Realme U1 vs Redmi Note 6 PRO Including Camera Comparison

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Realme U1 vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro smartphone comparison which one do you think is better I do a practical 5 point comparison including camera comparison so that you can decide which smartphone is better for you.

Realme U1 Unboxing & Overview video

Redmi Note 6 Pro Unboxing & Overview

5 PHOTOGRAPHY COMPOSITION TIPS, including 70+ examples with Michelle Doherty Photography

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This fast-paced tutorial demonstrates 5 different way to improve your photographic composition, with diagrams & over 70 examples:

#1. The rule of thirds (and breaking it while still finding balance within the frame)
#2. Focus on only a portion of your subject
#3. Mask your subject with something in the forefront
#4. Use lines & curves
#5. Seek out interesting angles

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