 25, 2018

This colloquium celebrates the contributions of STM’s Scripture faculty to Catholic biblical scholarship, and the publication of the Paulist Biblical Commentary (Paulist Press, 2018), a single-volume commentary written to be accessible to a wide range of readers and pastoral ministers. Dean Stegman and colloquium presenters are contributors to and coeditors of the commentary; STM faculty respondents are also contributors to the volume.

Justice for Buckingham County: Scene from the Air Board Meeting

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On November 9, the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board heard testimony about a prposed compressor station in Buckingham County as part of Dominion Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Here’s an exchange that was taken from testimony between Air Board member Sam Bleicher and representatives from Dominion.

West Memphis, AR. Mayor Candidate Justice Hubert Bass at Unity Baptist Church

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Why am I running for Mayor of West Memphis, Arkansas 2014? It is simply because I love my City and The people in it and I feel that I have the skills to better our lives as it relates to my areas of focus.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT • Broaden contractual awards to include more businesses• Build co-ops and green industry• Develop Broadway, Missouri Street and the east-side of the city & other major areas of our city• Ensure that West Memphians are well represented with jobs and business ownership• Repair and develop city infrastructure (streets, sidewalks, public transportation, parks, sewage and water system)• Establish local, national and international economic marketing campaign designed to bring jobs and business to West Memphis and by extension to Crittenden County• Increase services for the elderly and disabled; women and children• Expand urban renewal zones

CRIME • Focus police power against serious crime• Establish strong but fair police department• Develop community patrols • Build alternatives for youth like urban youth corps, jobs, education, recreation• Youth police explorer program• Establish civilian review board

HEALTH AND CULTURE• Initiate health campaign to encourage a healthier citizenry• Promote and develop musical heritage, theatre and arts • Host a citywide community unity day and encourage all churches and community organizations and associations to participate; City Block Party

EDUCATION • Work with School District & Community College for stronger education & curriculum• Foster support for parent, student and teacher participation in an effort to increase graduation rates; and no more school to prison pipeline


Conversation on Racial Justice and Georgetown’s History with the Institution of Slavery

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Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia today announced next steps in the university’s ongoing process to acknowledge and respond to its historical ties to the institution of slavery.

In sharing the report and recommendations of the Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation, DeGioia said that the university will engage directly with descendants of slaves and with members of the Georgetown community in this ongoing effort.
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052 Justice of the Peace with Sharron L. Sauls : Ahwatukee Uncensored with Howard Farran

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Tukeetown is your destination to get recommendations on local businesses, find information on upcoming events, buy and sell items in the classifieds section, and listen to the latest Ahwatukee Uncensored podcast–all while connecting with your community! Our organized message boards give Ahwatukee residents an easier way to exchange viewpoints and discuss topics that matter to you and your community.

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Sharron L. Sauls graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse while competing on the Universities Women’s Track and Field Team. Sharron also earned a Masters of Legal Studies from the Sandra Day O’Connor Law School at Arizona State University while raising her two young children and is a certified Mediator with credentials from the Arizona State Attorney General’s Office.

Sharron has over 20 years of Social Service and Government experience ranging from several states such as; Milwaukee Wisconsin, Tarrant County Texas, Arlington Texas, Maricopa County, the City of Chandler Housing and Human Services Commission, and the City of Phoenix. Most recently, she was the Administrative Assistant II for the City of Phoenix Housing Department; where she served as Landlord Liaison, Staff Training Coordinator and Assistant to the Housing Manager.

Sharron was an experienced Landlord and Tenant Counselor for 13 years at the City of Phoenix, where she served as Lead Counselor for over 5 years. Sharron was the go to for media coverage and was personally requested by Media Experts such as Dave Cherry and Joe Ducey. Sharron has also provided guidance to the State Legislature on Senate Bills, the City of Phoenix City Council, and Mayors Office.

