Wedding Photography in the Rain- A REAL Wedding Workshop in Hocking Hills by Jason Lanier

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Join award winning wedding photographer Jason Lanier at his REAL Wedding Workshop in Hocking Hills, Ohio as he shoots the couple in the rain using off camera flash and LED lighting! PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE.

Using the Flashpoint RL600B and the Rotolight Neo, Jason creates stunning images in the caverns of the Hocking Hills State Park. For more information about Jason and his workshops please visit

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Jason Edwards – National Geographic Photographer – Podcast

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Have you listened to Episode 20 of Shootzu The Podcast yet? In our final show of 2018 – we sit down with National Geographic Photographer, Jason Edwards.

A very interesting listen about his journey into the photography industry and stories from his Nat Geo adventures! – Search for Shootzu the Podcast on iTunes, Spotify or listen right here!!

Jason Lanier Photography Unfiltered Episode #1- Getting to Know Us and Sweating Our Coconuts Off

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Join Jason and Emily for their first podcast together where they briefly discuss how they became world traveling photographers and where their journeys are leading them now. PLEASE THUMBS UP, SHARE, LEAVE A COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!!

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They share tips and tricks and answer questions from followers. Discussion points include: their shoot in Seattle in bear country, using the 300mm f/2.8 for a portrait shoot in Houston, shooting with the 400mm f/2.8 in 115 degree weather in Arizona and much more.

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How To Start Your Photography Career by Jason Lanier- 5 Steps to Become a Photographer

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Award winning landscape and wedding photographer Jason Lanier lists his 5 first steps for starting your photography career. There are so many things to learn and know about starting a career in photography that Jason decided to share his tips for success on what he did to get where he is today. The five steps include information regarding building your portfolio, improving your photography through competitions and critiques, investing in your own education, investing in gear, and building a website and your social media presence in the world.


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Ben is a photographer/videographer and is under constant physical stress. Here we demonstrate both full spine as well as shoulder, elbow, wrist and foot adjustments.













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Meet Celebrity Photographer Jason Joyce

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It’s kind of hard not to be star struck when talking to Jason Joyce. The London-based photographer—stylish in his own right—has captured some of the biggest names in entertainment: Bono, Elton John, Morgan Freeman, Nick Cave, David Hasselhof—to name-drop just a few. Recently, we stopped by Jason’s studio to turn the lens on him and get the lowdown on shooting the high life.

Cinematic lighting for photography: Jason Lanier uses Rotolight to show you how!

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This Halloween, we took Master of Light Jason Lanier to the hidden Fitzrovia Chapel. Who knew such beauty and serenity would be nestled away in the midst of London’s bustling streets?

We challenged Jason to create stunning results through an interesting narrative, in the theme of Tim Burton’s iconic Corpse Bride film. The chapel had limited ambient light but using flash would have blown out much of the stunning mosaic tiles. The solution? Rotolight’s award-winning continuous lighting solutions! With pre-cut coloured gels, Jason was able to create a striking blue hue to the whole chapel, which fit the Corpse Bride theme perfectly.

Watch how he did it!
Jason used a mix of the Rotolight range; the NEO 2s, AEOS and Anova PRO 2s and his own Westcott Halo diffuser.

For more information, visit or your nearest photographic retailer.

Talking Bird Photography with Jason P. Odell

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Photographer Jason P. Odell discusses the joys and challenges of capturing great bird photos. Jason presents what makes a dynamic bird photograph and gives his recommendations for cameras, lenses, and accessories. He also discusses camera settings for bird photography, including exposure and autofocus, and describes ways to post-process your own bird photographs.

Follow Jason Odell at and check out his upcoming photo safaris and workshops at

Eric Cheng, Photographer & Technologist: JASON STEM Role Model

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Eric Cheng is an award-winning photographer, technologist, drone expert, and author. He works at Oculus (Facebook) as Head of Immersive Media for Oculus Experiences. Throughout his career, Eric has straddled passions for photography, entrepreneurship, technology and communication.