During Japan Tsunami a strange creature was caught on camera – real footage

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Seeing this video many times, to check if someone made that up or understand what it is, is no use; This is a living creature jumped from a tree, jumped out of water and disappeared into mist.

@ minute 3:13 you see this creature changing and manifesting to show legs and a tail; and it knows its at risk of drowning so it keeps changing places to feel secure.

In this video the creature is captured during 3 times with logic sequence to events.

please comment on what you think this creature is….

Taking Pictures of Strangers in TOKYO Japan

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Photographer Kayleigh June and I visit Tokyo, Japan to approach strangers and ask them if they’d like their photo taken!
Thank you to all the beautiful people who stopped to let us photograph them!

Photographer Kayleigh

Kayleigh’s Youtube Channel

*Any disrespectful or rude comments aimed at any of the models featured in this video will be immediately deleted* They did us a favor by taking time out of their day to allow us to photograph them. Without them, we would not have this video. So please let’s be kind!

Thank you to our amazing videographer COLA!


My recent photo book – Japan street photography shot on Leica Q

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It is just a very short video to show you the photo book I made using some of the photos shot on my Leica Q during my recent Japan trip.
This also makes me think, do people still print photos in 2018/2019?
Has digital age killed our habit and need for printing out our photos?
When was the last time you printed your photos
#streetphotography #japan #photography

Travel Photography – Japan Autumn 2018

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The 17th to 29th November 2018 saw me travel half way across the World to Japan. To Osaka to be more precise. During 12 days I found autumn colour aplenty in Kyoto. Amazing cityscapes in Osaka. A beautiful lake with many temples and a strategically placed torii gate as well as going to the island of Miyajima.

Now, as it was my first time there I was concentrating more on my work rather than vlogging. So this is a half and half job whereby there is half a vlog and then the last part is some imagery and footage from some of the places I visited.

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#travelphotography #japan #autumn

Amazing Photographs Showing Life in Japan during the Late 1940s

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Amazing Photographs Showing Life in Japan during the Late 1940s

After Japan’s surrender in World War II, the country rapidly changed from an imperial nation under an emperor, to a democratic and demilitarized state.

Much of Japan lay in ruins after the war, devastated by air raids and the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Yet the country’s economy grew so fast that by 1964, Tokyo hosted the Olympic Games. Japan adopted a new, progressive constitution, allied with the United States and enshrined limits on the use of military force.

These amazing photographs were taken by an American lieutenant colonel in Counter Intelligence operations stationed in Kumamoto during the American occupation of Japan after World War II.
(Photos via Chad Nason via Flickr)

Best Sony Video camera – Field Tested in Japan

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The A7SII is a legend – the top of the consumer Alpha range of cameras in terms of video performance. But how does it stack up to the Sony FS5 – the entry level from the commercal cinema line of cameras?

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In Episode 3 we are took the Sony a97sII and FS5 to Tokyo!

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Working The Scene : JAPAN Street Photography #5 (Fujifilm X100F)

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Episode #5 of my Japan street photography series.
This time we explore the harbour city Kobe and try to find the best light and work the scene!


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Artist: The Kyoto Connection
Album: Kyoto Soundscapes
Title: Reveal the Magic
Licence: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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This is the promo video for the Japan Photo Tour and Workshop, held every winter in Japan. We choose the winter season to take advantage of the prime conditions for photographing the Japanese Snow Monkeys. Our itinerary is Tokyo, Nagano, Tsumago, and Kyoto. This video will be updated soon to reflect the itinerary change from Kanazawa to Tsumago. For more information please visit www.japanphototour.com.


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It seems that Sony’s latest Handycam video camera works even better than those X-ray vision glasses they used to advertise in the back of comic books.

The camera – with the aid of an inexpensive filter – can see through people’s clothing.

Don’t put it on your holiday gift list, though. Sony says it has stripped the special feature off new versions of the camera.

The world’s biggest electronics company never thought one of its most popular products, the Sony Handycam, would turn out to have x-ray vision.

However, a recent model includes an infrared nightscope, intended for taking pictures of nocturnal animals or birds.

The electronics giant found out about its product’s voyeuristic potential from an article in ‘Takarajima’, Japan’s biggest selling men’s magazine.

The magazine reported that a filter costing less than seven U-S dollars enables Handycam users to look beneath certain kinds of clothing during the daytime when the camera’s “night shot” mode is activated.

The article was accompanied by a dozen photos it said were taken with the camera using different colours of clothing, wet and dry, on women models.

The magazine’s editor in chief defended his decision to run the story.

SOUNDBITE: (Japanese)
“It is clear that this way of secret-filming will be a new genre among sex maniacs. Before it will become a real boom among them, we wanted to raise this issue as a problem to the public. This kind of thing should not be within our reach. That’s why we decided to run this article.

You can license this story through AP Archive:
Find out more about AP Archive:

CAMERA SHOPPING IN TOKYO – Tested All The Lenses And

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Camera shopping in Tokyo Japan – Today I’m taking you to one of the biggest camera store in the world here in Tokyo, Japan.
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I got the chance to test a lot of lenses for my Sony A7R3 and different cameras. Let’s indulge in gear talks! ps: surprise location at the end of the video!

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Chris Parkes Photographer at Studio 102 Plymouth Barbican

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A Photographer to watch out for. Very talented.

Opening Nigh.t Studio 102. Stand Out Art Exhibition
Part 1
With Gypsy Watkins
Chris Parkes

t’s the last Exhibition in 2018 at Studio 102 Vauxhall Street Thd Barbican Plymouth P,L4 0DD
Tel 01752-256704

Kyoto Japan X Street Photography, Fujifilm X-T20

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Read the corresponding blog-post at

Prepared at a very fast pace to give you an idea of my shoot-rate, filtering between day and night, in the sequence reality took place. It’s a visual diary of my trip to Kyoto, Japan.

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Bridging the Gap: Classical Art Designed for Photographers | Adam Marelli

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Bridging the gap of classical art and street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson combined the two practices and set the world of photography on a new course. We look at how he and his followers at Magnum, converted the lessons from classical artists into the photojournalism, street photography, and portraiture. We will introduce the visual language, examining its basic grammar and the ways in which photographers can build up each element in their own work. They will be given specific examples from master painters who were proto-street photographers.

Viewers will walk away with a completely new way of viewing the design accomplishments of classical art. Museums and galleries will breathe with new life as the geometry of art and design is decoded specifically for photographers. You will be given a list of “common compositional mistakes” that many photographers make because the they are only taught to artists. We will also reveal where the “Rule of Thirds” comes from and look at additional techniques to use with a 35mm format.

Adam Marelli’s Site

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Cameras, robots and virtual reality in Japan – BBC Click

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Click checks out the latest technology in Japan, from translation tools to virtual reality arcades, with robots in-between.

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