Lighting Faces Using Grids Ep 107: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: Adorama Photography TV

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Adorama Photography TV presents Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace. In this episode, Mark shows how to add a highlight to a model’s face using a grid on the key light.

Using light grids is helpful when shooting portraits because it creates a slightly brighter face for added interest. It also is useful for subjects who have skin imperfections, as this light will help smooth those out in the picture.

AdoramaTV features talented hosts including: Mark Wallace, Gavin Hoey, Joe McNally, Joe DiMaggio, Tamara Lackey, Bryan Peterson, and Rich Harrington.

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Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G

Profoto D1 1000 Watt Second Air

Profoto Softbox 4’x6′

Profoto Softbox 2’x3′

Profoto Zoom Reflector 2

Profoto 10 Degree Honeycomb Grid

Sekonic L-758DR Light Meter

Benro A2690TBH1 Travel Angel Aluminum Tripod

Matthews Baby Jr. Triple Riser Stand with Wheels

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4

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Taking EX PROJECT ZORGO CAMERAS & Exploring Pictures of Abandoned Riddles from Announcement Speech

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After Vy Qwaint made EX PROJECT ZORGO MEMBER HACKS SAFE HOUSE & MYSTERY BOX (Exploring Top Secret Announcement Jan 12th) Daniel uploaded HACKERS are putting CAMERAS in our HOUSE! (Using Decoder on Florida Riddles Recap) and I, Chad Wild Clay created I CRASH PROJECT ZORGO MEETING & SECRET SPEECH with VY QWAINT (Spy Gadget in Hacker Mask), we discovered there was another meeting at a headquarters location way from the luxor, so we infiltrated the escape room and began to explore. We went undercover, disguising ourselves. Vy found the script fo the speech and erased the location of our safe house address and put something funny instead. We also hacked their mask so we have a backup plan. Unfortunately, our adventure did not go according to plan. After we escaped the room we got a message on our iPhone X from the Zorgo boss himself. He’s the mystery man on the Project Zorgo YouTube channel. A date was disclosed revealing January 12th to be a horrible day for the CWC ninja crew. It reminds me of the Doomsday Date! The PZ member will try to overtake our Safe House! A handful of Ex Project Zorgo members approached our fort in real life and they took pictures of us with their camera spy devices. We have to confiscate them and break them open with ninja gadgets haul and see what secrets they are hiding. Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!

Watch my friend’s awesome videos:
Rebecca Zamolo – GAME MASTER has a REBECCA ZAMOLO Twin Disguise! (New Hidden Camera Face Reveal in My House)

Guava Juice – Escape The Abandoned School Bus

Team Edge – Capture the Person on the Run!! | High Powered Net

Stephen Sharer – GAME MASTER STEALS TOP SECRET SPY GADGET MACHINE!! (Testing Device for Project Zorgo Meeting Date)

MrBeast – Giving Friend One Hour To Spend $100,000 Challenge

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Exploring Montana – Horses, Videography, and Life – Montana-Wyoming Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range

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For our first episode on season two, we head out to where the series began last year: back to the Wild Horse Range! Except this time, things don’t go exactly to plan and we take a reflective journey to how we got here.

Previous Season’s Wild Horse Range Video:

