Fill Flash Wildlife Photography: How to Use it in the Field

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Fill-in Flash for Wildlife Photography: How to Use it in the Field. Fill-flash is a great technique for wildlife photography – if you do it right. In this photography tutorial I show you how to use it practically in the field and get balanced exposures. There’s also comparison photos showing with and without flash, so that you can see exactly how it works. This video is rather epic, weighing in at just under 18 minutes… most of my videos barely make 7! Please stick with it: there’s some valuable information in here.!

Filmed with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX500.
Equipment: Canon 1DX Mark i, Canon 400mm f5.6 EF USM lens; Canon Speedlite Flash 580 EXii.

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Sophomore Makeout by Silent Partner
Winds of Spring by The 126ers

Aperture & Depth of Field made EASY – Photography Course Pt 5

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At last! Aperture, f/numbers and depth of field explained in a way that makes sense! We look at understanding ‘Av mode’ / ‘A mode’ on your camera, some common issues and problems, how to get the best blurry background for portrait photos and a deep depth of field for landscapes, finishing with practical session #2.

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A Videographer’s Guide to Lenses – Focal Length and Field of View

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Focal length is a primary characteristic of any lens. Scientifically speaking it is the distance between the optical center of your lens and your sensor, measured in millimeters. Using lenses with different focal lengths can have dramatic effects on your final shot. It alters the angle of view, space compression, and depth of field.

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Field work with camera traps!

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Where to learn about biodiversity best than in nature itself? Associate professor Thijs Bosker and Leiden University College student Sebastiaan Grosscurt talk about their teaching and research project that involves the use of camera traps.

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In The Field: Choosing An Aperture For Landscape Photography #260

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This week is a Q & A episode. Well, one big question, actually. Alan asked me how I select an aperture for a landscape scene. In particular, when do I choose “partial stop” apertures like f/13 or f/14. Join me In The Field for a chat about aperture, and when I deviate from full stop values.

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Sally Field graciously signing our photographs (September ’18)

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Nikon 200-500mm f5.6 Wildlife Photography field REVIEW | Bird Photography Tips

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After a few months with a hectic schedule I’m back and today we are talking about the Nikon 200-500mm f5.6!

Over the last few months I’ve had a boat loads of questions about this lens and how it performs out in the field, so I took the opportunity to borrow one for Nikon Professional Services and test it out for the last couple of weeks in-between my other commitments!

The lens certainly performs well for the price, a good compromise between size, wight, performance and cost, giving a great all rounder for wildlife photographers. Paired with a D500 or D850 it’s a flexible option priced very competitively for its performance.

If you require the best of the best the 200-500 still wont out perform the super tele lenses and pro grade optics, but in a way you’d hope it wouldn’t!

If you are on a budget the 200-500 is a great lens and you can pick one up on the links below (Any purchase helps me keep making content but costs you nothing!)
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West Coast Love Los Angeles Wedding Videography by The Vision Field

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Michael and Lisa’s Mc Cormack Home Ranch Wedding
filmed and edited by The Vision Field
Los Angeles and Nationwide
Traveling for Love

One Minute Preview Trailer

Camera Man Trips on Field After Dolphins Touchdown

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Best Sony Video camera – Field Tested in Japan

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The A7SII is a legend – the top of the consumer Alpha range of cameras in terms of video performance. But how does it stack up to the Sony FS5 – the entry level from the commercal cinema line of cameras?

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Welcome to a new series where we take great gear to beautiful locations and test it out in real life situations. Part travel show – part gear review.

In Episode 3 we are took the Sony a97sII and FS5 to Tokyo!

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Fujifilm X-T3 – FIELD TESTED – World’s Best APSC Camera?

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This thing destroys the competition in many ways – GH5 beaten for video and ergonomics and the fuji optics are up there with the best of full frame!

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Canon EOS – Getting Started: Depth of Field Photography

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Experiment with one of the most creative tools in the photographers arsenal. Chris Bray introduces the term depth of field which is defined as what is in focus in front of and behind the subject. A shallow depth of field directs a viewers attention to a specific part of a photograph, while a deep depth of field allows everything in the photograph to be in focus. Join in, find the inspiration for your photography and share at

Macro Photography Tutorial – How to Shoot on White Background in the Field

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From the rainforests of Ecuador, I use a Canon 100mm macro and MP-E 65mm macro lens to demonstrate how I get clean, studio-like photos of insects in the field. For more of my photography, check out:

Filmed by Danny Hoyt, Produced by Phil Torres

Advanced Photography: Macro | Field Craft

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In this video, Ross shares some valuable insider tips on the field craft required for macro photography, including finding the right subject, setting up a shot, focusing, shooting hand-held and much more.

Join award-winning macro and wildlife photographer Ross Hoddinott for a three-part guide to improving your close-up photography skills. Ross offers a comprehensive introduction to macro photography, including top tips for working in the field, kit recommendations, composition guidance and camera settings. Featuring multiple examples of Ross’s incredible shots, this series provides the inspiration and advice you’ll need to take your macro shooting to the next level.

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