iPhone 5 Take: DOVER Hydraulic Elevator At Fashion Square Mall – Scottsdale, Arizona

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This video was recorded from an iPhone 5 in 1080p HD.
Brand: DOVER
Type: Hydraulic
Capacity: 3500 lbs.
Fixtures: Impulse
Motor: Unknown
Total Floors: 3 (ST, 1, 2)

FOUND HACKER SECRET EXPLORING CLASSROOM! (Trapped in Creepy Abandoned Room) iPhone Confiscated

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After I tried to ESCAPE ABANDONED HOSPITAL (Trapped in Creepy Haunted Room for 24 Hour Overnight Challenge) I was trapped in a scary and creepy abandoned classroom. I hope this isn’t a 24 hour challenge at 3am in real life. I found my iPhone connected to a mysterious laptop with a hacker code program running. I contacted Vy Qwaint to let her know I was not missing. She was trapped in a prison but escaped to rescue me. I explored the abandoned classroom to search for a treasure map or clues or puzzles to solve the mystery of who trapped me inside this room. I think this place is haunted, I think I saw a ghost in the window. I may be caught on camera by the YouTuber hacker. He likes to control my life. There were no secret passageways or secret hidden tunnels to crawl through and I my ninja weapons and spy gadgets were lost and stolen! We found Illuminati triangles on the map where Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer, Lizzy Sharer, Carl & Jinger live. We found proof that he hackers learn at this classroom and proof that they listen to what we say! Thank you for watching my PG family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!

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Guava Juice – Proof That Google Listens To Everything You Say! ~ Disturbing


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Here We Go Again: FBI Unable To Decrypt Texas Shooter’s iPhone

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation can’t decrypt a phone belonging to the gunman who killed 26 people in Sutherland Springs, Texas.
According to Gizmodo, the FBI’s announcement will likely start another battle between law enforcement and technology companies over encryption.
The issue first arose over the FBI wanting Apple’s help to decrypt the iPhones of the San Bernadino shooters.
FBI Special Agent Christopher Combs says the phone was flown to Quantico for examination. But so far, the FBI has been unable to unlock it.

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Black Friday iPhone Potato Scam || ViralHog

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Occurred on November 19, 2017 / Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

“I decided to go get some gas before church and saw a truck that was selling items on it, with a sign that said Black Friday sale, so I pulled over. They had everything on the truck that I can name ,such as hair, watches, shoes, clothes, laptops , cell phones, socks, DVD’s and CD’s. I asked the guy about the iPhone 6 that he was selling and he said if I buy it today, he’ll give it to me for $100. I had the phone in my hand and I asked him to call it, the phone rang. Then, after I paid him he turned around as if he was putting the phone in the box, I didn’t know until I got home, to open my new phone box to cut up potatoes. I never went back out looking for him because I blamed myself for not rechecking the box and it was funny to me.”

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iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S Water Damage Repair – iCracked.com

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– iCracked, the world’s largest iPhone repair company, shows you how to repair your water-damaged iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. iCracked offers easy DIY Repair Kits and videos. Visit iCracked.com to find out about our convenient repair options and fix your broken iPhone today!

Need your device repaired ASAP instead? Have one of our worldwide iTechs repair it! That’s right. We have over five hundred on-demand, mobile iTechs that would love to schedule a time to help you and fix your device today! Head on over to iCracked.com to find your local iTech!

Looking for as little hassle as possible? We understand! Our Mail-In Service is perfect for you. Have a professional, in-house iTech at iCracked HQ repair your device and ship it back to you same day, all for one, low flat rate.

Whichever option you choose, iCracked.com exists to help you return your device to spectacular condition, no questions asked. So let us know how we can help!

You can reach us via Chat ( ) or send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call 1-877-700-0349. We’re available Monday – Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

P.S. We’re actually kind of a cool company, so be sure to check us out online!

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Mobile repairing course #4 iPhone Water Damage Repair

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This mobile repairing course online is about how to fix a water damage iPhone.
How to fix an iPhone 7 that has been wet with sea water. In this video we are going to repair an iPhone A1660 that does not start because of the humidity. It is a video a little bit longer than normal but where we show you all the steps for do the right cleaning.
Step 1: Disassembly the iPhone completely.
Step 2: Look under the microscope for the motherboard, possible humidity, rust, motherboard damage, short circuit, burned components.
Step 3: Insert the motherboard into the ultrasonic washer.
Step 4: Clean the base plate manually + cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.
Step 5: We clean the connectors and the motherboard manually.
Step 6: With a heat gun dry the motherboad, 10 minutes 50º.
Step 7: We put the motherboard plus the components.
Step 8: check the correct functionality of the


How to Professionally Repair iPhone Water Damage

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Dropping a board in a jewelry cleaner and calling it “cleaned” is really not okay. We have to spread the word and encourage best practices so that our industry can continue to inspire customer confidence.