Fasten your exploration seatbelts because today we’re back on the Wild Horse Range. Well, sorta – stick around for a little bit and let’s see where the journey takes us.
It’s been about six months since I shot the initial footage. So I thought I needed to reintroduce it. Explain that maybe sometimes we don’t end up where we think we might be in the end. And sometimes it’s more about The Journey. Actually, I’m not even towing a trailer right now. This? This is just water.
This trip, my priority was to visit the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center to better understand how the horses faired over the long winter and advice on what to look for on my journey. If you plan on taking a trip to the range, this is an excellent resource for information. The staff has always been friendly and accommodating to me. If you’re looking for a fully guided tour by the people that have the most intimate knowledge on the range as well as the vehicles and skills to navigate the rocky terrain, these are the folks to come see.
But today, I’m in search of something special. Something I wasn’t able find last time I visited.
It is a beautiful day out there, guys. We’ve already been through the long journey up the mountain. And to those who haven’t seen it, there will be a link in the description to last season’s video. So let’s go ahead and skip some of the old and see what we can capture new.
Here we go. We’re about a third of the way up and here is the first horse I’ve spotted over the left. I’ll leave you alone buddy.
We’re climbing in elevation and it’s getting kinda chilly up here.
Ghost Tree.
Stud Pile.
I love these fields here. They are just full of flowers right now. Everything’s green. This is my favorite part of the journey on Burnt Timber Ridge Road – along this area.
I do believe that is a foal right over there laying down!
[playful music volume increases]
A few months have passed since my last visits to the range. I’ve made numerous attempts to journey back but none of those have really panned out. Now I’m back and in search of the foals I saw earlier this year.
The snow and cold temperatures have arrived. So today, I came in my daily driver to shelter from the wind and the chill.
So far, I haven’ had much luck. I’ve journeyed up from the dry climate below, all the way up to the snowline – carefully scanning the horizon for our equine friends. Every once in a while I see some tracks from wild horses or coyotes, and rabbits. There’s quite a bit of human footprints up here as well.
The snow is getting deeper in some of these shady areas, and I’m trying to be mindful of my unaltered street vehicle.
Well guys, I’ve finally reached my limit right up there and was forced to back down. The conditions are slick and with my open differentials and less than stellar off-road tires, I may have met my match.
Before I take another go at this area up here, I want to check the snow level and make sure it’s even worth driving up there. I haven’t seen any signs of the horses lately, so I think that we’re actually going to be having better luck behind us.
There’s signs of life everywhere, but these appear to be a couple days old though.
You know, as I continue to drive on, I’m beginning to feel a bit frustrated. So right now as it stands, I have an incomplete film and I’m just looking for that last little bit to push me over. I just can’t seem to find what I’m looking for up here.
Uh- now you do you do plan on having horses on your on your Wild Horse Range film, right? Hello? Right?
I’ve really gotta rethink this.
Where could they be? I planned this. I took advice and researched before I left.
I journeyed far up the mountain, and back down again. Every half mile stopping, getting out the vehicle, hiking on top of the hills, and the next hill, and then the next. Sometimes seeing signs of life. I know they’re here – they’re all around me.

Music By

“Blue Bio”
Lakey Inspired

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“Up-lifting”, “Ultra”

Licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

“Leavin The Lights”
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** Bogfoot Film Facts **
Episode: Season 2, Episode 1
Chronological Episode Number: 7
Number of Cameras on Set: 6
Number of Cameras used in Final Edit: 5
Number of Filming Days: 3
Post Edit Hours: ~50
Squatch Factor: Low

Landscape Photography Scotland – Nikon D7200 Camera – Exploring Glencoe.

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Landscape Photography Scotland – Nikon D7200 Camera – Exploring Glencoe.

Landscape photography trip up to Glencoe to try and capture an early morning sunrise. However the weather was not the best so decided to use it as an opportunity to practice and also explore areas for future landscape photographs. Had some issues with my new camera the Nikon D7200 and pictures from this trip. Have now found out with help from a fellow photographer who was kind enough to spend a morning with me to look at what I was doing wrong.

Mistake number one was having not switching off the VR (Vibration Reduction) on the lens when mounted on the tripod.

Second mistake was the f/ stops that I was using ideally with my lens. Should really have been around f/8 – f/11 as they seem to be the sharpest for what I was looking for.

Something that I am also getting to keen on using is HDR or merged images that are giving some of the photographs I had taken a cartoon / painting type look to them. So need to do more research and tone down on how much I use this technique.

Always trying new things and techniques in the art of outdoor filmmaking. Also now adding and learning the art of landscape photography. So now using both mediums I hope to capture my experiences visiting and exploring this amazing place I am lucky to live in called Scotland.

So as always thanks for watching and if you enjoyed my film please thumbs up and subscribe and until the next time, take care.

Atb Ray.


Despite their modest height, walking and climbing in the Scottish mountains may be made treacherous by their latitude and exposure to Atlantic weather systems. Even in summer, conditions can be atrocious; thick fog, strong winds, driving rain and freezing summit temperatures are commonplace. The content shown in my films are just my own opinions, thoughts and as a way to record my trips. Walking and hiking in the Scottish mountains & hills can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk.

Hazards you may encounter include:

Open moorland Terrain, few distinct landmarks, difficult navigation.
Crags and steep drops near summits.
Boggy areas.
River/Stream levels can increase markedly in one day.
Snow and ice on summits even in early summer.
Sudden changes in weather conditions.
Temperature decreases by 1 degree C for every 100m of ascent.


You are responsible for your own safety.
Are you fit enough to complete your chosen walk in the available time?
Ensure you have the correct clothing for the changeable Scottish weather.
Know where you are going on the walk and follow the route on your map.
At the very least carry a map & compass, survival bag, torch, whistle and small first aid kit.
Ensure you have enough food plus emergency rations.
Cold temperatures will reduce the life of your batteries.

