Photography Workshop Maui Hawaii With Eric Salas

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Welcome to the Maui Photographic Expedition with instructor Eric Salas from Eric Salas Workshops, This workshop is for all skill levels from novice to pro. Learn tips and tricks on how to create gallery style images as we take you to the most beautiful places that most never get to see. Music workshop instructor Roger Fisher and guide Shane Turnbull from Chinook Expeditions. This trip will include opportunities beyond your wildest imagination. Please contact Chinook Expeditions to secure your spot and to answer any questions.

All inclusive resort fees:
$1400.00 per person double occupancy
$1800.00 per person single occupancy

Workshop fees:
$625.00 Photography workshop with Eric Salas
$625.00 Music workshop fee with Roger Fisher

All transportation on the Island including, Airport pickup and drop off.
All accommodations while on this itinerary evening of January 25th, 2019 checking out on February 1st, 2019.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks provided. Please provide Food allergies, restrictions when you contact Chinook Expeditions?
Fins, mask, snorkels.

Not included:
Alcohol is not included but we can make it available at your expense.
Spending the money for souvenirs cash recommended for local huts/vendors cc for in town merchants.
Any meals while shopping in town.

Glamping, solid foundation platforms, all season standup 8X10 tents, 2 beds per tent, end table with light, rug, an option of sheets and blankets or your choice of sleeping bag and choice of 1 or 2 pillows.
Two community showers, and bathrooms onsite at this private resort.

For resort payment and to secure your spot:

Shane Turnbull
Chinook Expeditions
(360) 793-3451‬
[email protected]
For updated information:
Moments In Time Photography Workshop
On FaceBook for updates and mark yourself as going!
There will be a video posted soon showing what to pack tips!


25th Fri
Please try to have your flight arrive by 4:00pm (OGG airport code)
The trip to Camp Pono
Greeting & Orientation at Camp Pono

26th Sat
Blowholes, pools, north shore, Red cliffs landscapes rugged, waves crashing, Picnic, surfer shots, lunch on the beach, slide show that eve.

27th Sun
Cemetery at mala Warf, Buddhist Temple, Lahaina marina, Banyan tree, Old Jail, Souvenir shopping in Lahaina. Evening drive to stay in Olowalu will spend the night in tentalo’s

28th Mon
A whale watching expedition, Ocean zodiac rafting. A slideshow that eve, spending the night in Olowalu beachcombing, swimming, snorkeling. Great sunsets!

29th Tue
Drive to Hana approximately 2 hours but along the way film surfers, turtles, windsurfers at Ho’okipa beach. Honomanu bay, lunch on the beach. The road to Hana; sunset shots, stay at cottages in Hana. That eve Black sand beach sunset and walk lava fields. Debriefing

30th Wed
Sunrise in Hana, red sand beach, leave for Haleakalā around noon Makawao for lunch. Sunset then moonrise back to camp Pono. Can be 30 degrees.

31st Thur
A very special Aloha day and evening for the final day!
Locals coming to Camp Pono for an evening concert or Legendary Rock n Roll Hall of Fame “Roger Fisher from the band “Heart” performing at The Coffee Attic.

Feb 1st Fri
Depart for OGG Airport for your memorable ride home.

Itinerary subject to switching depending on the weather conditions to maximize your adventure.

Every day starts with a briefing to discuss goals and objectives for the day.
You will see parts of Maui that most people don’t get a chance to see

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Video footage of Chicago by A.g. De Mesa using a Canon 60D and 18-200 IS lens
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Edited by JJ Rimando of Flip Creations
Special Thanks to Overmind Creative Consultants

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