Huawei Mate 20 Pro VS Full-frame DSLR Camera full comparison (ENG sub)

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As a popular phone recently, Huawei Mate 20 Pro surely has some attractive specs on paper like 40m pixels, 16mm wide angle lens and 1.4 big aperture lens. So does these modern phones can be used as serious photography. I did some comparison with the old Canon 6D and 24-105 kit lens since their similar prices and all-round usability. I won’t call it professional comparison and I didn’t mean to judge a better device. I just like to offer some thoughts through the comparison and the method is only my point of view.

Hadh Kar Di Aapne (HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Govinda, Rani Mukerji, Johnny Lever-(With Eng Subtitles)

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A comedy of errors takes place when Sanjay and Anjali send their friends Raj and Anjali respectively to spy on each other. Raj and Anjali fall in love with each other but back off assuming the other to be married to their friend. When Raj realises that his love interest Anjali is not his friend’s wife he tries to meet her and tell her his feelings, but is shocked to find Anjali engaged to someone else. Will Raj be able to stop Anjali’s marriage and tell her the truth?

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[ENG] Nayeon’s Hidden Camera Prank on Tzuyu (181001 TWICE V)

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Basically Nayeon somehow made Tzuyu believe she got her leg stuck between the bed and the wall… and Tzuyu was an angel about it 😂
Twitter: @misayeon

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Mann (HD & Eng Subs)Hindi Full Movie – Aamir Khan, Manisha Koirala, Anil Kapoor – 90’s Romantic Film

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“Priya wins a cruise abroad a luxury liner en-route from Singapore to India. Shortly after boarding, she meets with artistic playboy, Dev, and both fall in love with each other. Both of them are to marry, but not to each other. Fully aware of this, they part at the end of the cruise, promising to meet again a year later. They go about their respective lives, and it remains to be seen if they will recall their promise or even their romance after the lapse of an year. What will the both of them choose?

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Extract FROM THE DIARY OF A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER dir. Nadav Lapid with Eng subs

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50+5 Screening : short film by Nadav Lapid
Court métrage de la séance 50+5

HD Aerial Cinematography – Aerial Photography – HD Aerial Videography

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Digital Island Media is a Florida based Video Production Company that specializes in HD Aerial Cinematography and Hi- Def Aerial Videography in Key West, the Florida Keys, Miami, South Florida and beyond. We film all manner of HD Aerial Video footage from helicopters hand-held using camera stabilization. We have produced Hi-Def aerial video for Broadcast Television, Corporate Videos, Advertising, Industrials and Real Estate.

Steve Panariello – Director of Aerial Photography
Chad Newman – Editor

Videographer, Videography or Video Production Company Serving the Entire US

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We are a high definition professional video production company or videography service. We have a fulltime recording studio. We produce videos for television commercials, corporate and business use, interviews, testimonials, instructional, how-to videos, marketing, advertising, promotional videos, music videos for bands or singers, online videos, training videos, seminars, meetings, underwater videotaping, conferences, sporting events, infomercials, TV commercials and much more. Jeff Bernier, owner of the company, has been a film maker for more than twenty years. We have price packages available to cover all budgets from inexpensive to high end expensive projects. We service the entire USA. For more information and prices call 561-847-0077 or email: [email protected]

Our video production crew or videographers have available portable green or blue screen, hi def or HD high definition video cameras, cranes, jibs, tracks, wireless lapel microphones, boom mics and stedicam. Our cameramen are available for freelance ENG type work.
We also offer professional still photography and photographers with high quality digital photos for your website or brochures.
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WILDLIFE IN FOCUS – Photographer Tuomas Heinonen (ENG SUB)

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Tuomas Heinonen is a well known award winning Finnish nature photographer. His work has been published in multiple exhibits, books and competitions and other different medias.

The document follows the journey of a nature photographer through different scenes starting from spring time when nature is waking up.
What does it take to get to successfully capture a shy badger on a summer night, great crested grebes mating and building their nest, black grouses fighting in their mating marsh or a curious lively fox in it’s habitat. What gets the nature photographer up before sunrise time after time to capture these beautiful moments and share them with others.

Duration: 14 min
Language: finnish, english subtitles
Filmed and edited: Mitri Häkkinen
Handwrited: Mitri Häkkinen, Tuomas Heinonen
Still photos and videos of animals: Tuomas Heinonen