Screaming sounds in the woods, rocks thrown at camera – Georgia, 2013

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I left my camera in the woods to video deer and recorded someone or somethin screaming and throwing rocks at my camera .Im pretty sure its just kids or a homeless person messing around. Whatever it is it never showed itself on camera. I been hiking and camping since I was little, and Ive heard just about every animal in Georgia but I never heard anything like this. There are no moose, elk, or mountain lions in Georgia.

The video was filmed here, for anyone asking:


I still think yall are full of shit saying its a bigfoot but but now I know at least some of these sounds were definitely made by a person. Our neighbor Rob, a good friend of mine recently told me that his kid Gavin found my camera in the woods. Apparently he thought it would be hilarious to make cave man noises off screen to mess with me. When I asked them if Gavin did all the screaming too, he said he didnt know what I was talking about, so I showed them the video. According to Gavin, the only part of the video with him on it is from 3:27 onward, after I put the camera out the second time. Neither of them had any clue where the first part of the video came from. I still say it’s probably a person or some animal, but Im not 100% sure. I just feel better knowing no one was actually trying to break my camera.


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Ballerina photoshoot and video camera test Canon EOSM50 Tbilisi Georgia beautiful view

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Had some fun on the weekend with my friend former ballerina @nutssash (Instagram account) and test my new camera Canon EOSM50^^

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Stunning Hotel Georgia Wedding Videography Vancouver Holy Rosary Cathedral

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“It has to be funny. You have to make people laugh, and you have to make people cry. And YOU have to cry!” These were Ramona’s instructions for her brother Charlie’s reception speech, though it may well have been a synopsis for her wedding video. Really, if a wedding film makes all these things happen, it would be one awesome piece of art. Charlie’s speech was all that; it was so good we’d put it in the “best wedding toast ever” category.

To make things extra awesome, Ramona and Marc were getting married at the Holy Rosary Cathedral, possibly the most stunning Catholic Cathedral in all of Vancouver, and having their reception at Rosewood Hotel Georgia, one of the very best premier wedding venues in town. We have to thank the staff of Hotel Georgia, who gave us full access to the stylish Prohibition bar – you’ll definitely take notice when you see the shots from there! And did we mention there was a drone shoot too? Enjoy the ride!

Vancouver wedding venues: Holy Rosary Cathedral (ceremony), Rosewood Hotel Georgia (reception)

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GENIUS Robotics – Wheelchair Backup Camera in Use

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Engineers from CATEA (Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access) at Georgia Tech helped us reinstall the backup camera on Quinn’s wheelchair. Quinn’s backup camera was temporarily removed from his wheelchair because he got a new seat. Quinn was happy to have his backup camera on his wheelchair again.

Travis and Briana Broome’s Wedding by Sweet Tea Videography

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What a sweet couple! Congratulations! I love that you wrote your own vows!
(Go Alabama!)

Thanks for having Sweet Tea Videography film your gorgeous wedding!
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Travis and Briana’s wedding took place at Perrys Landing in Hephzibah, GA.

Music is a combination of a few different versions of 1000 Years by Christina Perri

Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Walk 2014

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We asked curators and photographers at the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Portfolio Review reception about the event and what it means to attend.

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Atlanta Wedding Videography: Cherise and Jake

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What can I say about Cherise and Jake…they are two of the sweetest, most genuine, and fun people that I have ever met! I first met them when we ventured down to Mobile, AL to film their epic prelude video. I got to spend the day with them and their friends. I have to admit, it was one of my favorite film days. That is, until this wedding! This was one of the most elaborate and beautiful weddings we have ever been a part of and it was even more special as it felt we were with friends the entire day. From the full marching band, the the amazing sorority ceremony, to a live performance from the spectacular Chrisette Michele, it simply had it all. I loved every second of it and wish Cherise and Jake nothing but the best! Enjoy!

If you watch in HD, here’s a quick tip!! Press Play once, then Pause and let the video load, then press Play again. Or just click HD off and enjoy! Thanks for your patience!

Gear taken with us:
1 – Canon 5D Mark iii
1 – Canon 5D Mark ii
1 – Canon EF 85mm f/1.2
1 – Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
1 – Canon 14mm f/2.8 L II
1 – Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8
1 – Manfrotto 561BHDV
1 – Manfrotto with 501 heads
1 – Glidetrack HD Slider
1 – Edelkrone Sliderplus
1 – Glidecam HD 2000
1 – Litepanels On-Board Light
1 – Rode VideoMic Pro

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