In her spare time, she has volunteered for Girl Scouts of America, the Kyrene School Districts Parent Teacher Organization, Phoenix Rescue Mission, City of Phoenix Domestic Violence Committee, Cultural Diversity Committee Chair, City of Chandler Housing and Human Service Commission Board Member and Cornerstone Christian Churches Men and Women Ministries.

Scales of Justice: Legal Ramifications for Sign Language Interpreters

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The 2016 court decision, Clarence Cepheus Taylor, III v. State of Maryland is important for interpreters to understand. It establishes safeguards to protect Deaf people’s Constitutional rights as well as allowing the court to hold interpreters accountable for their interpretations. More at: www.streetleverage.com

Police Brutality and Criminal Justice System Corruption Just Paid This Man Lots Of Money – QBM

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Police Brutality and Criminal Justice System Corruption Just Paid This Man Lots Of Money – QBM

Watch these videos to see how I did it:

A Message To Meek Mill – QuietBoyMusik

QuietBoyMusik Applies For Social Security Disability NYPD PTSD Depression Adjustment Disorder

Best Motivational Video For Police Brutality Victims EVER – INVEST – CEO – QuietBoyMusik

Social Security Office Calls NYPD Police AND The Feds On QuietBoyMusik – Mental Trauma

Real Social Security Disability Hearing For P.T.S.D. Caused By Police Brutality – QuietBoyMusik

Psychiatrist Speaks To Man About Trauma of Police Brutality / Prosecutor Misconduct – QuietBoyMusik

PTSD and Police Brutality: The Harmful Effects of False Arrest and Police Misconduct – QuietBoyMusik

Social Security Administration Exposed: A Documentary on Police Corruption and QuietBoyMusik

Back Story Here:

NYPD Deletes Video Camera Footage With Electromagnetic Pulse EMP!!! QuietBoyMusik Is Being Framed!!!

1st Amendment Audit Sgt. Steven Snopkowski Dodges QuietBoyMusik NYC Corruption

Judge Signs Subpoena For Missing NYPD Camera Footage That Can Clear QuietBoyMusik’s Name

(the nypd has yet to answer to the judge/court ordered subpoena in over a year and they are not being held in contempt!!!! smfh)

NYPD Sergeant Runs Scared Behind QuietBoyMusik’s Questioning About Corruption And Hidden Evidence

NYPD Corruption And Misconduct NYPD Hiding Video Evidence That Can Prove QueitBoyMusik’s Innocence

QuietBoyMusik Getting Arrested By The NYPD For Assault Of An Elderly White Woman SET UP EXPOSED

Video Exposing How African American Man Is Being Framed by Dirty NYPD Police / District Attorney QBM

QuietBoyMusik Revisits Scene Of Alleged Assault With Defense Attorney Subpoena NYPD Camera Video

QuietBoyMusik Interrogates Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Secret Service Security First Amendment Audit

Two NYPD Police Officers Get Approached And Questioned By QuietBoyMusik At The Brooklyn Bridge

Is QuietBoyMusik Crazy? Court Ordered Mental Health 730 Evaluation EXPOSED

Race War Started Between QuietBoyMusik And Defense Attorney Neo Nazi Charlottesville Protest

North Carolina Ecological Justice Organizing Tour | Promo

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On Sunday, August 12th at 10am there will be “A Spiritual Call to Address Ecological Devastation” at Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina with it’s pastor, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber, II and special guests, former Vice President Al Gore and the Director of the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, Karenna Gore. On Monday, August 13th at 6pm in Greensboro, NC, there will be a special “Ecological Justice Moral Monday” held at Shiloh Baptist Church, also featuring Dr. Barber, Vice President Gore and Karenna Gore. Both events will be LiveStreamed.

Green the Church Summit: Bringing Race, Religion and Environmental Justice Together

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Last week, church leaders from around the country met in Baltimore, MD for a two-day conference that aims to anchor today’s social and environmental movements within the church as a way of providing meaning and purpose to the upswell
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