Payson Utah Temple interior features local themes, symbolism

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Lana Hiskey, public affairs chair for the Payson Utah Temple, explains local themes and decorative symbolism of one of the newest Utah temples for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The temple is scheduled for dedication June 7, 2015 and will become the 146th operating temple for the LDS Church.

DO: Baton Rouge Exposed Features Belle of Baton Rouge

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Located in downtown BR, Belle of Baton Rouge has everything needed for a memorable weekend – a vibrant casino, excellent entertainment, delicious dining and ideal areas for meetings, conventions and events.

103 France Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802
(225) 378-6000

Your Palace in the Sky – features Benny Hill – 1972

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TS Terminal 3 London Heathrow Airport. Sign Terminal Three. Man hails taxi and gets in. TS Taxi on MA Motorway. Dissovle to water wheel in India, tilt up to ox working it. GV’s of Palace. Man walking along side Air India Jumba jet. Passenger greeted by air hostesses in sari. Shots of passenger on plane being helped by air hostess. Jumbo jet takes off. Air hostess play pat-a-cake with small Indian girl. Passenger walks through Jumbo jet to show size and amenties. Air Hostess puts blanket over lady passenger. Shots of the first class lounge. Passenger drinks champange. Hostess pours vodka and tonic and serves. Food being served. Passengers drinking. CU’s of the Hostess Rajistani dress. MS Palace at Rajistan. Air ro air shot of Jumbo jet. Mural on wall of First class lounge. Pan around Indian palace show murals on walls. Air to Air Jumbo. Interior cockpit showing crew at work. CU onboard computer. Air to Air jumbo. Shots of cockpit. Hot towls handed to passengers. Steward and hostess serving dinner, laying out clothes and cutlery. Ext. Indian palace. Interior of Palace doors opening. Indian dancing girl in passengers fantasy. CU’s food. Food being served. Passengers eating and drinking. Passenger enjoys coffe and liquer. Pilots POV landing. Pan across Jumbo jet on tarmac. Lugggage unloaded. Jumbo landing at London Heathrow. TS taxi on motorway. Benny Hill leans out of window and talks to camera and then looks up to top of taxi pull back to show passenger and air hostess sitting on top. Taxi travelling along road and through London street with them on top, passes Air India office. The End on back of baby elephant which walks towards Benny Hill. Comedy sequence with Benny using elephant as taxi elephant runs off so gives lady passenger a piggy back.

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