This video shows you exactly what we are missing when we fail to desolder the EMI shields and tackle the bottom side of wet iPhone boards. This is a MUST for proper water damage cleaning for anyone charging money for the service.

›iPad Rehab Website Link:
—Mail in Repair Services
—Data Recovery
—Practical Board Repair School
—Repair Industry Blog

Jessa’s Equipment Links:

USB ammeter:
Bona fide MFI charging cables

Recommended microscope:
Light ring for microscope:
0.5x Barlow lens–to increase working distance:

My soldering station with standard iron:
Primary soldering tool–mini hot tweezers
Favorite tips for mini hot tweezer:
Favorite tip for standard iron: BC2

›Ultrasonic cleaning:
Crest iphone sized cleaner:
Branson EC cleaning fluid:

›Hot Air:
My hot air station: JBC TE-1QD not available on Amazon, $1500
Recommended station: Quick861dw: CODE JESSA

›Small supplies:
My favorite tweezers–
My favorite flux:
My favorite solder:
Kapton tape:
My blue mat:
Cutting board I solder on:
Low melt alloy:

›Diagnostic tools:
DC Power supply:
Multimeter: Fluke 115
Fine point tips for multimeter:
Freeze spray:
Zxwtool: Use code JESSA

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iPhone Water Damage Repair With Ultrasonic

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Nearly 80% of the repair shops still use brush to fix the water damaged iPhone motherboard. It processes very slow and sometimes ineffective. This time REWA LAB presents a new water damaged iPhone repair with ultrasonic cleaner.
Check the products and order now:
Ultrasonic Cleaner:
Maintenance Platform:
Screw Drivers:
Tweezers (ESD–10 / ESD–15):
Anti-static Wrist Strap:
Anti-static Wrist Strap:
LCD Opening Pliers (M):
Cutting Nipper:
Electron Microscope:
DC Power Supply:
Soldering Iron:
Hot Air Gun:

Any questions and demands please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]


How To Fix a Water Damaged iPhone

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Today I show you how to quickly fix any water damaged phone. This fast repair technique works with all types of phones, tablets & iPods! No matter how badly water damaged your phone is, you’ll be able to fix it in minutes for free! No need to send it off for repairs, just follow the easy step by step instructions & your phone will be good as new in no time. Please note this method works with all models of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy as well as all other major phone brands.

Show everyone how simple it is to repair a water damaged phone!

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HowToBasic howtobasic How To Basic

12/29/12 Advice on Muslims Visiting Churches and Other Places of Worship

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12/29/12 Advice on Muslims Visiting Other Places of Worship. Recorded live from United States, South Carolina, Columbia on my iPad on 12/29/12 at 7:24 PM EST – Captured Live on Ustream at with the Ustream Mobile App

Latest Method On How To Fix/Repair Your Dead Water Damaged & Rescue Apple iPhone 6 6s 2016

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Please follow my method on how to bring back your dead Apple iPhone 6 6s. This method will work on ALL of Mainboard/Motherboard/IC Chips/Circuit Board from “Water Damaged”! Either you drop your device into toilet, sink, pool, and etc.

Successful fixed my customer iPhone 6 with my method. Customer brought this phone to me when it will not turned on at all and totally dead. Tools needed it include in my previous videos shown below, must watch to see it and believe it! Don’t give up and “Just Do It!”.

This is a tutorial on how to disassemble a water damaged Apple iPhone 6 & 6s smartphone. Please click on below links to link to my other tutorial videos on how to remove mainboard, motherboard, circuit board with step-by-step instructions.

*DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS! Not Liable For Any Damages To All Of Your Mainboard/Motherboard/Logic Board!!! USED IT AT YOUR OWN RISKS!

Easiest Way/Method To Repair ANY Water Damaged Phones Without Removing Any Radiation Shields or IC Chips!!!

Unboxing New Ultrasonic Cleaner:

Ultrasonic Full Review:

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 1 (Removal of LCD/Digitizer):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 2 (Removal of Mainboard/Motherboard/Circuit Board):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 3 (Cleaning Process):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 4 (Ultrasonic Cleaning):

Disassemble iPhone 6/6s Part 5 (Rescue Successful?):

How To Fix Missing IMEI & No Sound iPhone 6 128GB Rose Gold:

Intro Designed by Joseph Hung
Outro Designed by Jason