In severe winter conditions you must carry an ice axe. You are also recommended to carry crampons.

Learn and know how to use your equipment.


Filmed with ‘GoPro Hero 4’ & ‘Panasonic VX980EB-K’ in 4K

Be aware that all film content and information is copyright and cannot be used for commercial or public purposes.

One Light Low-Key Portrait: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

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This is part four of a four-part series on basic lighting principles. In this episode Mark Wallace puts it all together to create a low-key portrait. Mark uses the position of light, light modifiers, and the effective size of the light to create this look. These techniques can be used in almost any studio to create your own low-key portraits.

Related Products at Adorama:

Leica M10 Mirrorless Digital Rangefinder Camera, Black

Leica 50mm f/1.4 SUMMILUX-M Aspherical -Black

Profoto B2 250 AirTTL To-Go Kit

Profoto Air Remote Transceiver

Profoto 2′ Octagonal Off-Camera Flash Softbox

Profoto Off-Camera Flash Speedring for Profoto B1 and B2

Profoto 2′ Octagonal Off-Camera Flash Softgrid

Photos by Mark Wallace
Instagram: @jmarkwallace

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Blurry or Out Of Focus: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Views:9342|Rating:4.83|View Time:11:12Minutes|Likes:443|Dislikes:16

In this episode, Mark Wallace explains the difference between an image that is blurry and one that is out of focus. Understanding the difference will help you create sharper images. Mark also explains how to shoot better images when not using a tripod.

Related Products at Adorama:

Leica M10 Mirrorless Digital Rangefinder Camera, Black

Leica 50mm f/1.4 SUMMILUX-M Aspherical -Black

MeFOTO GlobeTrotter Aluminum Travel Tripod Kit

Model: Nadia Boulif: @nadiaboulif

**All you need to know about focusing your camera**

Focus Basics: Ep 210: Digital Photography 1 on 1

**Watch these videos to learn how to freeze motion with a flash**

Smash, Flash, and Freeze: Ep 113: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Sync Speed and Flash Duration: Ep 17: Digital Photography 1 on 1

Crazy Fun Lighting: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Photos by Mark Wallace
Follow Mark on Instagram: @jmarkwallace

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Landscape Photography: Exploring Dartmoor

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I do some hiking and landscape photography on Dartmoor, and try to find an iconic yet elusive location – Venford Falls. Dark, cold and rainy, the winter weather in Dartmoor National Park was bleak, but provided perfect conditions to photograph rocks, trees and water. Venford Falls was so gloomy and dark, I didn’t need an ND filter!

#LandscapePhotography #Dartmoor #ExploreDevon

Landscape Photography | Exploring Negative Space and Minimalism

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Its the first photography vlog of the new year and I am exploring negative space and minimalism. Today’s landscape photography, vlog is a collaboration with two other skilled photographer’s Nick Smith and Tom O’neill.


Toms Channel:

Nicks Channel:













Retouching Skin Using Frequency Separation: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Views:7018|Rating:4.70|View Time:14:47Minutes|Likes:433|Dislikes:28

In this episode, Mark Wallace demonstrates the power of editing with frequency separation in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019. Mark walks through the entire process, from setting up the lighting, the shoot, and all the steps involved in editing your images.

Related Products at Adorama:

Wacom Intuos Pro Creative Pen Tablet, Medium, Black

Leica M10 Mirrorless Digital Rangefinder Camera, Black

Leica 50mm f/1.4 SUMMILUX-M Aspherical -Black

Profoto Air Remote Transceiver

Profoto D1 500/500 Air Studio Kit

Profoto 3′ RFi Softbox Octa

Photos by Mark Wallace
Instagram: @jmarkwallace

Model: Fanny Beladona
Instagram: @fanny_beladona

Filmed at Tactics Studio

Photos by Mark Wallace

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Making a Photobooth: Ep 117: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace: Adorama Photography TV

Views:177782|Rating:4.83|View Time:16:28Minutes|Likes:1482|Dislikes:52

Adorama Photography TV presents Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace. In this episode, Mark shows you how to create a photobooth setup for your next party or corporate gathering! The key to this is the white foam core boards, also known as V-flats or bookends. These allow the flash to bounce so you get great light from only one speedlight. You also should use a wide-angle lens to fit many people in the pictures!

Mark uses his PocketWizard PlusIII’s to trigger the camera and take fun pictures. If you don’t have wireless remotes, you can also use a shutter release cable to achieve the same results. Using Lightroom, Mark is able to quickly create a slideshow to show the guests their photos. In the next episode, Mark will show you how to do that to make a big impact at a party, corporate event or even a wedding.

AdoramaTV features talented hosts including: Mark Wallace, Gavin Hoey, Joe McNally, Joe DiMaggio, Tamara Lackey, Bryan Peterson, Rich Harrington

Related Products at Adorama

Featured items from this episode

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Nikon D3S (only available used)

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S Nikkor Lens

Nikon SB-910 TTL AF Shoe Mount Speedlight

Benro A2690TBH1 Travel Angel Aluminum Tripod

PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver

PocketWizard N90M3ACCND Nikon 10 Pin Remote Pre-Trigger Cable

Savage Nucor, Plain Uncoated Foam Mount Board, 48×96″, Pack of 12 Boards

Tether Tools Aero Table, Master Edition Portable Computer Tethering Platform, 22×16″

Matthews Low Boy Junior Double Riser Stand with Wheels

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Exploring The Slag Bank, Barrow In Furness | Landscape Photography Vlog

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The plan was to go into the Lakes but instead I had a wander up to the slag bank.

My car decided that it didn’t want to go any further and start squealing and smelling like burning. From the garage, I went for a little walk and got some views across to Black Combe

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How To Use Light to Create Atmosphere: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace

Views:2588|Rating:4.92|View Time:12:37Minutes|Likes:175|Dislikes:3

In this episode, Mark Wallace uses lens flare to create an atmospheric effect for beauty photography. Mark also gives some pointers for editing the images in Photoshop for a unique look.

Related Products at Adorama:

Profoto D1 500/500 Air Studio Kit

Profoto 50 deg. Magnum Reflector

Profoto Deep Silver Umbrella, XL, 65″ (165cm)

Profoto Umbrella Diffuser, XL, 1.5 Stops

Leica M10 Mirrorless Digital Rangefinder Camera, Black

Leica 50mm f/1.4 SUMMILUX-M Aspherical -Black

Model: Fanny Beladona
Instagram: @fanny_beladona

Filmed at Tactics Studio

Photos by Mark Wallace

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Exploring Rashtrapati Bhawan with the Honor9i | Video N Camera Sample | Honor 9i Graphite Black Vlog

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Here is the Video and Camera samples from my brand new Honor 9i ( Graphite Black )

Earlier I was bit confused whether to buy Honor 9i or not. I was looking for a phone which was good for video recording ( I knew in terms of picture this Honor 9i was the best but was not sure about video as it lacks OIS ). After researching a lot I picked this one and I am really surprised , it takes good video too from it’s front camera.
The shaky video from back camera can be stablized in the post processing , will let you know how to do that in the next Vlog.

Edit : Video has been uploaded on How to make smooth video :

Location covered in this Vlog : Rajpath , India Gate , Rashtrapati Bhawan , Central Secretariat North Block – South Block and Parliament House.

Phone price : around 18000 INR ( available on flipkart )

Pros :
1. 4 cameras ( excellent front camera )
2. Screen having 18:9 aspect ratio and less bezel.
3. 5.9 inches yet handy.
4. Nice Built Quality.
5. Great design ( Graphite Black is so cool )
5. Easily handles Multitasking.

Cons :
1. Takes long time to charge ( but again , battery doesn’t drain easily , will last for the whole day ).
2. No OIS ( Optical Image Stabilization ) , shaky videos from rear camera but video taken from front camera to do Vlogging is awesome.
3. No Gyroscope

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Exploring food waste through photography with Silvia Bifaro & ClerkenwellBoy

Views:338|Rating:5.00|View Time:1:21Minutes|Likes:41|Dislikes:0
Food photographer Silvia Bifaro and sustainable food enthusiast ClerkenwellBoy have explored food waste with Nikon, and tell us about their new lens on life. Find our more

Exploring the Chilcotins with Wildlife Photographers

Views:7827|Rating:4.96|View Time:8:30Minutes|Likes:1140|Dislikes:9
Exploring the Southern Chilcotins with wildlife photographers, and old riding buddies, Jess Findlay and Connor Stefanison. Read our post:

Stickers & merch:

If you’re riding an electric mountain bike, please do your research. Whether you’re using an electric bike, traditional bike, horse, motorized vehicle or your own legs, please know and obey trail regulations. We rode only eMTB legal trails. We talked to a provincial park supervisor before and after shooting to ensure we respected existing regulations and park boundaries. We all love the outdoors. The rules are there to protect it for all of us.




Jess Findlay:
Connor Stefanison:


Ocarina Groove – Tay On The Track
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